Is Sports Betting Legal in Oklahoma? Shai Gilgeous-Alexander takes it to the hoop.

Best Legal Sports Betting Alternatives In Oklahoma

Welcome to the “Is Sports Betting Legal In Oklahoma” guide! If you’re looking for legal sports betting apps in the Sooner State, we have a bit of bad news – Oklahoma currently doesn’t offer access to any legal online sportsbooks.

That means that big-name online sports betting sites like DraftKings Sportsbook and FanDuel Sportsbook aren’t accessible in Oklahoma.

That also means that sports gambling sites that offer full-scale sports betting in the state are operating illegally (aka Bovada, BetOnline, etc.), and you shouldn’t put your money at risk by gambling on these sites.

Good news, however – Oklahoma sports gaming enthusiasts do enjoy access to plenty of legal daily fantasy sports apps and websites that offer fantasy player props. These contests (often labeled as Pick’em contests or other similar names) offer games that very much resemble prop betting parlays that you might find at full-scale online sportsbooks.

Our Recommended Oklahoma Fantasy Player Props Sites

Top Oklahoma Sports Betting App

There’s even a site (Fliff) that offers a product very close to full-scale traditional sports betting. Fliff operates as a sweepstakes sports picks app, with moneyline, point spread, and totals lines that are nearly identical to the lines you see on legal mobile sports betting apps.

The most recent sports betting bill that Oklahoma lawmakers attempted to pass (HB 1027) would have legalized sports betting, but failed to make it through the necessary steps to become law. Although Oklahoma is home to more than 100 tribal casinos, retail sports betting isn’t currently available in the state either.

The following daily fantasy sports apps are the best way to enjoy safe, secure sports gaming action in Oklahoma, at least until the state decides to legalize sports betting.

What Are The Best Oklahoma Sports Betting Alternatives?

You can click on the name of any sports betting alternative in the above list and jump to that section of this guide. You can also jump to our Oklahoma Sports Betting FAQ.

Legal Sports Gaming Sites In Oklahoma At A Glance*

App NameTypeProp Betting/Pick'em Games?Sign-Up BonusPROMO Code
Underdog Fantasy Daily Fantasy SportsYes50% Deposit Match up to $250PROPS
Sleeper Fantasy Daily Fantasy SportsYes100% Deposit Match up to $100PROPS
Fliff Sweepstakes GamingYes100% Match up to $100 in Fliff CashPROPS
Chalkboard Fantasy Daily Fantasy SportsYes100% Deposit Match up to $100PROPS
Boom Fantasy Daily Fantasy SportsYesRisk-Free Entry up to $100PROPS
DraftKings Pick6 Daily Fantasy SportsYesPlay $5 Get $50 in Pick6 CreditsNo promo code required
ParlayPlay Daily Fantasy SportsYes100% Deposit Match up to $100PROPS
BettDraft Daily Fantasy SportsYes100% Deposit Match up to $500PROPS
OwnersBox Daily Fantasy SportsYes100% Deposit Match up to $500PROPS
Mojo Fantasy Daily Fantasy SportsYes100% Deposit Match up to $500PROPS

*Promos updated June 3, 2024

Oklahoma Sports Gaming Promo Code Updates

May 16, 2024 – Sleeper Fantasy switches to a 100% deposit match up to $100 as a sign-up bonus in all operating states.

May 9, 2024 – Underdog Fantasy increases its welcome bonus offer for Oklahoma players. Sign up with promo code PROPS to claim your Special Pick + First Time Deposit offer up to $250 in bonus cash!

Fantasy Player Props Sites In Oklahoma

Daily fantasy sports sites aren’t explicitly legal in Oklahoma, but the state hasn’t outlawed DFS operators either. That means top-tier DFS sites like Underdog Fantasy and Sleeper Fantasy are legal and available to Oklahoma players.

Underdog, Boom, and the other DFS brands recommended in this guide offer fantasy player props. Fantasy props closely resemble player prop betting lines that you’d find at DraftKings’ or FanDuel’s sportsbooks.

At most DFS sites, you have to make at least two player props picks on an entry per the rules of the games. Fantasy player prop contests resemble prop betting parlays in that respect, as you must win every pick for the contest to pay out.

For example, if the Los Angeles Chargers are playing the New York Jets, you might find the following lines on the Pick’em games menu at Underdog Fantasy:

  • Justin Hebert – Higher or Lower than 250.5 passing yards
  • Austin Ekeler – Higher or Lower than 32.5 receiving yards
  • Garrett Wilson – Higher or Lower than 5.0 receptions

If you chose a side on these three lines and got all three correct, you would win 6x your original stake.

Underdog generally offers lines on virtually every significant player in the major sports leagues on a given day. While legal DFS sites definitely aren’t full-scale sportsbooks, they do offer a great alternative at a time when legal Oklahoma sports betting isn’t a reality just yet.

Top Legal Daily Fantasy Player Props Sites In Oklahoma

Sweepstakes Sports Picks Sites In Oklahoma

One of the apps in this guide, Fliff, isn’t a DFS site. Fliff operates as a sweepstakes sports gaming app, and offers a product that captures the authentic sports betting experience fairly well.

You’ll find moneyline, totals, point spreads, and other basic sports betting lines at Fliff. You don’t technically bet with cash at Fliff, but you can win cash prizes in the form of sweepstakes credits.

We’ll explain how Fliff works when we get to that section of this Oklahoma sports betting sites guide.

Top Sites For Fantasy Props In Oklahoma

Underdog Fantasy

You might have noticed ads for Underdog Fantasy showing up on TV on commercial breaks during major sporting events. Underdog skyrocketed in popularity across the U.S. last year, and that trend is likely to continue in 2024.

Underdog Fantasy offers perhaps the most well-rounded DFS platform available in Oklahoma. In addition to a robust selection of Pick’em games (aka player props), Underdog also offers the following salary-cap style games:

Underdog Fantasy Oklahoma Salary Cap Games

  • Battle Royale – Entry fees range from $3-$300 with a daily draft (3-12 players). Daily contests end when that day’s games conclude.
  • Best Ball – Season-long fantasy sports leagues with no free agents, trades, or waiver wire acquisitions. In other words, your team is set for the season after the draft, and your best player’s scores determine your overall score.

Player Props (Underdog Fantasy Oklahoma Pick’em Games)

The Pick’em games available on a given day at Underdog Fantasy are almost endless. For example, on a night when the NBA, NFL, and NHL are in full swing, you’ll find several stat Pick’em lines available for virtually every major player in all games across all of those sports.

The Pick’em games at Underdog fall into two categories:

  • Pick’em Rivals – You pick an athlete to outperform another in a specific stat.
  • Pick’em Higher/Lower – You choose if a player will go over or under a certain stat.

You have to make at least two picks to place an entry, and can place up to five on a single ticket. Just like a prop betting parlay, you must win all picks on a Standard Pick’em ticket for the entry to pay off.

You can also opt to play an Insured Pick’em, which still pays even if you get one leg wrong. The overall payouts on Insured Pick’ems are lower, however, even on tickets where you win all picks.

The payout table for Underdog Fantasy Pick’em games looks like this:

Underdog Fantasy Oklahoma Pick’em Payout Table
Number of PicksStandard UpsideInsured UpsideInsured if One Wrong

An example of a Pick’em entry could involve making a pick from the following lines (let’s throw in some lines from the Oklahoma City Thunder):

  • Chet Holmgren – Higher or Lower than 15.5 points (Higher/Lower)
  • Trae Young – Higher or Lower than 23.5 points (Higher/Lower)
  • Zach Wilson (+3.5) vs. Justin Herbert – Most Passing Attempts (Rivals)
  • Breece Hall (+1.5) vs. Austin Ekeler – Most Receptions (Rivals)

Pick the right side of these four entries on a Standard Pick’em, and you win 10x your entry fee. If you decided on an Insured Pick’em, you win 6x if you hit all four, and 3x if you hit three of four.

Is sports betting legal in Oklahoma? Underdog Fantasy app screenshots

Underdog Fantasy OK Bonus Offer

Oklahoma players can sign up for a new Underdog Fantasy account right now and get a 50% deposit match up to $250.

You can click on the “CLAIM OFFER” tab in the Underdog Fantasy ad at the end of this section to start the signup process. Be sure to enter the promo code PROPS when prompted.

Once you’ve completed the registration steps, make your first deposit. Underdog matches that first deposit with an equal amount of bonus entries, up to a max of $100.

Why Underdog Fantasy

In the opinion of our experts here at, Underdog Fantasy presents the best all-around sports gaming platform available in Oklahoma.

If you’re looking for prop-betting style action, Underdog carries the best selection of fantasy player props available among the DFS sites featured in this guide. The sign-up process takes just a couple of minutes, and after that you have hundreds of different Higher/Lower and Rivals lines to choose from.

Even after legal online betting comes to Oklahoma, expect Underdog Fantasy to remain one of the most popular gaming platforms among Oklahoma sports fans.

Check out the following resources about Underdog Fantasy:


Sleeper Fantasy presents a top-notch lineup of fantasy player props, covering all four major U.S. sports leagues, as well as college basketball and football.

The Sleeper Picks games (aka the player props contents) offer the chance to win up to 100x your entry fee, which is the biggest potential payout available at any Oklahoma daily fantasy site.

Player Props At Sleeper Oklahoma

The “Picks” tab at the bottom of the Sleeper Fantasy app screen opens the menu of Sleeper Picks contests (aka fantasy player prop lines) available for a particular day.

Sleeper Picks feature individual payout multipliers for each pick. Make 2-8 picks on a single entry, and the final payout multiplier is derived from the number of picks and the payout multipliers for each individual pick.

Let’s take a look at an example Picks ticket from a recent day of NFL action:

  • Tony Pollard 49.5 rushing yards – More (1.74x multiplier) or Less (1.81 x multiplier)
  • Josh Allen 237.5 passing yards – More (1.77x ) or Less (1.77x)
  • Cooper Kupp 61.5 receiving yards – More (1.76x) or Less (1.79x multiplier)
  • Austin Ekeler 0.5 anytime TD – More (2.68x) or Less (1.23x multiplier)

Let’s say you chose the higher payout multiplier on all four of these lines, and created a four-way ticket. The four individual multipliers combined offer a 16.93x payout. Place $100 on this ticket, and you’d get $1,693 if all four picks won.

Is sports betting legal in South Carolina? Sleeper Fantasy Screenshots

Sleeper Fantasy Oklahoma Bonus Offer

Oklahoma players can sign up for a new Sleeper Fantasy account through the “CLAIM OFFER” link below, and get a 100% match up to $100 on their first deposit.

Be sure to enter the promo code “PROPS” when prompted to make sure you get your welcome bonus.

Why Sleeper OK

The Sleeper Picks games offer a brand of player props contests that are unlike anything else in the DFS market

With variable payout odds on each pick, and the chance to win a 100x payout, Sleeper Fantasy gives players plenty of sports action to look forward to on game days.

Check out our full review of Sleeper Fantasy (includes current promo code).

Chalkboard Fantasy

Chalkboard Fantasy comes to STATE as a relative newcomer to the fantasy props scene. 

The selection of player props and the variable odds on each prop makes Chalkboard an excellent addition to your roster of go-to DFS apps.

Chalkboard Fantasy Oklahoma Picks Contests

The fantasy props games at Chalkboard Fantasy are called “Picks” contests. These games function much like the Pick’em games at Underdog or the Picks games at Sleeper Fantasy.

Much like Sleeper, Chalkboard offers variable payouts odds on each line. You must put together an entry of 2-8 picks, and the total payout depends on the odds of each individual pick.

An example of a four-pick ticket from the NBA could look like this:

  • Shai Gilgeous-Alexander over 26.5 points (1.84x payout)
  • Kyrie Irving over 22.5 points (1.75x payout)
  • Chet Holmgren over 7.5 rebounds (1.76x payout)
  • Trae Young under 10.5 assists (1.62x payout)

 One you’ve made these picks, you can play this ticket one of two ways:

  • Max Cash – Much like a sports betting parlay, you must hit all picks on a Max Cash ticket in order to win. For the four props in the example above, the odds add up to a 9.18x payout. If one or more of the four picks loses, the entire ticket loses.
  • Shield Play – A Shield Play ticket lets you cash even if you lose one leg of the parlay. The ticket doesn’t pay as much as a Max Cash entry if you hit all picks, but you can still win some money if you miss one of the individual picks. On the four-leg parlay outlined above, you would win 4.59x if all four picks hit, and 1.6x if you got three of four correct.

Chalkboard Fantasy offers Picks games in the NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, FIFA, college basketball, and college football.

Chalkboard Fantasy Sign-Up Bonus

Chalkboard Fantasy offers new California players with a 100% deposit match up to $100.

How Do I Get The Chalkboard Fantasy CA Welcome Bonus?

Here’s how you can unlock the Chalkboard Fantasy California bonus offer:

  1. Click the “CLAIM OFFER” tab below
  2. Register for a new Chalkboard Fantasy account
  3. Enter the PROPS promo code when prompted
  4. Make a deposit
  5. Chalkboard Fantasy will match that deposit up to a max of $100

Why Chalkboard Fantasy Oklahoma

The Picks games at Chalkboard Fantasy offer a great selection, big potential payouts, and flexibility with the Max Cash and Shield Play contents.

Boom Fantasy

Like Underdog Fantasy, Boom Fantasy puts a modern twist on daily fantasy sports by offering an extensive menu of fantasy player props.

You’ll find player props available for the four major U.S. sports leagues, along with college football, college basketball, English Premier League Soccer, and more.

Player Props At Boom Fantasy Oklahoma

The player props at Boom Fantasy fall into three categories:

  • Toss-Up – You choose one of two players in a head-to-head stat contest. For example, you might pick between Dak Prescott and Jalen Hurts for most passing yards.
  • Favorite – Pick if a player will go over or under a given stat. For instance, you may pick Shai Gilgeous Alexander to go over 36.5 points in a given game.
  • Long Shot – You decide if a player will exceed a line that’s pushed well above their average performance. Long shots are tough to win, but the payouts go up to 40x.

Is Sports Betting Legal in Oklahoma? Boom Fantasy app screenshots

Boom Fantasy Oklahoma Bonus Offer

You can sign up for a new Boom Fantasy account from Oklahoma and get a $100 risk-free entry. After signing up, make your first deposit, and place your first entry.

If that first entry loses. Boom Fantasy will issue you a bonus entry credit equal to the amount of your first play, up to a max of $100. You can then use that credit to take another shot at a win.

If you win your first entry, you receive the normal winnings from the ticket, and the risk-free rebate doesn’t apply.

Why Boom Fantasy

Until Oklahoma lawmakers opt to legalize sports gambling, high-quality DFS sites like Boom give sports enthusiasts in the Sooner State a great legal option.

You’ll find lines on players from just about every major U.S. sport on Boom Fantasy. The payouts range from 1.3x for a successful two-pick Favorites entry, to 40x for a winning three-pick Longshots entry.

The action certainly doesn’t lack at Boom Fantasy, and Oklahoma players can find plenty to like about this legal daily fantasy sports platform.


Like the name suggests, ParlayPlay operates as a daily fantasy site specializing in player prop parlays. The games at Parlay include the familiar More/Less stat line contests, as well as a game variant called Hit It.

The Hit It games in particular offer a unique style that makes these contests stand out among the crowd in terms of Oklahoma daily fantasy sports apps.

Player Props At ParlayPlay Oklahoma

The two types of games at ParlayPlay break down like this:

  • More/Less – Pick over/under selections on player stats, and win if you get all the picks correct. More/Less contests allow you to make 2-4 picks. Payouts are 3x the entry for two correct picks, 5x for three correct picks, and 10x for four correct picks.
  • Hit It – Two picks entries involving stat ranges on players. For example, you might decide if Shai Gilgeous-Alexander will score 0-25, 26-30, 31-35, 36-40, or 41+ points.

Is Sports Betting Legal in Oklahoma? ParlayPlay screenshots

ParlayPlay Bonus Offer

ParlayPlay welcomes Oklahoma players with a $5 risk-free entry just for signing up. When you make your first deposit, you’re also eligible for a 100% deposit match up to $100.

Be sure to enter the promo code PROPS when prompted during the registration process.

Why ParlayPlay

The Hit It contests at ParlayPlay are genuinely unique amongst DFS player prop games. ParlayPlay is defintiely a fun option to turn to for legal fantasy props in Oklahoma.

Top Sweepstakes Sports Betting Apps In Oklahoma


While full-scale, legal Oklahoma betting sites aren’t a reality yet, Fliff comes the closest to replicating the traditional sports betting experience out of all of the sites listed in this guide.

Fliff operates as a sweepstakes sports picks app, so technically you play for sweepstakes credit and not cash. Sweepstakes credit (aka Fliff Cash) can be redeemed for cash prizes, however.

Is Sports Betting Legal in Oklahoma? Fliff app screenshots

Fliff Bonus Offer

Fliff offers Oklahama players a 100% Fliff Cash match up to $100 as a sign-up bonus. Register for a new Fliff account, and buy any amount of Fliff Coins (play money credits). Fliff will match the amount of your Fliff Coins purchase up to a max of $100.

Click the “CLAIM OFFER” link below when looking at this page from your mobile device. That link will take you to either the App Store or the Google Play Store, where you can download the app for your mobile device (Fliff isn’t available as a desktop platform).

From there, go through the registration process, and be sure to enter the promo code PROPS when prompted to get your bonus.

Why Fliff

Fliff functions as a serviceable sports betting alternative as we wait for Oklahoma to make online sports betting legal.

Oklahoma Sports Betting Apps FAQ

Why is there no sports betting in Oklahoma?

Sports betting isn’t legal in Oklahoma yet. Legal sports betting sites could arrive in the Sooner State someday, but for now you won’t find top sports betting site brands like FanDuel, DraftKings, and BetMGM in Oklahoma.

Daily fantasy sports sites like Underdog Fantasy, Boom Fantasy, and ThriveFantasy give Oklahoma players the best options for sports-betting-style action. Each of those DFS apps presents an extensive menu of fantasy player props, which function much like prop betting parlays at a sportsbook.

You can sign up for the top Oklahoma daily fantasy sports apps through the links in this guide, and unlock the available welcome bonuses at each site.

Is FanDuel Sportsbook legal in Oklahoma?

Not yet. If and when Oklahoma legalizes sports betting, there’s a good chance that FanDuel Sportsbook will launch in the state.

Oklahoma players can access FanDuel’s daily fantasy site, but you can only play DFS contests there. You can’t place sports bets on FanDuel Sportsbook from Oklahoma at the moment.

Can I use DraftKings in Oklahoma?

Not yet. If and when Oklahoma legalizes sports betting, there’s a good chance that DraftKings Sportsbook will launch in the state.

Oklahoma players can access the DraftKings daily fantasy site, but you can only play DFS contests there. You can’t place sports bets at DraftKings Sportsbook from Oklahoma at the moment.

Is PrizePicks legal in Oklahoma?

Yes, but we recommend Underdog Fantasy as the top site for fantasy player props available in Oklahoma.

Can you use betting apps in Oklahoma?

There are no legal, full-scale sports betting apps available right now in Oklahoma. Any sites offering real-money gambling in Oklahoma are offshore sportsbooks, and are illegal and should be avoided.

Daily fantasy sports sites like Underdog Fantasy, Boom Fantasy, and ThriveFantasy give Oklahoma players access to an extensive menu of fantasy player props. These games function very much like prop betting parlays, and offer almost infinite ways to enjoy legal sports-betting-style action in the Sooner State.

Check out some of the best online sports betting promo codes available in other states: Top Bonuses