Is Sports Betting Legal In Nebraska? NCAA Football: Iowa at Nebraska

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Nebraska legalized sports betting in 2021, yet limits this form of gambling to in-person wagers at licensed racinos. That lack of legal online sportsbooks has caused many residents to look for fun, alternatives to sports betting. The experts at are here to highlight the best Nebraska sports betting alternatives, explaining what each one has to offer. 

The entire US sports betting industry has rapidly evolved since the removal of PASPA in 2018. Unfortunately, Nebraska has been reluctant to embrace online sports wagering. As a result, many sports fans here choose to play at daily fantasy sports platforms, offering a fun and similar experience to traditional sports betting. 

Many residents and politicians in Nebraska continue pushing to get online sportsbooks legal. Until that happens, DFS platforms represent the best alternative to sports wagering. Learn more about this state’s sports betting industry and the popular DFS apps operating here by reading this entire guide today. 

Our Top Legal Sports Betting Alternatives In Nebraska

Best Nebraska Legal Sports Betting Alternatives

Nebraska is known for having a large, passionate sports fan base. Unsurprisingly, much of the state’s population immediately began pushing for legal sports betting options to become available after the US Supreme Court removed PASPA in 2018. It took some time, yet state lawmakers finally approved LB 561 in 2021 to make sports betting officially legal. It was not until 2023 that the first retail sportsbooks went live in the state.

To the disappointment of many sports fans here, Nebraska has only chosen to legalize retail sports betting inside licensed racinos. Online sports betting remains banned in the state. Due to this fact, many sports fans here still choose to access online sports betting alternatives. 

Popular online sportsbooks such as DraftKings and FanDuel are not yet legal here. There are, however, a huge number of world-class DFS operators available in the state. These platforms offer an experience very similar to sports betting and can offer massive payouts to winners. 

Many of these DFS operators provide games that resemble prop-style wagering. As industry leaders in prop betting, we at have taken a close look at these DFS operators and the unique games they offer. Below, we highlight several of the top daily fantasy sports platforms (and a unique sweepstakes sports picks app) available in Nebraska.

What Are The Best Nebraska Sports Gaming Apps?

Online sports betting apps remain banned in Nebraska. There are plenty of great daily fantasy sports apps operating in the state, though. Check out a list of the best DFS operators in Nebraska below. 

Fantasy Player Props Sites

The majority of DFS operators in Nebraska offer what are known as “Pick ‘Em” and ‘Player Prop” games. These resemble prop wagering, in which players create a lineup of picks based on various athlete performance projections. Generally, DFS players choose whether certain players will earn more or less than their projected stat totals. An example of a Player Prop DFS contest can be seen below. 

  • Patrick Mahomes: 280.5 Passing Yards – Over/Under
  • Jalen Hurts: 225.5 Passing Yards – Over/Under

In this scenario, players can choose whether both Patrick Mahomes and Jalen Hurts will earn more than their projected passing yard totals. Different DFS operators will generally require at least two of these types of picks to be included in a lineup. The more of these picks that are included in the lineup, the larger the payout will be, if correct. 

These types of player prop sites offer the best alternative to Nebraska sports betting sites. Those with a deep understanding of sports can earn massive payouts by creating accurate lineups. It’s not the only alternative to online sports wagering available in Nebraska, though.

Sweepstakes Sports Picks Sites

Nebraska sports fans also have access to some great sweepstakes sports pick sites. The best and most popular is called Fliff, which utilizes sweepstakes regulations to offer something very similar to traditional online sports wagering. Fliff also acts as a free-to-play social sports wagering platform that looks and feels like major online sportsbooks operating around the country. 

The sweepstakes model at Fliff is very unique. To “wager,” players use what is called “Fliff Cash,” which acts as this platform’s main, paid currency. Winners will be awarded with various prizes, including additional Fliff Cash, gift cards, and more. This is one of the few legal alternatives to sports betting that offers real cash prizes and is available to all Nebraska residents over 18 years old. 

Top Nebraska Fantasy Player Props Sites

Top Nebraska Betting Apps

Top Nebraska Sports Betting Apps & Daily Fantasy Sites

Nebraska Sports Gaming Promo Code Updates

May 16, 2024 – Sleeper Fantasy switches to a 100% deposit match up to $100 as a sign-up bonus in all operating states.

May 9, 2024 – Underdog Fantasy increases its welcome bonus offer for Nebraska players. Sign up with promo code PROPS to claim your Special Pick + First Time Deposit offer up to $250 in bonus cash!

Top Sites For Fantasy Props In Nebraska

Nebraska is filled with a huge number of excellent daily fantasy sports platforms. We at have rated and reviewed most of these DFS operators. Learn about the best ones currently available below. 

Underdog Fantasy

Underdog Fantasy is considered by many to be one of the best daily fantasy sports platforms in the US. It is available in more than 40 states and excels in almost every category, offering a great variety of games, a solid design, and several secure banking options. It has many unique features, including some massive DFS tournaments that can offer massive cash prizes to the lucky winners

There are thre main game types being offered here:

  • Daily Fantasy
  • Best Ball
  • Pick ‘Em games.

These games can span a single sporting event, an entire week, and even an entire sports season. The daily fantasy games are fairly standard, allowing players to compete with each other. Players create a roster of players that they feel will perform the best in a single sporting event.  

The Best Ball games are very unique, requiring players to compete in season-long fantasy tournaments. The long run time of these tournaments is very fun and requires some major strategy from players. The Best Ball Mania tournaments offer huge cash prizes, including a $15 million total cash prize pool for the Best Ball Mania tournament for the 2023/2024 NFL season. 

Pick ‘Em games are commonly offered by DFS operators and are very fun at Underdog Fantasy. This incorporates the prop-style wagering that we have discussed. Players create a lineup of over/under picks for various athletes. There is also a Pick ‘Em mode called Rivals, in which players pick one athlete to outperform another over a single sporting event. 

Player Props At Underdog Fantasy Nebraska

Underdog Fantasy’s variety of games is impressive. The Pick ‘Em games offered through this platform resemble traditional prop-style parlay betting. As we just mentioned, there are two Pick ‘Em-style games offered. Both of them are very fun and can provide players with huge cash payouts. 

Higher/Lower Pick ‘Em Games

The higher/lower Pick ‘Em games require players to pick whether an athlete will earn more or less than a specific statistic total. These stats can vary, including Total Passing Yards, Total Home Runs, and Total 3-Pointers. 

Rivals Pick ‘Em Games

The Pick ‘Em Rivals game requires players to pick which of two athletes will perform better within a specific statistic category. For example, players can choose whether Dak Prescott or Brock Purdy will earn more passing yards over a single game.

Underdog Fantasy Pick’em Payout Table

The payout table for Underdog Fantasy Pick’em games looks like this:

Number of PicksStandard UpsideInsured UpsideInsured if One Wrong

Is Sports Betting Legal in Nebraska? Underdog Fantasy app screenshot Is Sports Betting Legal in Nebraska? Underdog Fantasy app screenshot

Underdog Fantasy NE Bonus Offer

All new members of Underdog Fantasy can earn a generous 50% match bonus on their first deposit of up to $250. This is a generous, yet somewhat standard bonus. No promo code is required to earn this welcome bonus. Instead, click the “Claim Offer” tab featured on this guide page, create an Underdog Fantasy account, and make a deposit of $10 or more. 

Why Underdog Fantasy Nebraska?

Underdog Fantasy stands as one of the best overall DFS operators in Nebraska. It does nearly everything right and provides three very fun game types. The Pick ‘Em games are particularly special and truly give the feel of making prop wagers. Check out Underdog Fantasy today and see why so many Nebraska sports fans have joined.

Sleeper Fantasy

Sleeper is an exciting DFS operator known for offering a great variety of player props. It went live back in 2017 and is now available to play in 30 different states. It has turned into one of the most popular sports betting alternative platforms in the country and is an excellent substitute for online sports betting in Nebraska. 

Members of Sleeper will find two different games being offered. One is a unique Pick ‘Em style game that allows for player props to be made. This type of DFS game is available for a variety of popular sports leagues including the NFL, NBA, MLB, and more. 

The other game here is called a Daily Draft. This is a more traditional type of daily fantasy sports game, in which players create a roster of players under a certain salary cap. In this game, players compete against each other for cash prizes. 

Sleeper has many other unique features, including a social media-like element and social promotions. Discover more about the player props available here below.

Player Props At Sleeper Nebraska

The Pick ‘Em games at Sleeper are very fun. Players are required to make between 2-8 entries into their Picks lineup. These picks are made in an over/under format. In order to win any cash prizes, players must choose each of their picks correctly, similar to the way a sports betting parlays works. 

Sleeper Picks Games

These player props can vary greatly. Below is a look at some NBA player props at Sleeper that can be included into a lineup. 

  • Nic Claxton: 9.5 Rebounds – Over (1.79x) – Under (1.75x)
  • Brandon Ingram: 24.5 Points – Over (1.80x) – Under (1.75x)

The payout for these games will change, depending on the picks made. Each possible pick comes with a payout multiplier. When multiple picks are chosen, they are combined into one multiplier. The more picks made, the larger the payout opportunities are available. In the lineup above, a $10 entry fee would pay $32.20. 

Like all of the other additions to this list of sports betting alternatives, Sleeper offers games that look and feel much like prop wagering. 

Is sports betting legal in Nebraska? Sleeper Fantasy Screenshots

Sleeper NE Bonus Offer

Sleeper is known for offering several bonuses to its members. The most popular is the welcome bonus, offering new members a 100% first deposit bonus of up to $100. Readers can become eligible for this bonus by clicking the “Claim Offer” tab on this guide page and entering the promo code PROPS, where directed. 

Why Sleeper?

Sleeper is without a doubt one of the best DFS operators in the US. It is a great option for those in Nebraska looking to make some legal player props. The Picks games truly give the feeling of making prop wagers, and the Daily Draft games provide a more traditional daily fantasy sports experience. 

Chalkboard Fantasy

Chalkboard Fantasy brings a solid all-around fantasy sports app to Nebraska players.

If you’re a fan of the Pick’em games at Underdog Fantasy or Sleeper, you’ll find lots to like about Chalkboard Fantasy. The fantasy props games at Chalkboard, called “Picks” contests, closely resemble player prop betting parlays.

Chalkboard Fantasy Nebraska Picks Contests

Chalkboard Fantasy’s Picks games require you to pick between 2-8 player props. You must correctly guess whether a chosen athlete will go over or under a given stat line.

Each player prop comes with custom payout odds. The variable payouts on each prop make the Picks games resemble player prop betting parlays at a sportsbook.

The final payout odds on your entry depend on the odds of each pick you’ve made. Let’s take a look at an example from the NBA.

Suppose you open the Chalkboard Fantasy app, and decide you want to make a play on these four props:

  • Nikola Jokic over 24.5 points (1.84x payout)
  • Jamal Murray over 18.5 points (1.75x payout)
  • Luka Doncic over 7.5 rebounds (1.76x payout)
  • Domantas Sabonis under 10.5 assists (1.62x payout)

 One you’ve made these picks, you can play this ticket one of two ways:

  • Max Cash – You must hit all picks on a Max Cash ticket to win. For the four props selected above, the odds add up to a 9.18x payout. Keep in mind, however, that if even one of the four picks loses, the entire ticket loses.
  • Shield Play – A Shield Play ticket allows you to still cash even if lose one leg of the parlay. The ticket doesn’t pay as much as a Max Cash ticket if you hit all picks, but you still win some money if you miss on one of the individual picks. or the four-leg parlay outlined above, you would win 4.59x if all four picks hit, and 1.6x if you got three of four correct.

Chalkboard Fantasy offers Picks games in the NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, FIFA, college basketball, and college football.

Why Chalkboard Fantasy NE

With all major U.S. sports leagues covered, and a slew of player prop lines available on any given gameday, Chalkboard presents a great all-around DFS platform for Nebraska players looking for sports-betting style action.

Boom Fantasy

Boom Fantasy is another one of the best, most popular DFS operators in the country. It launched in 2015 and has already received millions of dollars in funding from various companies and individuals. Boom Fantasy has many unique features and offers three different types of Pick ‘Em style games to its members. The three Pick ‘Em style games can be seen below. 

  • Longshots: Pick whether an athlete (or multiple athletes) will outperform or underperform based on a specific stat projection. 
  • Toss-Ups: Create a lineup by choosing between two options for various athletes (either over/under or a matchup pick). 
  • Favorites: Only one athlete pick is available. Create a lineup in this format. 

Within each of the Pick ‘Em categories above, players have the choice to make either “Matchup,” or “Over/Under” picks. Matchup picks involve choosing which of two athletes will perform better within a specific stat projection (Example: Total Passing Yards). Over/Under picks allow players to choose whether various athletes will earn more or less than their projected stat totals. Both of these types of picks look and feel like prop wagers. 

The more players added to your lineup, the larger the payout multiplayer will be. The payout structure for these games is: 3x to 6x to 10x to 20x. The great variety of games, excellent design, and secure banking options make Boom Fantasy one of the top alternatives to sports betting in Nebraska right now. 

Player Props At Boom Fantasy Nebraska

Boom Fantasy offers one of the largest varieties of player prop options by any DSF operator in the world. As we pointed out, these player props can be set in either an “Over/Under” or a “Matchup” format. A total of five picks can be included in any one of these Pick ‘Em game lineups. Learn more about the different Pick ‘Em-style games below. 

Longshots Pick ‘Em Games

In the Longshots Pick ‘Em games, members of Boom Fantasy attempt to pick whether athletes will do better or worse than their projected statistic totals. These are more difficult picks to make correctly, yet the payout opportunities are larger than the other Pick ‘Em games. An example of a Longshots lineup can be seen below. 

  • DeMar DeRozan: 29.5 Points – Over
  • Tyrese Maxey: 6 Rebounds – Over
  • CJ McCollum: 7 Assists – Over
  • Devin Vassell: 27.5 Points: Over
  • Josh Giddey: 15 Points – Over

Each of the scenarios above is considered fairly unlikely. If each pick is correct, however, players would earn a massive 40x their contest entry fee. 

Toss-Ups Pick ‘Em Games

The Toss-Ups Pick ‘Em Games involve creating a lineup by choosing between two options. This can be choosing whether a certain athlete will earn more or less than their projected stat totals. Players can make Toss-Up picks in both the over/under and matchup format. Check out the example below to see what these games look like. 

  • Chris Olave: 64.5 Receiving Yards – Over/Under
  • Derek Carr: 230.5 Passing Yards – Over/Under

These Toss-Up picks are meant to be almost 50/50 in terms of the likelihood of each option being correct. It’s a fun type of DFS game that looks extremely similar to standard prop parlay betting. 

Favorites Pick ‘Em Games

In the Favorites Pick ‘Em games at Boom Fantasy, only one side of a pick is available to choose from. There is no option to pick whether an athlete will earn above or below. Instead, only one of these over/under picks will be offered. Check out the example below to learn more. 

  • Tyrese Maxey: 21.5 Points: Over
  • Coby White: 3.5 Rebounds: Over

This is a unique game type, as players are not given as many pick options as the other game types. Players create a lineup of up to five picks in this format. As these are considered easier to pick correctly, the payouts for the Favorites games are lower than others. 

Is Sports Betting Legal in Nebraska? Boom Fantasy app screenshot

Boom Fantasy NE Bonus Offer

The welcome bonus at Boom Fantasy is a good one, offering all new members the opportunity to earn a full refund on their first contest entry fee of up to $100. It’s called the “No Sweat First Entry” bonus and allows players to enter their first contest, completely risk-free. 

Why Boom Fantasy Nebraska?

Boom Fantasy is without a doubt one of the best substitutes to mobile sports betting in Nebrasa. It offers three different game types, each of which can offer huge payouts to the winners. Those who enjoy prop-style bets on their favorite sports will love how the games at Boom Fantasy are set up. 

  • Learn more about Boom Fantasy with our review.

Mojo Fantasy

Despite launching in just 2021, Mojo Fantasy has already managed to develop a large user base throughout the United States. It currently operates in 19 states (plus Washington D.C.) and is expected to enter new markets in the next few years. 

Mojo Fantasy has taken a unique approach to its daily fantasy sports games. Members aim to grow their portfolio when playing, similar to the way stock trading works. This platform offers the thrill of sports betting in a DFS platform, offering major cash prizes while using real props and odds from a legitimate sports betting software platform.

There are two primary games being offered here. That includes the In the Green, and Double Up games. Both of these games incorporate the stock-trading element we mentioned. Discover more about the different games offered here below. 

Player Props At Mojo Fantasy Nebraska

Mojo Fantasy is unlike almost any other DFS operator currently operating. It describes itself as “The Sports Stock Market,” seamlessly blending DFS, stock trading, and player props into one platform. There are two primary types of games to choose from here, both of which can be played on the two most popular sports leagues in the US – the NFL and NBA. Learn about those games below. 

In the Green Games

The In the Green games pit players against one another. Players enter into a contest with a certain entry fee, which is then used to create a lineup of player props set in an over/under format. As your picks are won and lost, your portfolio’s worth will fluctuate. The main goal is to earn a positive return on your entry fee. Every player that manages to get “in the green,” with their portfolio will earn a share of the contest’s total prize pool. 

Double Up Games

The Double Up games at Mojo Fantasy are similar to the In the Green games. Players enter into a contest with other players and create a lineup of player props. The only goal here is to finish with your portfolio’s worth in the top 50% of the contest pool. Increasing the value of your portfolio’s worth is not even a necessity here. By ending in the top 50% of the contest pool, Mojo Fantasy will automatically pay you double your contest entry fee.

Is sports betting legal in Nebraska? Mojo Fantasy app screenshots

Mojo Fantasy NE Bonus Offer

All first-time members of Mojo Fantasy are eligible to receive a 100% first deposit bonus of up to $100. To claim this offer, new players can click the “Claim Offer” tab on this guide page and enter the promo code PROPS, when directed. Use the bonus funds earned from this bonus to enter any contest being held!

Why Mojo Fantasy?

Mojo Fantasy is unlike almost any other DFS platform. The games here are completely unique and utilize real sportsbook props and odds to give the feeling of making real prop parlays. The unique games and modern, sophisticated design make this a great option for any Nebraska sports fan looking for an alternative to online sports betting. 

Be sure to check out our Mojo Fantasy review.

Nebraska Sweepstakes Sports Picks Apps

Daily fantasy sports does not represent the only substitute for online sports betting sites in Nebraska. There is an excellent sweepstakes sports picks app available here too that can offer some excellent prizes. Discover what this special wagering platform has to offer below. 


Fliff has made a name for itself as one of the best sweepstakes sports picks platforms in the country. It is currently operating in 41 states and has grown very popular in areas of the country where sports betting is not yet legal. On top of offering sports wagering-like options that offer real cash prizes, it provides a free, social sports wagering platform that looks nearly identical to the country’s biggest online sportsbooks. 

There are two types of “currencies” used by Fliff. One is called “Fliff Coins,” and is used for the non-cash, social media-like element of Fliff. The other is called “Fliff Cash.” This represents real money and can be converted into cash. One US Dollar represents one Fliff Dollar. 

Those looking for legitimate mobile sports betting options in Nebraska are out of luck, for now. Fliff is perhaps the next closest thing. It utilizes real odds and provides nearly all of the same types of betting markets as sportsbooks, including moneyline, totals, point spread, and prop wagers. Members will find these online sports bets available for all major sports including football, basketball, basketball, college sports, and more. 

Fliff has been able to offer real cash prizes for sports betting due to what are known as sweepstakes regulations. This allows Fliff to provide what is essentially real sports betting options across nearly the entire country. Anyone interested in online Nebraska sports betting options should check Fliff out and see what it has to offer.

Fliff Bonus Offer

Fliff is providing its new members with the opportunity to earn a 100% first deposit bonus of up to $100. Of course, this bonus is attached to the aforementioned “Fliff Cash.” If a new player deposits $50 and earns $50 in Fliff Cash, Fliff will match that deposit with an additional $50 in Fliff Cash. 

Why Fliff?

Fliff offers arguably the closest thing to legal online sports betting in Nebraska currently available. It looks and acts much like a traditional online sportsbook, offering all of the same wagering options that sites like DraftKings and FanDuel provide. By taking advantage of Sweepstakes regulations, Fliff is able to provide an experience nearly identical to sports betting to millions of Americans around the country. 

Nebraska Sports Betting Legalization Outlook

Nebraska is filled with passionate sports fans. Many here were thrilled when lawmakers in the state decided to legalize sports betting in 2021. Unfortunately, online sports betting remains prohibited and many are simply unwilling to make the trip to a racino in order to wager on their favorite teams and players. 

It remains to be seen when exactly Nebraska will choose to legalize sports betting. There are clear indications that many residents here support the legalization of online sportsbooks. Lawmakers seem to recognize this fact and also understand the huge amount of tax revenue that Nebraska is missing out on by prohibiting legal online sportsbooks from operating. 

For now, those in Nebraska can play through great online betting alternatives like the ones listed on this guide page. The experts at have individually reviewed each of these platforms to ensure they are safe and offer a fun sports wagering-like experience. Check them out and learn why so many sports fans use these platforms every day. 

Nebraska Sports Betting FAQ

Is online gambling illegal in Nebraska?

Online sports betting has not yet been made legal in Nebraska. Lawmakers passed a Nebraska sports betting bill in 2021, yet only in person sports betting is currently allowed. Daily fantasy sports is legal in Nebraska, however, as it is considered to be a game of skill, rather than chance. 

Is DraftKings Sportsbook legal in Nebraska?

DraftKings Sportsbook is not currently legal in the state of Nebraska. Online sports betting has not yet been made legal in Nebraska, meaning platforms such as DraftKings Sportsbook cannot offer its services inside the state. 

Is FanDuel Sportsbook legal in Nebraska?

FanDuel Sportsbook is not currently legal in Nebraska. That will likely change once lawmakers in the state approve a new measure to make online sports betting legal.

When will sports betting be legalized in Nebraska?

It is not yet clear when Nebraska sports betting law will allow for online sports gambling to become legal. Despite the push from various lawmakers and much of the public, no online sports betting measure has gained major approval in Nebraska. Many remain hopeful that the first online sportsbooks will launch here within the next few years. 

What sports betting apps are legal in Nebraska?

Nebraska has not yet legalized online sports betting, meaning there are currently no legal online sports betting apps operating in this state. Daily fantasy sports apps represent the best alternative to online sports betting and many of the top DFS operators in the country are legally operating in Nebraska. 

Top Nebraska Sports Betting Apps & Daily Fantasy Sites

Top Sportsbooks & DFS Sign-Up Offers In Other States