What Is Live Betting? – 2023 Tips & Strategy

Live or in-game sports betting has become one of the top wagering options for bettors in a U.S. state with legal sports wagering. Most bets are still made before the games start, but that is no longer your only chance to make a wager. Even though in-game betting is different than placing a pre-game wager, […]

What Is An Over/Under Bet?

  Over/under bets (aka totals bets) involve wagering on the total combined score of a sporting event. Instead of betting on which team will win the game, a totals wager tasks the bettor with determining whether the total final score will finish over or under a line determined by the sportsbook. Totals betting differs from […]

How To Fill Out A March Madness Bracket 2023 Guide

  When March rolls around, it might seem like everyone you know is filling out a March Madness bracket. Whether you’re competing in an office pool or aiming for big prizes in the ESPN Tournament Challenge contest, you’re probably contemplating how to go about choosing your teams if you’re reading this How To Fill Out […]

What Is A Parlay Bet?

  A parlay bet is a wager in which two or more bets are combined into a single bet. In order to win the parlay bet, the bettor must win all the individual bets. If the bettor loses even one of the individual bets the entire parlay bet loses. Typically a winning parlay will have […]

What Is A Moneyline Bet?

A moneyline bet represents the most simple and basic way to bet on sports. Moneyline bets simply require that you pick a team to win the game, with no point spread or any other correlation to margin of victory involved. Sportsbook odds determine the potential payout on a moneyline wager. The payout on the moneyline […]

What Is A Futures Bet?

  Futures bets are any bet that is decided over the course of more than one game, event, or match. Usually, the term “futures bet” also suggests that a bet that will be resolved in the distant future or over a significant amount of time. For example, betting on the Green Bay Packers to beat […]

What Is A Same Game Parlay?

  Same game parlays are becoming one of the most-popular types of parlay betting. They see you place multiple outcomes from the same game within a single wager. Most online sportsbooks, such as the FanDuel Sportsbook, for example, now feature these types of bets. What makes same game parlays (SGPs) so popular and how do […]

What Is A Point Spread?

  The point spread functions as the most popular way to bet on sports. A point spread bets sees the sportsbook add/subtract a number of points to one team’s final score in a matchup between two teams. For example, Super Bowl 56 featured the Cincinnati Bengals taking on the Los Angeles Rams. The Rams were […]