Is sports betting legal in Wisconsin? Green Bay Packers quarterback Jordan Love (10) celebrates a victory against the Chicago Bears as he leaves the field during their football game Sunday, September 10, 2023, at Soldier Field in Chicago, Ill. Green Bay won 38-20.

Best Sports Gaming Apps In Wisconsin

Wisconsin is home to some of the most unusual sports betting laws in the country. Both land-based and online sports betting are legal in this state, albeit in a heavily restricted manner. We at are here to talk about the details of Wisconsin’s sports betting industry, explaining what exactly is legal here and what is not.

Various Native American tribes are based in Wisconsin. Only these tribal groups have the legal right to offer sports betting in the state. No commercial betting operators are currently allowed to offer traditional sports wagering options here. There are, however, a large number of world-class online platforms available that offer an experience very similar to sports betting. 

Many residents in Wisconsin have pushed for more sports wagering options to become available. The federally recognized tribes that control Wisconsin’s sports betting industry will likely resist any changes. Continue reading to discover what types of sports betting options are currently available to those located in Wisconsin. 

Best Legal Sports Betting Alternatives In Wisconsin

Wisconsin is one of just two states to have not officially approved a piece of sports betting legislation, yet still allows sports wagering to take place. This is possible due to state agreements with various Native American tribal groups based in Wisconsin. These rules allow for these tribal groups to negotiate and change the compacts they have agreed to with lawmakers. 

Online and retail sports betting is still limited to tribal land in Wisconsin. Popular online sports betting operators such as DraftKings and FanDuel have not gained permission to operate here. It remains to be seen if these major online sports wagering platforms will be able to launch in Wisconsin in the future and the online sports betting legal situation here continues to evolve.

A number of world-class platforms are operating in Wisconsin that serve as a great alternative to standard online sportsbooks. Many offer fun prop-style games that can offer major payout opportunities to sports wagering fans. We at have individually reviewed these platforms to ensure they are safe, modern, and fun. Learn more about these Wisconsin online sports betting alternatives below. 

What Are The Best Wisconsin Sports Betting Alternatives?

Our experts have years of experience finding and reviewing the top sports wagering platforms operating around the country. That includes sports wagering alternatives, such as the ones listed below. Each of these platforms is excellent and provides fun, unique prop-style gaming options that give the feel of making prop betting parlays. 

Fantasy Player Props Sites In Wisconsin

Online sports betting is legal in Wisconsin, yet this activity remains heavily restricted. Only approved Native American tribal groups can offer real online sports wagering options, and only within tribal land. For this reason, many Wisconsin sports bettors have looked for fun online sports wagering alternatives that they can access from the comfort of home.

Fantasy player prop sites stand as the best alternative to online sportsbooks in Wisconsin. They offer prop-style games, yet are completely legal. Generally, these player props involve picking whether a certain athlete will earn more or less than their projected statistic totals. A few of these player props examples can be seen below. 

  • X quarterback to score 265.5 passing yards: Over/Under
  • X shooting guard to score 5.5 three-pointers: Over/Under
  • X striker to score 1.5 goals: Over/Under

Each of our recommended Wisconsin sports betting alternative sites provides a great variety of these player props. Each one provides an experience similar to legalized sports betting. Below, we explain what makes each of these apps stand out.

Best Wisconsin Daily Fantasy Sites & Promos

Top Sites For Fantasy Props In Wisconsin

Wisconsin is known for having one of the most passionate sports fan bases in the country. It’s here that popular professional sports teams such as the Green Bay Packers and Milwaukee Bucks are based. Learn which online platforms offer prop-style wagering options in this state below. 

Underdog Fantasy

Underdog Fantasy launched in 2020 and quickly grew into one of the most popular DFS operators in the country. It has many great features, including a modern design, generous bonuses, and an awesome variety of games to choose from. Each of the games offered here offers very lucrative payout opportunities for players. 

Members of Underdog Fantasy can also take part in tournaments throughout the year. That includes the “Best Ball Mania” tournaments, which offer the largest payouts of any fantasy-style tournament in the country. The “Best Ball Mania IV” tournament was the most recent one held and came with a staggering $15,000,000 total prize pool. 

Underdog Fantasy offers just about everything that a Wisconsin sports fan could ask for in a player props fantasy platform. It offers games on all of the most popular sports in the state, including football, basketball, baseball, and ice hockey. The great design of this app ensures that even complete newcomers can find the specific contests they are looking for.

Player Props At Underdog Fantasy Wisconsin

Underdog Fantasy represents the new wave of DFS operators. It offers a great variety of player-prop games. There are three games being offered, each of which is hugely popular among members. 

Best Ball Contests

Best Ball Contests are season-long fantasy contests. It resembles a traditional fantasy style game, in which players create a roster of athletes they believe will perform the best. Rosters are locked in with no trades allowed and winners are decided based on which athletes perform the best over an entire season. 

Battle Royale Contests

Battle Royale contests are DFS contests that take place over a single day or week. DFS rosters are created in a snake draft and players compete with each other. The players with the rosters that earn the most points win a piece of the total prize pool. 

Pick ‘Em Games

The Pick ‘Em Games are Underdog Fantasy resemble prop-style betting. In the “Rivals” category, two players create a lineup of picks and compete against one another for a set cash prize. These picks are created by choosing whether certain athletes will earn more or less than their projected point totals. Those looking to make prop betting parlays will enjoy how these games work. A few examples of player props offered at Underdog Fantasy can be seen below. 

  • Patrick Mahomes – 1.5 Passing Touchdowns: Over/Under
  • Steph Curry – 30.5 Points: Over/Under

Underdog Fantasy Pick’em Payout Table

The payout table for Underdog Fantasy Pick’em games looks like this:

Number of PicksStandard UpsideInsured UpsideInsured if One Wrong

Is Sports Betting Legal in Nebraska? Underdog Fantasy app screenshotIs Sports Betting Legal in Wisconsin? Underdog Fantasy app screenshot

Underdog Fantasy Bonus Offer

All new members of Underdog Fantasy are eligible to receive a 50% deposit on their first deposit of up to $250. It is a quick, effective way to immediately boost your bankroll. This is only available to first-time members of Underdog Fantasy and comes with a 1x playthrough requirement. 

How Do I Get The Underdog Fantasy Welcome Bonus?

The welcome bonus at Underdog Fantasy can be claimed without the use of a promo code. Instead, players can click the “Claim Offer” tab featured on this guide page. Create an Underdog Fantasy account, make a first deposit, and receive a 100% deposit of up to $100.

Why Underdog Fantasy Nebraska?

Underdog Fantasy serves as one of the best alternatives to online sports betting available in Wisconsin. It offers a great combination of standard DFS games and Pick ‘Em style, prop-betting-like games. Anyone in Wisconsin looking to make prop-style parlays from the comfort of home will love what this app has to offer. 

Sleeper Fantasy

Sleeper Fantasy is another world-class daily fantasy sports operator legally operating in Wisconsin and 29 other states around the country. It has many cool features, including a great game selection and a special social media-like interface that allows players to communicate with one another. Like the other alternatives to Wisconsin sports betting sites highlighted on this guide page, Sleeper also offers fun prop-style games that give the feel of real sports betting. 

The “Sleeper Picks” are the most popular games offered through this platform. Players create lineups of picks in an over/under format, choosing whether athletes will earn more or less than their projected totals. Sleeper offers its games on all of the most popular sports leagues in the US, including the NFL, NBA, NHL, and MLB

Sleeper’s design and user interface are excellent. It’s a modern platform that looks extremely sleek using a desktop computer and mobile device.

Player Props At Sleeper Fantasy Wisconsin

Sleeper Fantasy offers its members an impressive variety of player props. These can be found through the “Sleeper Picks.” These resemble prop betting parlays, as players must correctly choose each leg of their picks lineup in order to win a cash prize. 

Sleeper Picks 

The “Sleeper Picks” games allow players to create a lineup of picks and compete against the house. These feel very much like prop sports wagers, as your payout opportunities increase as more picks are added to your lineup. If any one of these picks is lost, your entire lineup is lost. A couple of examples of the player picks offered at Sleeper can be seen below. 

  • Christian McCaffrey – 85.5 Rushing Yards: Over (1.77x) – Under (1.78x)
  • Lemelo Ball – 21.5 Points: Over (1.77x) – Under (1.77x)

The more picks that are included in your lineup, the larger the payouts will be. Perhaps no other alternative to Wisconsin sports betting sites resembles prop wagering as much as Sleeper.

Is sports betting legal in Wisconsin? Sleeper Fantasy Screenshots

Sleeper Fantasy WI Bonus Offer

Sleeper Fantasy is known for offering some great bonuses to new and existing players. New members are eligible to receive a 100% first deposit match bonus of up to $500. This is one of the most generous bonuses offered by a DFS operator in Wisconsin and helps players earn extra funds in just a few minutes. 

How Do I Get The Sleeper Fantasy Welcome Bonus?

Earning the welcome bonus at Sleeper is extremely simple. After clicking the “Claim Offer” tab on this guide page, players will be redirected to the Sleeper homepage. Create an account with Sleeper and make a deposit of at least $10. Players will then be automatically credited with a 100% deposit match bonus of up to $500. 

Why Sleeper Fantasy?

Wisconsin sports fans looking for an online platform offering prop-style games will love what Sleeper Fantasy provides. It works very similar to a traditional online sportsbook, with games that resemble prop betting parlays. Sleeper Fantasy also provides many unique features that competing sites simply do not provide, including a social media-like system that allows players to chat and compete with each other. 

Boom Fantasy

Boom Fantasy is a hugely popular DFS operator that launched in 2015. It has gained a large user base throughout the country and has received millions of dollars in investments through several rounds of funding. Boom Fantasy aims to offer its members a variety of prop-style fantasy games, including three “Pick ‘Em” style games that members love. Those three Pick ‘Em games can be seen below. 

  • Longshots 
  • Toss-Ups
  • Favorites

Almost no other US DFS operator provides as many unique player props as Boom Fantasy. Members can make their picks in two different ways – over/under or matchups. Over/under picks are made by choosing whether certain athletes will earn more or less than their projected stat totals. In “Matchups,” players choose which of two athletes will perform better in a specific category. Members will find these games offered for a variety of popular sports leagues including the NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL. 

Players can choose how many picks they would like to choose. The more picks that are chosen, the larger the payout opportunities are. 

Boom Fantasy works seamlessly using a desktop computer and a mobile device. It’s a very modern DFS operator with a homepage that clearly displays all of the available games being offered. The huge variety of prop games, modern design, and solid bonuses make this a great alternative to legal online sports betting in Wisconsin. 

Player Props At Boom Fantasy Wisconsin

Members of Boom Fantasy have plenty of fun player props available through Boom Fantasy. This DFS operator prides itself on offering a massive selection of “Pick ‘Em” games. In fact, almost no other fantasy operator offers as many unique prop-style games as Boom Fantasy. Learn about the different player prop games offered here below. 

Longshots Pick ‘Em Games

The Longshots Pick ‘Em games at Boom Fantasy are perhaps the most popular being offered. Here, players aim to correctly guess whether athletes will earn far more than their projected stat totals. As the name suggests, these picks are considered “longshots,” and can be far more difficult to predict. Due to the unpredictability, this game allows players to earn 40x their entry fee

A few examples of Longshots picks available through Boom Fantasy can be seen below. 

  • Nikola Jokic – 37 Points: Over
  • Aaron Gordon – 10 Rebounds: Over
  • Patrick Mahomes – 52.5 Rushing Yards: Over

Toss-Ups Pick ‘Em Games

The Toss-Ups games at Boom Fantasy are very popular prop-style games, too. Here, players attempt to pick whether athletes will earn above or below their stat projections. These games are called “Toss-Ups” for a reason, as it’s equally possible for these athletes to earn more or less than their projected stat totals. These are considered slightly easier to pick than the “Longshots” picks, however, and allow players to earn a maximum of 20x their entry fee

Some of the Toss-Ups picks offered at Boom Fantasy can be seen below. 

  • Nikola Jokic – 28.5 Points: Over/Under
  • Myles Turner – 6 Rebounds: Over/Under
  • Lamar Jackson – 211.5 Passing Yards: Over/Under

Favorites Pick ‘Em Games

The Favorites games at Boom Fantasy are considered the easiest to pick correctly. Once again, players are tasked with choosing whether certain athletes will earn more than their projected point totals. Boom Fantasy purposely makes these picks more likely to be chosen correctly. As a result, the maximum payout for these games is just 3x your entry fee.

An example of some Favorites picks offered by Boom Fantasy are featured below. 

  • Jamal Murray – 21.5 Pounds: Over
  • Travis Kelce – 49.5 Receiving Yards: Over
  • Christian McCaffrey – 69.5 Rushing Yards: Over

Is Sports Betting Legal in Wisconsin? Boom Fantasy app screenshot

Boom Fantasy WI Bonus Offer

Boom Fantasy offers several generous bonuses to new and existing customers. The welcome bonus is the most popular bonus, offering new players a 100% refund on their first game’s entry fee, if the game is lost, up to $100. It’s called the “No Sweat First Entry” bonus and gives players peace of mind knowing they will earn their money back on their first game if they lose. 

How Do I Get The Boom Fantasy Welcome Bonus?

Boom Fantasy is a very modern DFS operator, yet it also has a simplistic user interface that ensures new players can easily sign up. To earn the Boom Fantasy welcome bonus, click the “Claim Offer” tab featured on this guide page. Create a new account with Boom Fantasy and make a deposit of $10 or more. Enter into the game of your choice and Boom Fantasy will offer a 100% refund on your entry fee of up to $100 if you do not win. 

Why Boom Fantasy?

Boom Fantasy is without a doubt one of the top alternatives to online sports betting sites in Wisconsin. It provides a fun variety of player props that can be combined in a way that resembles parlays. There are some huge payout opportunities, particularly when playing the “Longshots” game mode. Boom Fantasy also features a great design, a unique welcome bonus, and a helpful customer support system. 


ParlayPlay is a DFS operator that provides player props on many of the most popular sports leagues in the US including the NBA, NFL, NHL, and various Esports. This platform launched in 2021, yet it has already grown very popular in each of the 27 states it operates in. 

Members of ParlayPlay can create a lineup of up to seven picks. These are in the form of a parlay and picks are made in an over/under format. As more picks are included in a lineup, the higher the payout opportunities will be. The payout structure for these “parlays” can be seen below. 

  • 2 picks: 3x 
  • 3 picks: 5x
  • 4 picks: 10x 
  • 5 picks: 22x 
  • 6 picks: 40x 
  • 7 picks: 75x 

ParlayPlay has a somewhat simplistic design and a cool yellow and black theme that is easy on the eyes. Even first-time DFS players should be able to easily understand how this platform works. Below, we explain how the games offered through this platform work.

Is sports betting legal in South Carolina? ParlayPlay Screenshots

Player Props At ParlayPlay Wisconsin

ParlayPlay only offers prop-style games to players. It’s a simple concept, in which players create a lineup of over/under picks in a way that resembles a sports betting parlay. There are three games offered, including Higher/Lower, Hit It, and Free2Play Contests. 

Players create their picks by choosing whether certain athletes will earn more or less than their projected stat totals. It’s possible to make picks with athletes from different sports. Between two and seven picks must be chosen. Some of the pick types offered here can be seen below. 

  • Zay Flowers – 50.5 Passing Yards: Over/Under
  • Mikal Bridges – 4.5 Rebounds: Over/Under

Players can choose their own entry fee, which can be seen as the money they are willing to risk. If each leg of your picks lineup is correct, ThriveFantasy will multiply and pay you your entry fee, based on the number of picks chosen. 

ParlayPlay WI Bonus Offer

ParlayPlay offers all of its new members a generous 100% first deposit match bonus of up to $100. It provides these new players with a quick way to double their money and comes with just a 1x playthrough requirement. On top of this first deposit match bonus, ParlayPlay offers new players an additional $5 in bonus funds. 

How Do I Get The ParlayPlay Welcome Bonus?

The welcome bonus at ParlayPlay is easy to claim with no promo code required. Instead, players can click the “Claim Offer” tab on this guide page. After creating a new account with ParlayPlay, players need to make a deposit of $10 or more using an accepted banking option. ParlayPlay will then offer a 100% match bonus on this deposit, plus an additional $5 in bonus funds. 

Why ParlayPlay?

ParlayPlay is one of the best operators for those who may be new to daily fantasy sports. It has a clean, simple design that players can easily understand. Fortunately, it also offers a great variety of player prop picks across multiple sports. Esports fans will also love the ability to make picks on popular games such as LoL, CSGO, and more. 

Wisconsin Sports Betting Legalization Outlook

Wisconsin’s sports betting laws and regulations are unique, to say the least. As we pointed out earlier, this is one of just two states to have not approved any sports betting legislation, yet has chosen to legalize sports betting through compacts with Native American tribes. Various tribal groups including the Oneida Nation, Forest County Potawatomi, and St. Croix Chippewa Indians of Wisconsin now each have legal sports betting operations up and running within their tribal casinos.

For now, sports betting can only be done on tribal land. Even mobile sports betting, which is allowed, is limited to within tribal territory. Some, including Potawatomi Hotel Casino’s CEO Dominic Ortiz, believe statewide online sports betting will become available at some point in the future. 

It is unclear if the regulations will change here anytime soon. The tribal groups in Wisconsin will push hard against the state allowing commercial sports betting operators such as DraftKings or Fanduel to begin operating here in the future. Of course, the US sports betting industry has grown immensely since the Supreme Court struck down the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act and a growing number of lawmakers in Wisconsin see the potential for revenue from expanding the state’s sports betting industry.

Wisconsin Sports Betting FAQ

Is sports betting legal in Wisconsin?

Yes. Lawmakers in Wisconsin have not approved any specific sports betting bills, yet sports betting is legal in Wisconsin due to compacts signed between the state and several tribal groups based here. Only these tribal groups are able to legally offer sports betting options. 

Is DraftKings Sportsbook legal in Wisconsin?

No. Commercial betting operators including DraftKings are not legally allowed to operate in Wisconsin. 

Is FanDuel Sportsbook legal in Wisconsin?

No. FanDuel and other popular commercial sports betting operators are not currently allowed to legally operate in Wisconsin. 

Is ESPN BET legal in Wisconsin?

No. ESPN Bet is not currently allowed to legally operate in Wisconsin. 

Is PrizePicks legal in Wisconsin?

Yes. PrizePicks is a popular DFS operator that is legal and operating in Wisconsin. 

When will sports betting be legalized in Wisconsin?

Sports betting is technically legal in Wisconsin. For now, however, online and retail sports betting can only legally be offered by a few Native American groups within tribal land. Commercial sports betting is not yet legal here and it remains unclear if lawmakers will choose to make sports betting fully legal throughout the state anytime soon. 

Are daily fantasy sports sites legal in Wisconsin?

Yes. Daily fantasy sports sites are legal in Wisconsin. DFS remains an excellent alternative to online sports betting in this state, as traditional online sportsbooks in Wisconsin can only be accessed from within tribal land.

Top Wisconsin Sports Gaming Apps

Top Sportsbooks & DFS Sign-Up Offers In Other States