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The NFL is the most popular league among daily fantasy sports players. NFL DFS routinely serves as the foundation for the industry’s biggest tournaments and events. You can enjoy other types of contests too, like player props, pick’em, and Best Ball. These games combine elements of sports betting and daily fantasy sports for an entertaining experience.

DFS player props are especially similar to sports gambling, and they’re perfect substitutes if you don’t have legal online sportsbooks in your state. Assuming you’re interested in these and other daily fantasy football contests, you may want to know about the best NFL DFS apps for player props, pick’em, and more.

We’ll cover the top NFL DFS apps and what they offer regarding bonuses and contests below. We will also discuss more on how pick’em, props, and traditional daily fantasy football contests work.

Our Top Picks For NFL DFS

What Games Can I Find On NFL DFS Sites?

The types of available fantasy football contests vary based on the site. For example, Boom Fantasy offers different contests versus DraftKings. But generally speaking, the NFL DFS industry primarily features pick’em, player props, tournaments, and cash games. Our picks for the best NFL DFS apps have a mixture of traditional props and pick’em contests. The following sections explain more about each type of game.

NFL Pick’em And Fantasy Player Props Contests

Daily fantasy football used to center entirely on building NFL DFS lineups from a field of players. However, the industry has evolved to include pick’em contests that feel like prop betting. Rather than requiring you to build daily fantasy football lineups, pick’em involves choosing a player to go over or under a specific statistic. For example, you could pick Houston Texans quarterback C.J. Stroud to pass for over 275.5 yards on Thursday Night Football.

Alternative pick’em contests exist throughout daily fantasy football too. For example, Pick’em Rivals matchups at Underdog Fantasy see you choose one player to outperform another in a given statistic.

Pick’em is much like the over/under style prop bets at online sportsbooks. It makes for a perfect alternative if you don’t have legal betting sites in your state. Of course, you may enjoy pick’em games for something slightly different from regulated mobile sportsbooks.

Traditional NFL DFS Contests

Traditional daily fantasy football contests include tournaments and cash games. A tournament sees you compete against fellow DFS players for prize pool money. The biggest NFL DFS tournaments can offer multimillion-dollar prize pools, such as Underdog Fantasy’s $10 Million Best Ball Mania. Cash games provide a 50/50 chance of winning prize money, and they include head-to-head, 50/50, and double-up contests.

Tournaments and cash games see you build NFL DFS lineups while staying under a salary cap. For example, DraftKings commonly requires you to stay under $50,000 when crafting daily fantasy football lineups. You can use in-depth strategy for traditional contests, like checking out DFS player ownership projections, reading articles on lineup advice, and subscribing to premium content from experts.

Best NFL DFS Sites

We have reviewed many NFL DFS sites to find the best of the best. The following sites are our top picks due to their game variety, welcome bonuses, reputations, and more.

Top Sign-Up Bonuses At NFL DFS Sites

Underdog Fantasy

Underdog Fantasy NFL Pick’em Games

Launched in 2020, Underdog Fantasy immediately gained attention for its high-profile investors like Mark Cuban, Kevin Durant, Jared Goff, and BlackRock. It has further cemented its popularity as a notable daily fantasy football site thanks to huge events like the aforementioned $10 million Best Ball Mania. As covered below, Best Ball is the signature contest type at Underdog. You can also enjoy Battle Royale and Pick’em here.

Best Ball

If you’re like most NFL DFS players, you got your start playing season-long leagues with friends. Best Ball is similar because it involves drafting a team for the entire season, or at the beginning of the NFL Playoffs. However, the key difference is that you cannot make trades or waiver wire acquisitions at any point. Best Ball sees you draft 10 players in a snake-like format, with only your top five scorers counting at the end of the season. Different Best Ball leagues with unique entry fees (e.g. $10) and prize pools (e.g. $500,000) are available, thus giving you plenty of options.

Battle Royale

These contests last one day and end when that day’s slate of games are finished. Battle Royale has entry fees ranging from $3 to $300 and teams varying from 3-12 players. You’ll win prize money if your lineup scores enough points by the end of the day.


Pick’em contests are similar to sports prop bets because they involve individual NFL players and stats. You can play two types of pick’em games at Underdog Fantasy, including Rivals and Higher/Lower.

Rivals sees you choose a player to outperform another for a specific stat. For example, you might pick Travis Etienne Jr. to rush for more yards than Aaron Jones. Higher/Lower requires deciding if a player will go over or under a total—exactly like player props in sports betting. For example, you could choose New Orleans Saints QB Derek Carr to go higher than 1.5 touchdowns.

Underdog Fantasy Pick’em Payout Table
Number of PicksStandard UpsideInsured UpsideInsured if One Wrong

NFL DFS - Underdog Fantasy app screenshot NFL DFS - Underdog Fantasy app screenshot NFL DFS - Underdog Fantasy app screenshot

Underdog Fantasy Bonus Offer

The Underdog Fantasy bonus provides a 50% match on your first deposit up to $250. You must deposit a minimum of $10 and use the code PROPS to qualify for this offer. The bonus will hit your account within 72 hours of depositing. You must meet 1x wagering requirements (deposit + bonus) within 60 days before withdrawing bonus funds.

Why Underdog Fantasy

Underdog features a nice mixture of contests, including the unique Best Ball leagues. It also boasts some of the biggest NFL DFS events, highlighted by the annual $10 million Best Ball Mania. Underdog Fantasy has a lofty reputation within the industry thanks to notable investors and licensing in many states. Speaking of the latter, Underdog operates legally within 41 states (including California, Florida, and Texas) and Canada (minus Ontario).

Sleeper Fantasy

Sleeper Fantasy NFL DFS Games

Sleeper caters to everybody, from the skilled NFL DFS player who does diligent research and subscribes to premium content to the recreational player who seeks big payouts. Regarding the latter, Sleeper Picks let you chase payouts worth up to 100x your entry. As for the skilled players, this site offers different types of season-long leagues. We’ll explain more on Sleeper Picks and the season leagues below.

Sleeper Picks

This DFS contest is a cross between player props and parlays. You choose an over/under for 2-8 players, and you need every selection to hit for a win. Potential payouts increase as you add more players and top out at 100x for an 8-player ticket.

Daily Draft

Sleeper holds Daily Drafts every five minutes for 24 hours a day, and entry fees are only $1. You play these games by drafting 8-player NFL DFS lineups against seven opponents. Sleeper will auto-draft for any missing opponent if there are less than eight entrants. First, second, and third place win payouts worth $4, $2, and $1, respectively.

Bonus Contests

Following a Daily Draft, you have 10 minutes to enter a bonus contest, where entries and payouts are higher. Entry fees range from $5 to $1,000, while first-place prizes range from $9 to $1,800.

Season-Long Leagues

The leagues offer NFL DFS leagues with customizable options, including PPR, more flex positions, bigger benches, no defense, and more. You can invite friends to any season-long league you join or just compete against random opponents.

NFL DFS - Sleeper Fantasy screenshot
NFL and NBA DFS games at Sleeper Fantasy

Sleeper Bonus Offer

You can get a Sleeper Fantasy bonus worth 100% up to $500. This offer requires a $10 minimum deposit and code PROPS to qualify. You must meet 1x wagering requirements (bonus + deposit) before cashing out.

Why Sleeper

Sleeper covers all the bases with daily, season, and Sleeper Picks contests. You get a nice mix of traditional and player props here. Sleeper Picks are especially interesting because you can win up to 100x your entry—much like a winning parlay with several teams.

Check out our full review of Sleeper Fantasy.

Boom Fantasy

Boom Fantasy NFL Pick’em Games

At first glance, Boom Fantasy appears to offer the same contest types as certain other NFL DFS sites. However, it puts a unique twist on games by providing Matchups and Over/Under categories for each. Matchups will pit two players against each other within a specific statistic, while Over/Under involves making picks on players going over or under the stat line.


A Toss-Ups Matchups game involves which player will win a certain stat matchup, and one side has a spread to even the odds. For example, you might see Dak Prescott vs. Jalen Hurts (+29.5) for most passing yards. A Toss-Ups Over/Under contest features standard pick’em play, where you decide if players will go over or under the relevant stat.


These contests only present one side of a totals line. For example, you could choose Puka Nacua over 80.5 receiving yards. Boom Fantasy usually gives you the better side of the line. Therefore, Favorites are easier to win and pay less than Toss-Ups and Long Shots on average.

Long Shots

If you think that a player will really dominate a particular stat, then you might want to consider Long Shots. These contests require you to select three players that will far exceed their normal performances.

In essence, these are like player prop parlays with lower odds of winning. The benefit to Long Shots is that you can win 10x (two correct picks) or 40x (three correct picks) your entry fee.

NFL DFS - Boom Fantasy app screenshots

Boom Fantasy Bonus Offer

The Boom Fantasy bonus is a No Sweat First Entry worth up to $100. You must place a $10 minimum deposit and use code “PROPS” to qualify for this match bonus. The No Sweat First Entry offers a free chance to win money. If you lose this first entry, you’ll receive a matching refund up to $100.

Why Boom Fantasy

Boom Fantasy separates itself from the pack by including Matchups and Over/Under tabs for all its games. The Matchups section is especially interesting because it combines props and spread betting elements. Long Shots are also intriguing because these contests provide payouts worth up to 40x your entry.


ParlayPlay NFL DFS Games

Most NFL DFS games covered up until now are similar to prop betting. Available in 27 states, ParlayPlay also includes props elements, but it lives up to its name by incorporating a parlay style too.

You can put 2-4 players on each ticket, and your potential payout depends upon the number of correct picks. ParlayPlay features two types of contests, including More/Less and Hit It. As you’ll see below, Hit It is quite unique compared to anything else on this page.


This player prop-style contest requires choosing if a player will get more or less of a stat. For instance, you may pick Josh Jacobs to gain more than 85.5 rushing yards. You can make DFS projections on 2-4 players, with more picks offering larger payouts. Just like a parlay, you must get every leg right to win. Here’s how much you stand to win based on the number of selections:

  • 2 correct picks – 3x payout
  • 3 picks – 5x payout
  • 4 picks – 10x payout

Hit It

Hit It sees you pick stat ranges for two players. For example, you might choose from the following passing yard ranges for Commanders QB Sam Howell:

  • 0-225 passing yards
  • 226-250
  • 251-275
  • 276-300
  • 300+

You must guess the right range to get a correct selection. Hit It does provide leeway, though, because you can still win money with just one right guess. Available payouts for Hit It include:

  • 2 correct picks – 6x payout
  • 1 correct pick – 2x payout

NFL DFS: ParlayPlay app screenshot

ParlayPlay Bonus Offer

You can take advantage of a ParlayPlay no deposit bonus and deposit welcome bonus. The no deposit offer is a $5 risk-free entry, which is yours when you sign up using the PROPS promo code. The other ParlayPlay bonus is worth 100% up to $100 on your first deposit ($10 min). You must meet 1x wagering requirements on the deposit and bonus before cashing out the winnings.

How Do I Get The ParlayPlay Welcome Bonus?

The following steps will ensure that you qualify for the ParlayPlay no deposit bonus and welcome deposit offer:

  1. Select the “CLAIM OFFER” link below.
  2. Choose “Create Account” or “Join Now” on ParlayPlay’s homepage.
  3. Fill out the short registration form and enter the PROPS bonus code.
  4. Receive the ParlayPlay verification code via text, then enter this code to complete registration.
  5. Claim your $5 risk-free entry and start playing.

Why ParlayPlay

ParlayPlay perfectly blends props and parlays for a unique NFL DFS experience. You can play games involving 2-4 DFS projections, with more picks equaling larger potential wins. A 4-for-4 ticket in a More/Less game will deliver a 10x payout. In summary, this is a great site for chasing larger wins and enjoying parlay-style play.

  • Take a look at our ParlayPlay review here.

Mojo Fantasy

Mojo Fantasy NFL Pick’em Games

If you have an interest in trading stocks and cryptocurrencies, then you should consider Mojo Fantasy. This NFL DFS operator mixes daily fantasy football, sports betting, and trading stocks/crypto. It also offers a live betting element because you can trade player shares in real time—something not available at other DFS sites.

For example, you might own shares of Josh Allen worth $0.35 apiece at the beginning of a game. If Allen is doing well, his shares could later increase to $0.75 and present an attractive selling proposition. You can learn more about Mojo Fantasy through the following game types.


You win double the entry when your portfolio is in the top half of the player field. Your trades during the contest will determine the value of your holdings and, thus, how you finish.

In the Green

This contest pays so long as your portfolio is above the break even level (a.k.a. in the green). The amount of the prize pool you receive varies based upon how well your portfolio ranks compared to other winning competitors.

Moon Shots

Moon Shots is a free-to-play contest that awards $10,000 to the top three NFL DFS players ($30k total). The goal is to earn Mojo Bucks by correctly picking the First TD scorers of different games. You win $10k if you’re among the first three competitors to turn your starting 1,000 Mojo Bucks into 10,000 Bucks.

NFL DFS: Mojo Fantasy app screenshot

Mojo Fantasy Bonus Offer

You get a 100% match on your first deposit up to $100 with the Mojo Fantasy bonus. This offer requires you to use code PROPS and deposit at least $10. You need to satisfy 1x wagering requirements before cashing out funds from this deal.

How Do I Get The Mojo Fantasy Welcome Bonus?

You can download the Mojo Fantasy app and pick up its bonus through the following steps:

  1. Select a “CLAIM OFFER” link on this page.
  2. Download the Mojo Fantasy app (links available on Mojo’s homepage).
  3. Enter your email, address, phone number, and name.
  4. Input your date of birth and last four digits of your SSN.
  5. Enter the “PROPS” Mojo Fantasy promo code during this registration process.
  6. Deposit $10 or more to claim the bonus.

Why Mojo Fantasy

While Mojo Fantasy is only present in 19 states, it’s definitely worthwhile when available in your jurisdiction. Mojo shines due to its unique approach of combining daily fantasy football and stock market elements. The result is highly interesting contests like In the Green and Moon Shot. Mojo Fantasy is also a reputable company backed by notable investors like Alex Rodriguez, Chris Rock, Gary Vaynerchuk, and the NFL Players Association.


OwnersBox NFL DFS Games

Available in 36 states, OwnersBox Fantasy is yet another NFL DFS site that puts its own spin on games. It features SuperFlex and Lightning Lineups, which each have unique sets of rules. You can learn more about the Lightning and SuperFlex contests below.


A SuperFlex contest gives you flexibility with NFL DFS lineups. You can start two quarterbacks, two tight ends, an extra running back, or an additional receiver. This element makes SuperFlex similar to recreational daily fantasy leagues with custom roster rules.

Lightning Lineups

With Lightning Lineups, you draft three players shortly before the day’s slate of games begin. These three players will account for all your scoring in the contest. OwnersBox only gives you a few hours before the first kick-off to put your lineup together—hence the “lightning” aspect. Lightning Lineups are a bit like live sports betting, where you have limited time to place bets.

NFL DFS: OwnersBox app screenshot

OwnersBox Bonus Offer

You can score a 100% match bonus up to $500 at this daily fantasy site. As you may have noticed, the OwnersBox welcome offer is the largest on this list. You will also receive a OwnersBox no deposit bonus worth a free $5 Lightning Lineups entry.

Why OwnersBox

OwnersBox is the best NFL DFS site if you’re looking for the most bonus cash. It offers the biggest NFL DFS bonus on this list at up to $500. The Lightning Lineups and SuperFlex contests provide further reasons to consider OwnersBox due to their uniqueness.

Top DFS Apps In Other Sports


What does DFS stand for in NFL?

DFS stands for daily fantasy sports regarding the NFL. Daily fantasy football provides an opportunity to enjoy tournaments, cash games, player props, and pick’em contests. The player props and pick’em contests are similar to sports betting. They’re perfect for NFL players who don’t have legal sportsbooks in their state or simply want to enjoy props in a unique format.

What is the best NFL DFS site?

Underdog Fantasy tops our rankings of the best NFL DFS sites. It stands above other industry heavyweights like Boom Fantasy, ThriveFantasy, DraftKings, and Yahoo for multiple reasons. Underdog has excellent game variety, a solid bonus, big events, and availability across 41 states and Canada. The game variety is particularly notable because you can enjoy unique contests like Best Ball, Battle Royale, and pick’em here.

What are DFS games?

DFS contests revolve around player performances and stats in the NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, college football, or other leagues/sports. You can win money by choosing the best players on any particular day. Your skill in making informed decisions could even lead to long-term winnings. That said, you might consider doing research and watching videos on DFS strategy to win more often.

What are NFL pick’em games?

Available at daily fantasy football sites, NFL pick’em contests focus on individual player stat performances. For example, you might choose Ja’Marr Chase to go over 85.5 receiving yards on Monday Night Football. Besides these over/under style games, pick’em can involve matchups between two players. For instance, you may select Raheem Mostert to rush for more yards than D’Andre Swift.

What site has the best NFL pick’em and fantasy prop contests?

Underdog Fantasy is the best NFL DFS site for pick’em and fantasy player props. It offers a nice mixture of games, including Battle Royale, Best Ball, and pick’em. The latter are especially interesting because Underdog’s pick’em Higher/Lower and Rivals feel similar to prop betting at online sportsbooks. Thanks to its contests, Underdog Fantasy is a great site for enjoying Thursday Night Football (TNF), Monday Night Football (MNF), and any other game during an NFL week.

What are NFL player props?

NFL player props can refer to either specific sports bets or daily fantasy football games. In either case, a player prop involves making decisions based on individual performances and stats. A common DFS player prop game sees you choose the over or under on a given statistic. For example, you might select the over on Travis Etienne Jr. over/under 90.5 rushing yards.

Top Sign-Up Bonuses At NFL DFS Sites