Juice Reel

We all know sports betting is all about winning. But did you know that you could be preventing yourself from winning more money by not shopping for the best lines or tracking your performance? 

Our team searched the app store for the best tools to help you bet smarter, find the best lines, use data, and bet smarter; Keep on reading to find out what our team found to help you become a better bettor:

Our Top Pick: Juice Reel

Juice Reel is the #1 sports betting tracker designed to help you bet smarter.

Juice Reel is more than just a bet tracker – it has just about every feature a bettor could dream of.

We felt like Juice Reel’s sleek interface, paired with its wide variety of features and great functionality, made it stand out from the rest of the pack.

Juice Reel brings together a lot of the tools we were searching for and feel like it provides the true all-in-one option bettors need. Here are some of Juice Reel’s top features that we found helpful for bettors:

Sports Betting Tracker

Juice Reel’s sports betting tracker lets you audit your analytics & see your own performance over time.

Get insights on your best sports, best / worst teams, how you’ve done on straight bets vs parlays vs teasers, & much more. 

Juice Reel app screenshots

Sync Your Bets

Juice Reel connects in real-time with all your favorite sportsbooks & daily fantasy sports (DFS) sites with bet syncing, line shopping, arbitrage, & odds comparisons from:

And many more. With new sportsbooks added regularly to Juice Reel’s betting pick tracker.

Odds & Lines

Browse the betting odds for point spreads, totals, moneyline, & futures across all your favorite sports. including the NFL, NBA, MLB, NCAA, NHL, Soccer, UFC & more.

Risk-Free Arbitrage

Sportsbooks can offer big differences in their odds. And when this happens, particularly after some smart sports betting pros bet, there are arbitrage opportunities. This means, with Juice Reel sports betting arbitrage tool, you can win no matter the outcome!

Player Props

Compare the lines & odds of your favorite player prop markets & find out what the betting pros are lining up on. Use the sharp money insights as one data variable while you’re researching your player prop bets and odds comparison

Sports Betting Picks

Beyond bet tracking & props, Juice Reel shares sports betting picks from it’s sports betting AI robots. 

You’ll get AI picks & an unlimited amount of betting predictions. The data & the community create an unrivaled betting experience.


We came away impressed by Juice Reel’s ease of use, access to sportsbooks, and overall functionality. It stands in a class of it’s own when it comes to sports betting tools.

Here are a few alternatives to Juice Reel that we found interesting:

Best for Modeling: Rithmm

Rithmm lets bettors create ai betting models in seconds and get recommended bets, score predictions, edge %, and more for NFL, NBA, and NCAAB games.

Rithmm’s Player Props feature gives you a menu of data-backed player props for NFL and NBA. Build parlays, DFS cards, and more with Rithmm’s ai-backed props.

Rithmm Free gives users multiple free picks per day, while Rithmm Core allows for ai modeling and unlimited access to props/picks. 

Rithmm Premium let’s bettors create custom sports betting models from a selection of 100’s of data points. Rithmm Premium gives bettors access to alternate lines and bet tracking as well. 

New player: Heatr

HEATR is a leading sports bet tracking app, designed for real-time bet monitoring.

Track all your bets for all your favorite sports. Pull down to refresh and stay up to date during games. Keep track of your bets with a real-time results dashboard.


Major Sports, Results Dashboard, Calculators – Calculate parlay & no-margin odds, Sharing – Share bets easily via text & social media