What Is A Same Game Parlay?

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What Is A Same Game Parlay?
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Same game parlays are becoming one of the most-popular types of parlay betting. They see you place multiple outcomes from the same game within a single wager. Most online sportsbooks, such as the FanDuel Sportsbook, for example, now feature these types of bets.

What makes same game parlays (SGPs) so popular and how do they work? You can find the answers in the following guide, which covers SGP basics, pros, cons and FAQs.

How Does A Same Game Parlay Work?

A parlay bet allows you to combine multiple bets into a single wager. You can put anywhere from 2 to 10 outcomes (teams) on the average parlay bet slip. Some parlay bets even give you the chance to use up to 15 lets for a really big payday.

A same game parlay (a.k.a. single game parlay or one-game parlay) works the same for the most part. The key difference, though, is that all of the outcomes are within one game—not multiple games. Like a standard parlay, an SGP ticket can pay off big if a same game parlay wins.

Here’s an example involving a FanDuel same game parlay on an NFL game:

Houston Texas vs Indianapolis Colts (+655 on SGP)

  • Houston moneyline (+225)
  • Texas vs Colts: Over 51.5
  • Jonathan Taylor anytime touchdown scorer

This 3-team SGP has the Texans on the moneyline, Houston and Indy combining for the over, and a TD scorer. The common theme here is that every leg is within the same contest. You’re not betting on the Colts and Texans for one leg, Seahawks and Rams for another, and so forth.

Sports betting sites used to block you from making a correlated parlay bet. For example, you couldn’t take Houston on the point spread and moneyline because of the obvious correlation. Now, they’re embracing and marketing SGPs to draw more sports bettors.

Some bookmakers even offer parlay insurance and free bets revolving around same game parlays. FanDuel offers many of these bets and related promotions, while DraftKings, BetMGM, and Caesars are doing the same.

Same Game Parlay Odds And Payouts

The payouts and odds for same game parlays vary based on individual bets. For example, one leg may carry +250 odds and other -175 odds. Therefore, you must wait until putting all parlay bet odds into a sportsbook’s software to see the odds and payouts.

For simplicity’s sake, though, let’s assume that all chosen outcomes carry -110 odds. In this case, the payouts and odds for a parlay wager would be as follows:

  • 2 teams – 2.6-to-1 payout; 3:1 true odds
  • 3 teams – 6-to-1 payout; 7:1 true odds
  • 4 teams – 11-to-1 payout; 15:1 true odds
  • 5 teams – 22-to-1 payout; 31:1 true odds
  • 6 teams – 45-to-1 payout; 63:1 true odds
  • 7 teams – 90-to-1 payout; 127:1 true odds
  • 8 teams – 180-to-1 payout; 255:1 true odds
  • 9 teams – 360-to-1 payout; 511:1 true odds
  • 10 teams – 720-to-1 payout; 1,023:1 true odds

Again, normal SGP odds and payouts are normally more complicated than the above scenario. Generally speaking, though, you’ll play for a big payout as you add more outcomes to the bet slip.

Pros Of A Same Game Parlay Bet

A same game parlay is a fun way to put all of your action on one game. Maybe you like multiple outcomes in a single contest, yet don’t feel like making multiple wagers. In such situations, you can get multiple legs into one bet without risking as much money.

You’ll also be playing for larger payouts on average with SPGs. The riskiest wagers can deliver a huge payday worth over 1,000x your stake or more. Even 4-team SGPs and smaller over larger payouts than the average moneyline bet.

Finally, many online sportsbooks offer promotions surrounding SGPs. For example, they might offer a risk-free bet, same game parlay insurance, or free bet. The same game parlay insurance offers a maximum refund, or at least partial refund, when you lose by one leg. It’s similar to the multi-sport parlay insurance available at most online bookmakers.

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Cons Of A Same Game Parlay Bet

SPGs have two things working against them:

  • You must win every outcome to win the whole bet.
  • The bookmaker’s edge increases with parlays versus other bet types.

Regarding the first point, you don’t win anything unless you win everything on the ticket. Same game parlay insurance lowers the risk by giving losses back in the form of a site credit. Nevertheless, even SGP insurance requires you to win all but one leg before kicking in.

Like all parlays, a SGP wager gives bookmakers a larger edge. More teams on a parlay ticket increase the sportsbook’s advantage, with over 30% juice being common. Many sports bettors don’t even realize that they’re facing a worse prospect with a parlay.

How Are SGP Bets Different From Traditional Parlays?

As mentioned before, sportsbooks used to restrict correlated outcomes within the same parlay wager. For instance, they’d block parlay sports bettors from using a first quarter and over/under from the same match. Bookmakers didn’t want skilled gamblers to bet parlays and win big in such a way.

However, the FanDuel app started a trend of allowing sports bettors to bet parlays from the same contest. This was a great change from its typical FanDuel multi-sport parlay. The FanDuel same game parlay trend has since caught on among most sportsbooks.

Nowadays, you can put a point spread, totals, and scorer prop bet from the same match into a parlay. Bookmakers counteract any advantage from this coordination by providing slightly worse odds.

For example, Atlanta Hawks moneyline and Trae Young leading scorer odds might be -170 and -155, respectively. However, these odds could be -190 and -170 on SGP wagers. The sportsbook would counteract the correlation of Young leading scorers and Atlanta winning with worst sports betting odds.

What Sports Can I Bet SGPs?

SGPs could theoretically be available for all respective games and sports. However, they’re mostly available with the popular markets, including the NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL. You can see how an SGP works in each of these markets, along with other sports too.

NFL Same Game Parlays

An NFL SPG typically features moneylines, point spreads, totals, and touchdown scorers. Depending upon the sportsbook, it could also let you pick leading rushers, passers, and receivers. Here’s an example:

Buffalo Bills vs New England Patriots (+515 on SGP)

  • Bills moneyline (-160)
  • Josh Allen 300+ passing yards
  • Damien Harris 100+ rushing yards

NBA Same Game Parlays

NBA SGPs offer more freedom because it has so many different stats. Prop bets on points, rebounds, assists, three-pointers, rebounds, and free throws are all in play. You can see a sample wager below:

Toronto Raptors vs Miami Heat (+1200 on SGP)

  • Heat -170
  • Jimmy Butler 30+ points
  • Scottie Barnes 10+ rebounds
  • Jimmy Butler 2+ steals

MLB Same Game Parlays

Baseball SGPs can also include many stats just like NBA parlays. However, they tend to heavily revolve around home runs, strikeouts, RBIs and moneylines. Here’s an example:

Minnesota Twins vs Kansas City Royals (+755 on SGP)

  • Andrew Benintendi to hit a home run
  • Joe Ryan over 7.5 strikeouts
  • Jorge Palanco to hit RBI

NHL Same Game Parlays

NHL SPGs are also quite popular at sports betting sites. They provide an opportunity to wager on puck lines, moneylines, goal scorers, assists, and more. You can see a sample NHL parlay betting line below:

Montreal Canadiens vs Boston Bruins (+1175 on SGP)

  • Patrice Bergeron to get an assist
  • Brad Marchland to score any point
  • Bruins moneyline (-240)
  • Cole Caufield to score a goal

SGPs In Other Sports

Same game parlay bets aren’t just contained to basketball, basketball, football, and hockey. Instead, they extend to other plenty of sports, especially at the larger sportsbooks. You’ll find these bets in mixed martial arts, cricket, rugby, soccer, tennis, and more. Below, you can see examples involving the UFC and tennis:

UFC: Tai Tuivasa vs Francis Ngannou (+605 on SGP)

  • Will there be a knockout: yes
  • Ngannou moneyline (-215)
  • Fight to last over 2.5 rounds

ATP: Taylor Fritz vs Rafael Nadal (+575 on SGP)

  • Nadal moneyline (-275)
  • Will Fritz win a set: yes
  • Nadal over 35.5 aces for match

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Same Game Parlay FAQ

Same Game Parlay FAQ

What is a same game parlay?

A same game parlay lets you put multiple outcomes from the same game into one bet. By contrast, regular parlay betting excludes same-game outcomes that are too closely correlated (e.g., halftime score & totals).

Is a same game parlay better than a single bet?

Depending upon your preferences, you may or may not like SGPs better than single bets. An SPG provides the opportunity to win more money with a smaller bet amount. A single bet, on the other hand, has better odds because you don’t need to.

How are same game parlay odds calculated?

SGP odds vary based on the exact outcomes and their correlation to each other. Sports betting sites often give you slightly worse odds for two closely correlated legs. For example, -110 spread and -170 moneyline odds on the same SGP team might become -120 and -190. You need to enter different outcomes into sportsbooks’ software to determine the odds.

Where can I make same game parlay bets?

SGPs are available at the online FanDuel Sportsbook and many other sportsbooks. Look for a tab that switches into same game parlay mode when viewing a betting line.

Do you have to win every game on a same game parlay?

Yes, just like when you bet parlay normally, you must win every game (outcome) with an SGP. That said, you stand higher odds of winning wagers with fewer outcomes on the ticket. A 2-team SGP, for example, stands better odds than a 5-team bet. The catch, though, is that the 5-team SGP pays more when you win.