Best MLB Prop Bets Today – Top MLB Player Props (Daily Picks)

Houston Astros pitcher Hunter Brown (58) throws during the fourth inning in game four of the ALCS against the Texas Rangers for the 2023 MLB playoffs at Globe Life Field.
Image Credit: Andrew Dieb-USA TODAY Sports

Looking for the best MLB prop bets today? The Props crew compiles their favorite picks for every day of the baseball season.

Below are our top MLB player props across different categories like strikeouts, home runs, and total bases. We also have team MLB prop bets like NRFI props and same-game parlay picks included.

Best MLB Prop Bets Today: Tuesday, April 16

Spencer Limbach runs through his top props from today’s slate.

Also, check out our best MLB prop bets today sorted by our projection model and relevant trends. To view the odds on these props, head over to our matchups and prop betting odds page.

Astros RHP Hunter Brown Under 5.5 Strikeouts (-128)

Brown has struggled this season, allowing 14 earned runs and 23 hits over 7.2 innings with only 8 strikeouts.

He was chased early in his last two starts, and that could be the case against Atlanta tonight.

Given his current form, it’s hard to believe that Brown will be effective enough to go over this prop.

You can take -128 odds to the under at FanDuel instead of -140 at DraftKings.

Where to bet: Hunter Brown under 5.5 strikeouts | -128 at FanDuel Sportsbook

2024 Regular Season Results

  • Spencer Limbach: 7-3 | +3.65 units
  • Josh Shepardson: 4-8 | -3.55 units

2023 Postseason Results

  • Spencer Limbach: 3-3 | +0.18 units
  • Josh Shepardson: 12-6 | +8.28 units

2023 Regular Season Results

  • Spencer Limbach: 65-51 | +10.09 units
  • Josh Shepardson: 64-85 | -6.49 units

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MLB Prop Bet Trends: Over

Player NamePropLineOver MLProjectionL10 OverPick
William ContrerasBatting - Hits and Runs and RBIs1.5-1054.29Over
Marcell OzunaBatting - Hits and Runs and RBIs1.5-1354.129Over
Brenton DoyleBatting - Total Bases0.5-1051.847Over
Sal FrelickBatting - Hits and Runs and RBIs1.51102.87Over
Brenton DoyleBatting - Hits and Runs and RBIs0.5-13527Over
Cal RaleighBatting - Hits and Runs and RBIs0.5-1351.87Over
Rhys HoskinsBatting - Total Bases0.5-1451.87Over
Colton CowserBatting - Hits and Runs and RBIs1.51102.538Over
Ezequiel TovarBatting - Hits and Runs and RBIs1.5-1052.637Over
Matt OlsonBatting - Hits and Runs and RBIs1.5-1302.867Over
Cal RaleighBatting - Total Bases0.51001.27Over
Jorge PolancoBatting - Total Bases0.51001.28Over
Harold RamirezBatting - Hits and Runs and RBIs1.5-1402.868Over
William ContrerasBatting - 1st Base0.51001.129Over
Blake PerkinsBatting - Total Bases0.5-1151.27Over
Shea LangeliersBatting - Total Bases0.5-1401.343Over
Sal FrelickBatting - 1st Base0.5-1151.168Over
Jeremy PenaBatting - 1st Base0.5-1251.189Over
Evan CarterBatting - Hits and Runs and RBIs1.5-1252.48Over
Ben RortvedtBatting - Total Bases0.5-1251.168Over
Jackson ChourioBatting - Hits and Runs and RBIs1.51052.097Over
Elias DiazBatting - 1st Base0.5-1101.057Over
Taylor WardBatting - 1st Base0.51000.998Over
Adolis GarciaBatting - 1st Base0.5-1151.089Over
Mike TroutBatting - Hits and Runs and RBIs1.5-1152.257Over
J.P. CrawfordBatting - Total Bases0.5-1251.18Over
Brenton DoyleBatting - Hits0.5-1050.987Over
Ozzie AlbiesBatting - Hits and Runs and RBIs1.5-1402.47Over
Austin RileyBatting - Hits and Runs and RBIs1.5-1452.47Over

MLB Prop Bet Trends: Under

Player NamePropLineUnder MLProjectionL10 UnderPick
Reynaldo LopezPitching - Strikeouts4.5-1051.28Under
Parker MeadowsBatting - Total Bases0.5-1100.069Under
Parker MeadowsBatting - Hits0.5-1100.089Under
Jon GrayPitching - Outs15.5-1309.789Under
Kyle FarmerBatting - 1st Base0.5-1300.079Under
Chris PaddackPitching - Earned Runs Allowed2.5-1151.25Under
Jon GrayPitching - Strikeouts5.51003.68Under
Carlos SantanaBatting - Hits0.51100.228Under
Gabriel AriasBatting - Hits and Runs and RBIs1.5-1300.67Under
Carlos SantanaBatting - Total Bases0.51100.248Under
Tom MurphyBatting - Hits and Runs and RBIs1.5-1250.647Under
Nolan SchanuelBatting - Hits and Runs and RBIs1.5-1350.67Under
Brayan RocchioBatting - Hits and Runs and RBIs1.5-1350.67Under
Javier BaezBatting - Hits and Runs and RBIs1.5-1400.67Under
Mark CanhaBatting - 1st Base0.5-1050.238Under
Andrew KniznerBatting - 1st Base0.5-1250.188Under
Matt WallnerBatting - Hits0.5-1400.168Under
Lance LynnPitching - Strikeouts6.5-1454.239Under
Jake RogersBatting - Hits0.5-1050.247Under
Alex BregmanBatting - Runs0.5-1400.168Under
Xander BogaertsBatting - 1st Base0.51100.38Under
Luis CampusanoBatting - Hits and Runs and RBIs1.5-1100.887Under
Austin MartinBatting - 1st Base0.5-1100.257Under
Spencer SteerBatting - 1st Base0.5-1300.28Under
Matt ChapmanBatting - Bases on Balls0.5-1450.178Under
Nolan SchanuelBatting - 1st Base0.5-1100.278Under
Andrew KniznerBatting - Hits and Runs and RBIs1.5-1350.89Under
Tom MurphyBatting - 1st Base0.5-1350.228Under
Austin GomberPitching - Strikeouts4.5-1203.258Under
Edouard JulienBatting - Bases on Balls0.51100.367Under
Jorge SolerBatting - Runs0.5-1150.297Under
Lance LynnPitching - Outs17.5-12015.027Under
Ha-Seong KimBatting - 1st Base0.5-1150.37Under
Curtis MeadBatting - Hits and Runs and RBIs1.5-1300.937Under
Nick AllenBatting - Total Bases0.51050.387Under
Adley RutschmanBatting - Runs0.5-1300.287Under
Alex KirilloffBatting - 1st Base0.5-1100.377Under
Nick AllenBatting - Hits0.51050.427Under
Alex BregmanBatting - Hits and Runs and RBIs1.51001.27Under
Javier BaezBatting - 1st Base0.5-1250.337Under
Chris PaddackPitching - Strikeouts4.5-1353.465Under
Randy ArozarenaBatting - Bases on Balls0.5-1150.377Under
Colt KeithBatting - Hits and Runs and RBIs1.5-1151.137Under
Michael Harris IIBatting - Runs0.5-1450.37Under
Travis d'ArnaudBatting - 1st Base0.5-1450.317Under
Gabriel AriasBatting - 1st Base0.5-1300.347Under
Yandy DiazBatting - Total Bases1.5-14518Under
Jose AbreuBatting - Hits and Runs and RBIs1.5-1251.117Under
Mark CanhaBatting - Hits and Runs and RBIs1.5-1101.27Under
Yandy DiazBatting - Bases on Balls0.5-1450.337Under
Jonathan IndiaBatting - Hits and Runs and RBIs1.5-1201.198Under
Tyler FitzgeraldBatting - Hits0.51000.487Under
Fernando Tatis Jr.Batting - Total Bases1.5-1251.27Under
Yandy DiazBatting - Runs0.5-1150.457Under
Chas McCormickBatting - Hits and Runs and RBIs1.5-1301.27Under
Leody TaverasBatting - 1st Base0.5-1100.487Under
Nick AllenBatting - 1st Base0.5-1400.47Under
Jonathan IndiaBatting - 1st Base0.5-1200.468Under
Shea LangeliersBatting - Hits0.51050.567Under
Matt WallnerBatting - Total Bases0.5-1400.428Under
Anthony SantanderBatting - Total Bases1.5-1451.28Under
Kerry CarpenterBatting - 1st Base0.5-1350.467Under
Dylan CeasePitching - Strikeouts7.5-1107.158Under
Tanner BibeePitching - Earned Runs Allowed2.5-1252.267Under
Jake RogersBatting - Total Bases0.5-1050.627Under
Tanner BibeePitching - Outs16.5-11016.147Under
Aaron CivalePitching - Hits Allowed4.5-1304.218Under
Jorge SolerBatting - Bases on Balls0.5-1250.577Under
Matt ChapmanBatting - Runs0.5-1300.657Under

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What Is A Prop Bet?

A prop bet is a newer way to bet on sports in the US sports betting industry, but it has been around for a long time. Prop betting used to be only offered at the Super Bowl or other major sporting events, but that is no longer the case.

The term prop bet stands for a propositional bet, and it’s a wager that typically doesn’t have anything to do with the final score of a game. Prop bets can be made throughout a game, or you can extend this type of wager into a full season.

MLB Prop Betting Options

Now that you understand the difference between fun and skill prop bets, you also need to know when and what betting options are available. Each sportsbook will have different MLB prop betting markets, but there are some very similar options that you will find as well.

MLB Player Prop Bets

Prop betting ly dependent on the bettor as to which is the most popular option, but sportsbooks tend to offer more player prop betting markets than any other kind. A player prop bet is a wager placed on just one player, and it usually focuses on a specific statistic.

There are times that sportsbooks will put two players against each other to create a prop bet, but that is similar to what a DFS game looks like. Player prop betting usually focuses on the top players in each MLB game.

Here are some MLB player prop options:

  • Will Gerrit have over/under 9.5 strikeouts?
  • Will Kris Bryant hit a home run in this game?
  • Which player will have more strikeouts: Max Scherzer or Max FriSee (see more strikeout props)

Additionally, you can see each of these in action along with detailed analysis in our dedicated MLB player prop articles:

MLB Team Prop Bets

A team prop is similar to an individual prop bet, but the wager focuses on an entire team rather than just one player. This is another prop betting option that will have more markets when a better matchup is being played.

Here are some potential team prop betting options that you would see at a sportsbook:

  • Will the Chicago Cubs score over/under 5.5 total runs?
  • Will there be a run in the first inning? Also known as NRFI or YRFI.
  • The team that leads after 5 innings: Mets, Red Sox, or Tie

Full Season MLB Prop Bets

If you are a sports bettor who enjoys making Futuresbetst, you will likely be interested in a full-season MLB prop bet. These are bets that don’t just cover one game in the season but take a look at the entire schedule in its entirety.

Both individual and team prop betting options will be included when it comes to a full-season MLB prop bet. These bets are usually open months before a season begins, and they might close once the games are underway.

Here are some potential options of what you might see:

  • Best record in baseball: American League or National League
  • Will any player win the Triple Crown? Yes or no
  • Who will win the NL MVP or AL MVP?

Where To Place MLB Prop Bets

The following sportsbooks have more than enough options to satisfy your MLB prop bets needs. As outlined before, always shop around for the best price when it comes to MLB prop bets.

On top of that, our team spent the time to find the best available bonus offers at each listed sportsbook. If you are new to any of these betting apps, be sure to use our exclusive links and promo codes to claim your free bets:

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MLB Prop Betting Tips

Now that you have a better understanding of how MLB prop betting works, it is time to take a look at some MLB prop betting tips that you can use to be successful.

Location Of Game

There isn’t a major home-field advantage when it comes to MLB games, but the location of a game does matter. Each ballpark is unique around baseball, and those different fields affect the MLB prop betting matchups.

You also need to check the weather for each game before placing an MLB prop bet as well. Most bettors always do this when betting on a baseball game, but it needs to be done when making an MLB prop betting wager as well.

Pitching Matchups

No matter what type of MLB bet you are looking to make, you always need to start your research by looking at the starting pitching matchups. Other factors determine an MLB game, but everything starts on the mound.

If you are betting on a particular batter’s performance in a game, you need to be sure that he isn’t facing one of the best pitchers in baseball. You also don’t want to make a player prop bet on a pitcher facing a tremendous offensive lineup.

Slumps Vs Streaks

Since the MLB season is so long, players and teams tend to go through long streaks at different season points. Looking at recent trends is one of the first things you will want to look at before making a prop betting wager.

These trends can always change, but finding out which players and teams are streaking and slumping can help you make successful MLB prop wagers. This can help in all forms of MLB betting, but it is especially true when focusing on props.