Best MLB Prop Bets Today – Top MLB Player Props (Daily Picks)

Texas Rangers second baseman Marcus Semien (2) rounds the bases after shortstop Corey Seager (5) hits a two run home run against the Baltimore Orioles during the ninth inning at Oriole Park at Camden Yards.
Image Credit: Scott Taetsch-USA TODAY Sports

Looking for the best MLB prop bets today? The Props crew compiles their favorite picks for every day of the baseball season.

Below are our top MLB player props across different categories like strikeouts, home runs, and total bases. We also have team MLB prop bets like NRFI props and same game parlay picks included.

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Best MLB Prop Bets Today: Monday, May 29

Josh Shepardson, who is 22-28 while up 1.74 units, runs through his best MLB props for today’s slate.

Also, check out our best MLB prop bets today sorted by our projection model and relevant trends. To view the odds on these props, head over to our matchups and prop betting odds page.

Mike Soroka Over 4.5 Strikeouts (-102)

Mike Soroka is taking the hill in The Show for the first time since August 3, 2020. Injuries have derailed a promising start to his career. Soroka has built his workload up in the minors this year, positioning him to have a triumphant return in a cupcake matchup.

According to, Soroka threw 96 pitches in his most recent start in Triple-A. In eight starts in Triple-A this season, Soroka had 3, 5, 5, 1, 5, 3, 5, and 8 strikeouts. So, he had more than 4.5 strikeouts in three of his last four starts and five of eight turns. 

Soroka can strike out more than five A’s in his return to the hill tonight. According to FanGraphs, Oakland has the highest strikeout rate (26.7 K%) against righties this season. They’ve also had a 27.8 K% in the previous 14 days and a 25.7 K% at home this year. So, a bet on Soroka striking out over 4.5 batters is primarily a bet on the A’s playing to their standard high-strikeout form.

Where to bet: Mike Soroka over 4.5 strikeouts | -102 at FanDuel Sportsbook

Paul Blackburn Over 2.5 Earned Runs (+100)

Paul Blackburn makes his first start in 2023 tonight. The 29-year-old righty has largely pitched poorly in the minors this year. In five starts at the Triple-A level, Blackburn has yielded 0, 4, 4, 4, and 1 earned runs. He’s had a 7.16 ERA and 5.61 xFIP in those starts. 

Blackburn was also thoroughly mediocre last season. In 21 starts spanning 111.1 innings, he had a 4.28 ERA, 4.14 xERA, and 3.89 xFIP. Moreover, Blackburn was a trainwreck at home in 2022, tallying an 8.31 ERA in 39.0 innings. 

The Braves are a formidable foe that can hang runs on the scoreboard. Atlanta’s an average offense against righties, ranking tied or 16th in wRC+ (99). However, they’re 10th in wRC+ (115) over the previous 14 days. They also have one of the best offenses on the road, ranking second in wRC+ (124). Therefore, Blackburn should stumble out of the blocks, making an +100 bet inviting for him to allow more than 2.5 runs, especially since his odds elsewhere are shorter.

Where to bet: Paul Blackburn over 2.5 earned runs | +100 at DraftKings Sportsbook

Previous Results

  • Spencer Limbach: 21-22 | +0.69 units
  • Josh Shepardson: 22-28 | +1.74 units

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MLB Player Props Cheat Sheet

B. ReynoldsRuns0.60.519.13%
M. MelendezHits0.590.518.05%
F. FreemanRuns0.590.517.78%
T. ManciniTotal Bases0.590.517.75%
R. ArozarenaTotal Bases0.590.517.69%
S. LangeliersTotal Bases0.590.517.61%
G. SheetsHits0.590.517.58%
E. OlivaresHits0.590.517.51%
J. HeimHits0.580.516.47%
B. CrawfordHits0.580.516.32%
K. RuizHits0.580.516.31%
R. MountcastleRuns Batted In0.580.516.08%
S. BrownHits0.580.515.94%
S. GrayStrikeouts6.385.515.94%
M. OzunaTotal Bases1.741.515.89%
E. RosarioHits0.580.515.87%
J. BellHits0.580.515.75%
S. KwanRuns0.580.515.68%
D. LeMahieuHits0.580.515.55%
B. RookerTotal Bases0.580.515.52%
B. Witt Jr.Runs0.580.515.50%
E. TovarTotal Bases0.580.515.44%
P. BaileyHits0.580.515.44%
W. CalhounTotal Bases0.580.515.42%
C. AbramsHits0.580.515.38%
J. SiriTotal Bases0.580.515.37%
J. PenaTotal Bases0.580.515.35%
M. GarciaHits0.580.515.33%
B. DonovanTotal Bases0.580.515.30%
I. VargasHits0.580.515.26%
J. DavisHits0.580.515.25%
A. McCutchenHits0.580.515.23%
J. LoweHits0.580.515.23%
H. RamirezHits0.580.515.20%
I. HappTotal Bases0.580.515.17%
E. JulienTotal Bases0.580.515.13%
A. RutschmanHits0.580.515.13%
J. MenesesRuns Batted In0.580.515.12%
I. Kiner-FalefaTotal Bases0.580.515.08%
E. HaaseTotal Bases0.580.515.07%
Y. AlvarezTotal Bases1.731.515.05%
C. CorreaHits0.580.515.03%
J. CandelarioTotal Bases0.570.514.89%
G. PerdomoTotal Bases0.570.514.86%
G. UrshelaHits0.570.514.85%
J. ProfarHits0.570.514.85%
R. GreeneHits0.570.514.84%
K. HigashiokaTotal Bases0.570.514.82%
O. ArciaTotal Bases0.570.514.77%
B. DruryTotal Bases0.570.514.75%
A. JudgeHits0.570.514.75%
R. GrossmanRuns0.570.514.74%
A. BaddooTotal Bases0.570.514.71%
R. McMahonHits0.570.514.67%
A. BenintendiHits0.570.514.66%
N. PrattoTotal Bases0.570.514.58%
M. YastrzemskiRuns0.570.514.37%
J. MeyersTotal Bases0.570.514.36%
R. GrichukTotal Bases1.711.514.33%
T. MarcanoHits0.570.514.23%
M. Harris IITotal Bases0.570.514.20%
W. CastroTotal Bases0.570.514.17%
D. PeraltaHits0.570.514.14%
T. WallsTotal Bases0.570.514.08%
A. BurlesonHits0.570.514.07%
J. CrawfordRuns0.570.514.06%
T. FranceHits0.570.513.99%
A. VaughnHits0.570.513.62%
M. HanigerRuns Batted In0.570.513.61%
D. SwansonHits0.570.513.61%
G. TorresHits0.570.513.61%
R. NodaTotal Bases0.570.513.61%
S. MurphyHits0.570.513.60%
J. KelenicTotal Bases0.570.513.59%
W. FrancoRuns0.570.513.59%
C. DickersonTotal Bases0.570.513.53%
C. RaleighRuns0.570.513.52%
A. RileyHits0.570.513.51%
Z. McKinstryHits0.570.513.48%
S. SuzukiTotal Bases0.570.513.45%
J. JungTotal Bases1.71.513.42%
P. GoldschmidtHits0.570.513.40%
L. Gurriel Jr.Total Bases1.71.513.40%
C. BlackmonTotal Bases1.71.513.28%
L. NootbaarHits0.570.513.25%
T. WellsStrikeouts5.094.513.04%
J. SuwinskiHits0.570.513.02%
N. JonesHits0.570.513.01%
C. BethancourtTotal Bases0.560.512.99%
M. OlsonTotal Bases1.691.512.97%
J. NaylorHits0.560.512.93%
A. BregmanRuns0.560.512.91%
H. RenfroeHits0.560.512.85%
C. SeagerTotal Bases1.691.512.81%
O. AlbiesTotal Bases0.560.512.79%
B. WiselyTotal Bases0.560.512.78%
M. TauchmanTotal Bases0.560.512.76%
M. VargasHits0.560.512.74%
J. MartinezHits0.560.512.72%
M. BettsRuns0.560.512.71%
M. SemienHits0.560.512.71%
K. MarteTotal Bases1.691.512.71%
M. RojasTotal Bases0.560.512.69%
A. HaysTotal Bases1.691.512.69%
M. TroutHits0.560.512.68%
N. AllenHits0.560.512.67%
C. McCormickTotal Bases0.560.512.64%
L. TaverasTotal Bases0.560.512.62%
P. WisdomTotal Bases0.560.512.60%
L. ThomasRuns0.560.512.60%
M. StrawTotal Bases0.560.512.58%
W. SmithHits0.560.512.58%
M. MoniakTotal Bases0.560.512.57%
A. HedgesTotal Bases0.560.512.54%
A. SantanderHits0.560.512.52%
I. ParedesTotal Bases0.560.512.47%
Y. GomesTotal Bases0.560.512.46%
N. GormanHits0.560.512.38%
S. PerezRuns Batted In0.560.512.37%
K. TuckerHits0.560.512.27%
R. GonzalezTotal Bases0.560.512.23%
C. CarrollTotal Bases1.681.511.96%
M. ZuninoHits0.560.511.82%
C. MullinsRuns0.560.511.59%
B. MillerStrikeouts54.511.11%
H. BaderRuns Batted In0.550.510.83%
T. BradleyStrikeouts6.085.510.60%
N. LoweRuns0.550.510.59%
Y. GrandalTotal Bases0.550.510.45%
J. CaballeroTotal Bases0.550.510.18%
B. BuxtonHits0.550.510.11%
S. TorkelsonHits0.550.510.10%

MLB Prop Bet Trends: Over

M. SemienHitsOver 17/L17 (100.0%)
17 straight
O 0.5
L. ThomasHitsOver 14/L14 (100.0%)
14 straight
O 0.5
J. MartinezHitsOver 12/L12 (100.0%)
12 straight
O 0.5
J. JungHitsOver 11/L11 (100.0%)
11 straight
O 0.5
A. RileyHitsOver 11/L11 (100.0%)
11 straight
O 0.5
C. BlackmonHitsOver 9/L9 (100.0%)
9 straight
O 0.5
M. YastrzemskiTotal BasesOver 6/L6 (100.0%)
6 straight
O 0.5
A. HaysTotal BasesOver 5/L5 (100.0%)
5 straight
O 1.5
C. SeagerHitsOver 5/L5 (100.0%)
5 straight
O 0.5
C. CorreaHitsOver 5/L5 (100.0%)
5 straight
O 0.5
W. FrancoTotal BasesOver 5/L5 (100.0%)
5 straight
O 1.5
M. BettsRunsOver 9/L10 (90.0%)O 0.5
N. GormanTotal BasesOver 16/L18 (88.9%)O 0.5
E. TovarTotal BasesOver 8/L9 (88.9%)O 0.5
L. TaverasTotal BasesOver 7/L8 (87.5%)O 0.5
Z. McKinstryRunsOver 7/L8 (87.5%)O 0.5
S. GrayStrikeoutsOver 6/L7 (85.7%)O 5.5
T. WilliamsStrikeoutsOver 6/L7 (85.7%)O 3.5
T. BradleyStrikeoutsOver 4/L5 (80.0%)O 5.5
M. StromanStrikeoutsOver 11/L15 (73.3%)O 4.5

MLB Prop Bet Trends: Under

S. BrownRunsUnder 17/L24 (70.8%)
U 0.5
N. MatonTotal BasesUnder 15/L21 (71.4%)
U 0.5
J. HeywardHitsUnder 10/L14 (71.4%)
U 0.5
G. CanningStrikeoutsUnder 5/L7 (71.4%)
U 5.5
P. WisdomTotal BasesUnder 5/L7 (71.4%)
U 0.5
R. GonzalezTotal BasesUnder 18/L25 (72.0%)
U 0.5
T. WellsStrikeoutsUnder 24/L33 (72.7%)
U 4.5
N. EovaldiStrikeoutsUnder 14/L19 (73.7%)
U 6.5
M. KopechStrikeoutsUnder 20/L25 (80.0%)
U 6.5
M. BoydStrikeoutsUnder 16/L20 (80.0%)
U 4.5
R. NelsonStrikeoutsUnder 10/L11 (90.9%)
U 4.5
A. WainwrightStrikeoutsUnder 11/L12 (91.7%)
U 4.5

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What Is A Prop Bet?

A prop bet is a newer way to bet on sports in the US sports betting industry, but it has been around for a long time. Prop betting used to be only offered at the Super Bowl or other major sporting events, but that is no longer the case.

The term prop bet stands for a propositional bet, and it’s a wager that typically doesn’t have anything to do with the final score of a game. Prop bets can be made throughout a game, or you can extend this type of wager into a full season.

MLB Prop Betting Options

Now that you understand the difference between fun and skill prop bets, you also need to know when and what betting options are available. Each sportsbook will have different MLB prop betting markets, but there are some very similar options that you will find as well.

MLB Player Prop Bets

Prop betting is really dependent on the bettor as to which is the most popular option, but sportsbooks tend to offer more player prop betting markets than any other kind. A player prop bet is a wager placed on just one player, and it usually focuses on a specific statistic.

There are times that sportsbooks will put two players against each other to create a prop bet, but that is similar to what a DFS game looks like. Player prop betting usually focuses on the top players in each MLB game.

Here are some MLB player prop options:

  • Will Gerrit Cole has over/under 9.5 strikeouts?
  • Will Kris Bryant hit a home run in this game?
  • Which player will have more strikeouts: Max Scherzer or Max Fried? (see more strikeout props)

Additionally, you can see each of these in action along with detailed analysis in our dedicated MLB player prop articles:

MLB Team Prop Bets

A team prop is similar to an individual prop bet, but the wager focuses on an entire team rather than just one player. This is another prop betting option that will have more markets when a better matchup is being played.

Here are some potential team prop betting options that you would see at a sportsbook:

  • Will the Chicago Cubs score over/under 5.5 total runs?
  • Will there be a run in the first inning? Also known as NRFI or YRFI.
  • The team that leads after 5 innings: Mets, Red Sox, or Tie

Full Season MLB Prop Bets

If you are a sports bettor who enjoys making Futures bet, you will likely be interested in a full-season MLB prop bet. These are bets that don’t just cover one game in the season but take a look at the entire schedule in its entirety.

Both individual and team prop betting options will be included when it comes to a full-season MLB prop bet. These bets are usually open months before a season begins, and they might close once the games are underway.

Here are some potential options of what you might see:

  • Best record in baseball: American League or National League
  • Will any player win the Triple Crown? Yes or no
  • Who will win the NL MVP or AL MVP?

Where To Place MLB Prop Bets

The following sportsbooks have more than enough options to satisfy your MLB prop bets needs. As outlined before, always shop around for the best price when it comes to MLB prop bets.

On top of that, our team spent the time to find the best available bonus offers at each listed sportsbook. If you are new to any of these betting apps, be sure to use our exclusive links and promo codes to claim your free bets:

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MLB Prop Betting Tips

Now that you have a better understanding of how MLB prop betting works, it is time to take a look at some MLB prop betting tips that you can use to be successful.

Location Of Game

There isn’t a major home-field advantage when it comes to MLB games, but the location of a game does matter. Each ballpark is unique around baseball, and those different fields can have an effect on the MLB prop betting matchups.

You also need to check the weather for each game before placing an MLB prop bet as well. Most bettors always do this when betting on a baseball game, but it needs to be done when making an MLB prop betting wager as well.

Pitching Matchups

No matter what type of MLB bet you are looking to make, you always need to start your research by looking at the starting pitching matchups. There are other factors that determine an MLB game, but everything starts on the mound.

If you are betting on a particular batter’s performance in a game, you need to be sure that he isn’t facing one of the best pitchers in baseball. You also don’t want to make a player prop bet on a pitcher facing a tremendous offensive lineup.

Slumps Vs Streaks

Since the MLB season is so long, players and teams tend to go through long streaks at different season points. Looking at recent trends is one of the first things you will want to look at before making a prop betting wager.

These trends can always change, but finding out which players and teams are streaking and slumping can help you make successful MLB prop wagers. This can help in all forms of MLB betting, but it is especially true when focusing on props.