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Best Legal Sports Betting Alternatives In California (Updated May 21, 2024)

Welcome to the guide to California betting apps. If you’re here, you’re probably asking the question  – can you bet on sports in California?

California stands to be one of the most lucrative online sports betting markets in the U.S. After all, its economy ($3.6 trillion) would rank fifth in the world if it were a country. But there’s just one problem: California has yet to legalize sports betting.

Therefore, California bettors can’t access popular online sports betting sites like DraftKings and FanDuel in the Golden State.

All hope isn’t lost, though, because you can still legally enjoy California sports betting alternatives. These legal alternatives (like Underdog Fantasy and Sleeper Fantasy) are the closest you’ll get to sports betting in California right now. They also offer cash prizes and unique sports contests based on props, totals, parlays, and more.

While we wait for California to make mobile sports betting legal, check out this list of the best California sports betting apps and daily fantasy sites available in California right now.

Our Recommended California Fantasy Player Props Sites

Top California Sports Betting App

What Sports Betting Apps Are Legal In California?

Online sports betting hasn’t yet been legalized in California. The following sweepstakes gaming and daily fantasy sports apps, however, offer the best legal alternatives for those looking for sports gaming action in the Golden State:

App NameTypeProp Betting/Pick'em Games?Sign-Up Bonus*Promo Code
Underdog Fantasy Daily Fantasy SportsYes50% Deposit Match up to $250PROPS
Sleeper Fantasy Daily Fantasy SportsYes100% Deposit Match up to $100PROPS
Chalkboard Fantasy Daily Fantasy SportsYes100% Deposit Match up to $100PROPS
Fliff Sweepstakes GamingYes100% Match up to $100PROPS
DraftKings Pick6 Daily Fantasy SportsYes100% Deposit Match up to $100No promo code required
Boom Fantasy Daily Fantasy SportsYesRisk-Free Entry up to $100PROPS
ParlayPlay Daily Fantasy SportsYes100% Deposit Match up to $100PROPS
Dabble Daily Fantasy SportsYes$10 No-Deposit BonusPROPS
OwnersBox Daily Fantasy SportsYes100% Deposit Match up to $500PROPS
BettDraft Daily Fantasy SportsYes100% Deposit Match up to $100PROPS
Mojo Fantasy Daily Fantasy SportsYes100% Deposit Match up to $100PROPS

*Promos updated May 21, 2024

Top CA Fantasy Player Props Sites

Top CA Betting Apps

Top Legal Fantasy Props Sites In California

Top Legal California Sportsbook

Best California Sports Betting And Daily Fantasy Promos

Underdog Fantasy

Backed by notable investors like Mark Cuban and Kevin Durant, Underdog Fantasy has gained much notoriety in the US market. It provides a mixture of daily fantasy sports (DFS) and player props.

The Pick’em contests resemble prop betting parlays, but with slightly different rules that allow Underdog to present these games as legal daily fantasy contests.

You can see available Underdog Fantasy California games below:

  • Pick’em Rivals – You pick an athlete to outperform another in a specific stat.
  • Pick’em Over/Under – You choose if a player will go over or under a certain stat.
  • Battle Royale – Entry fees ranging from $3-$300 with a daily draft (3-12 players). Any given contest will end when that day’s games conclude.
  • Best Ball – Season-long fantasy sports with a $25 entry and no free agents, trades, or waiver wire. In other words, your team is set for the season after the draft.

Underdog Fantasy Bonus Offer

The Underdog Fantasy bonus (code PROPS) matches your first deposit by 50%, up to a max of $250. You need to meet 1x rollover (bonus + deposit) before withdrawing winnings from the offer—not the actual bonus. If you deposit $50, for instance, you’d wager $250 before cashing out winnings.

How Do I Get The Underdog Fantasy California Welcome Bonus?

You can grab the Underdog Fantasy California bonus as follows:

  1. Choose our “CLAIM OFFER” link to visit Underdog.
  2. Sign up and enter the PROPS promo code.
  3. Make a deposit worth at least $10.
  4. Meet 1x rollover (b+d) to cash out bonus winnings.

Why Underdog Fantasy

Available in 41 states, Underdog Fantasy provides a new spin on traditional and daily fantasy sports. Its Best Ball games let you enjoy season-long fantasy leagues without constantly monitoring your team(s). The Battle Royale (daily drafts) and Pick’em player props add more variety to the game selection.

Note – the bonus included in the link below occasionally changes from the standard Underdog Fantasy promo:


Sleeper Fantasy offers one of the best overall daily fantasy sports apps available in California.

You can use Sleeper for standard fantasy football and basketball leagues, or play traditional daily draft contests. The most popular games among sports betting enthusiasts are the Sleeper Picks games (aka player props games), which offer the biggest potential payouts available at any U.S. fantasy props site.

Player Props At Sleeper Fantasy California

Click the “Picks” tab at the bottom of the Sleeper app screen to bring up the menu of fantasy player props available on a given day. The Picks menu at Sleeper cover every major U.S. sport,

These contests stand out from other DFS player prop games by including unique multipliers for each pick. This feature represents the closest thing to variable sports betting odds that you’ll find outside of a full-service online sportsbook.

You can submit 2-8 picks, and the total payout can go up to 100x your entry fee. The final payout multiplier depends on the number of picks and the individual multipliers for each pick.

Let’s take a look at an example Picks ticket from a recent day of NBA action:

  • Joel Embiid 11.5 rebounds – More (1.82x multiplier) or Less (1.73x multiplier)
  • LeBron James 34.5 points + assists – More (1.72x) or Less (1.83x multiplier)
  • Victor Wembanyama 11.5 rebounds – More (1.63x) or Less (1.94x multiplier)
  • Domantis Sabonis 0.5 double-double – More (1.30x) or Less (2.62x multiplier)

Let’s say you chose the “Less” option on all four of these lines, and created a four-way ticket. The four individual multipliers combined offer a 16.09x payout.

Sleeper Fantasy Sign-Up Bonus

Sleeper Fantasy welcomes new California players with a 100% deposit match up to $100.

How Do I Get The Sleeper Fantasy CA Welcome Bonus?

You can unlock the Sleeper Fantasy California bonus offer by following these steps:

  1. Click the “CLAIM OFFER” link below
  2. Sign up for a Sleeper account
  3. Enter the PROPS promo code when prompted
  4. Make a deposit
  5. Sleeper will match that deposit up to a max of $500

Why Sleeper Fantasy

Sleeper Fantasy presents an exciting game format with the “Picks” contests, with unique odds for each pick and the chance to win a 100x payout.

Even if/when California chooses to make online sports betting legal, you’ll likely still include Sleeper as a go-to sports gaming app.

Chalkboard Fantasy

Chalkboard Fantasy brings another top-flight fantasy sports app to the California market.

If you’re a fan of the Pick’em games at Underdog Fantasy or Sleeper, you’ll find lots to like about Chalkboard Fantasy. The fantasy props games at Chalkboard, called “Picks” contests, closely resemble player prop betting parlays.

Chalkboard Fantasy California Picks Contests

Chalkboard Fantasy’s Picks games require you to pick between 2-8 player props. You must correctly guess whether a chosen athlete will go over or under a given stat line.

Much like Sleeper Fantasy, each player prop comes with custom payout odds. The variable odds on each prop make the Picks games very closely resemble player prop betting parlays at a sportsbook.

The final payout odds on your ticket depend on the odds of each pick you’ve made. Let’s take a look at an example from the NBA.

Suppose you open the Chalkboard Fantasy app, and decide you want to make a play on these four props:

  • LeBron James over 24.5 points (1.84x payout)
  • Austin Reaves over 18.5 points (1.75x payout)
  • Draymond Green over 7.5 rebounds (1.76x payout)
  • Domantas Sabonis under 10.5 assists (1.62x payout)

 One you’ve made these picks, you can play this ticket one of two ways:

  • Max Cash – You must hit all picks on a Max Cash ticket to win. For the four props selected above, the odds add up to a 9.18x payout. Keep in mind, however, that if even one of the four picks loses, the entire ticket loses.
  • Shield Play – A Shield Play ticket allows you to still cash even if lose one leg of the parlay. The ticket doesn’t pay as much as a Max Cash ticket if you hit all picks, but you still win some money if you miss on one of the individual picks. or the four-leg parlay outlined above, you would win 4.59x if all four picks hit, and 1.6x if you got three of four correct.

Chalkboard Fantasy offers Picks games in the NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, FIFA, college basketball, and college football.

Chalkboard Fantasy Sign-Up Bonus

Chalkboard Fantasy offers new California players with a 100% deposit match up to $100.

How Do I Get The Chalkboard Fantasy CA Welcome Bonus?

Here’s how you can unlock the Chalkboard Fantasy California bonus offer:

  1. Click the “CLAIM OFFER” tab below
  2. Register for a new Chalkboard Fantasy account
  3. Enter the PROPS promo code when prompted
  4. Make a deposit
  5. Chalkboard Fantasy will match that deposit up to a max of $100

Why Chalkboard Fantasy CA

With all major U.S. sports leagues covered, and a slew of player prop lines available on any given gameday, Chalkboard presents a great all-around DFS platform for California players looking for sports-betting style action.

DraftKings Pick6

The recently-launched DraftKings Pick6 platform functions as DraftKings’ answer to daily fantasy player prop sites like Underdog Fantasy and PrizePicks.

Like the other California DFS apps listed in this guide, DraftKings Pick6 offers fantasy player props. Instead of playing against the house though, you compete against other players in peer-to-peer prop pick contests.

The format of DraftKings Pick6 ends up somewhere between traditional DFS contests and modern-era fantasy props.

If you’re looking for great prop-betting-style action in California, DraftKings Pick6 presents a great option backed by one of the biggest brands in sports gaming.

Player Props At DraftKings Pick6 

DraftKings Pick6 contests require you to pick over/unders for 2-6 athletes from the same sport. After making your picks, decide how much money you want to play for.

That entry fee is then distributed into available peer-to-peer contests. You compete against other players in those contests, and earn payouts based on how your entry fares against other players.

California Betting Apps - DraftKings Pick6

How Do I Get The DraftKings Pick6 California Sign-Up Bonus?*

Sign up for a new DraftKings DFS account through the “CLAIM OFFER” link below, and you’ll opt-in for a $100% deposit match up to $100 bonus for DraftKings Pick6.

*You can sign up for a DraftKings Daily Fantasy account through this link and claim the standard DFS offer from DraftKings. This link also allows to to sign up for Pick6 and claim the current DraftKings Pick6 bonus.

Boom Fantasy

Prop bets are highly popular in states with legal sports betting. Boom Fantasy has taken note and developed an interesting platform revolving around player props and totals.

It features three types of prop-based games in two categories. Let’s start by looking at the contests:

  • Toss-Up – You choose one of two players in an over/under matchup. For example, you might pick between Justin Herbert and Patrick Mahomes for most passing yards.
  • Favorite – This contest requires deciding if a player will go over or under a given stat. For instance, you may pick Aaron Judge to go over 0.5 home runs.
  • Long Shot – Your decide if a player will exceed or underperform their average performance.

The two aforementioned categories include:

  • Over/Under – You choose if a single player will go over or under a statistic.
  • Matchup – You’ll pick one of two players to perform better in a statistical category.

Boom Fantasy is an interesting California sports betting alternative based on its unique games alone. But it takes things even further with the following variable pay table:

  • Favorite – 1.3 to 3x the entry fee depending upon how many correct picks you make.
  • Toss-up – 3x to 20x based on your number of correct selections.
  • Long Shot – 10x for two correct selections; 40x for three winning picks.

Boom Fantasy Bonus Offer

Boom’s welcome offer (no promo code needed) is a risk-free entry worth up to $100. Assuming your first entry loses, you’ll receive a matching refund in bonus funds. An example would be if you lost a $50 first entry and got a $50 refund. Note that this offer only kicks in when you lose—a win delivers prize money like normal.

How Do I Get The Boom Fantasy California Welcome Bonus?

You can collect the Boom Fantasy bonus through the following steps:

  1. Select the “CLAIM OFFER” option on this page.
  2. Register for an account (no bonus code necessary).
  3. Deposit at least $10 to qualify.
  4. Enter your first contest and see if you win or lose.

Why Boom Fantasy

Most mobile sportsbooks in states with legal online sports betting offer a wide range of markets. Boom does its best to match this variety with multiple games across two categories. If you’re seeking a sports betting alternative with plentiful options, then Boom Fantasy is a winning pick.

Note – the bonus included in the link below occasionally changes from the standard Boom Fantasy promo:


True to its name, ParlayPlay offers parlay-style games like you’d find in the sports betting industry. Each parlay contest requires you to choose 2-4 player props.

If you’re familiar with online sports betting, you know that every selection must be correct for a winning parlay. This scenario is partially true with ParlayPlay, although the situation varies based on the specific game type. Speaking of which, this legal sports betting alternative offers two different games:

  • More/Less – You make over/under selections on player stats, and you must get all picks right to win. More/Less lets you decide how many selections to make ranging from 2-4. Available prizes include 3x the entry (two correct picks), 5x (three), and 10x (four).
  • Hit It – You only make two picks involving stat ranges on players. For example, you might decide if Joel Embiid will score 0-25, 26-30, 31-35, 36-40, or 41+ points.

ParlayPlay Bonus Offer

This California sports betting alternative is unique because it offers a no-deposit bonus. After registering, you’ll receive a ParlayPlay no deposit bonus (code PROPS) consisting of a $5 risk-free entry. You also qualify for a 100% match bonus worth up to $100 upon making your first deposit.

How Do I Get The ParlayPlay California Welcome Bonus?

You should follow the steps below to get the ParlayPlay bonus:

  1. Go to ParlayPlay California through our “CLAIM OFFER” prompt.
  2. Register and enter the promo code PROPS during the process.
  3. Make a deposit (no minimum listed).
  4. Collect your $5 risk-free entry and 100% match bonus.

Why ParlayPlay

ParlayPlay is currently the only operator on this list with a no deposit bonus. You get a $5 risk-free entry after signing up for an account. Available in 27 states, ParlayPlay becomes even more attractive if you enjoy parlay betting. This operator can’t offer true parlays because California hasn’t legalized sports betting yet. However, its games come as close to parlays as you’ll find in the state.

Note – the bonus included in the link below occasionally changes from the standard ParlayPlay promo:


Dabble is not a run-of-the-mill, traditional DFS operator. It represents the new wave of DFS, offering Pick ‘Em style games on a huge variety of popular sports leagues. These games resemble prop betting parlays and can offer massive cash prizes to winners. 

There is only one type of contest offered through the Dabble Fantasy app. These are called Dabble Fantasy Picks.

Dabble Fantasy Picks

To take part in the Dabble Fantasy Picks, players make between 2-8 “picks.” To make these picks, you must choose whether various athletes will earn more or less than their projected point totals. A few examples of the pick offerings provided by Dabble can be seen below. 

  • Christian McCaffrey – 1 Receiving + 1 Rushing Touchdown: Over/Under
  • Brock Purdy – 261 Passing Yards: Over/Under
  • LeBron James – 26.5 Points: Over/Under

Much like standard sports betting parlays, players must make each of their picks correctly in order to receive a payout. If just one of the picks fails, the entire lineup of picks will be lost. Dabble allows for great flexibility when creating picks. There are, however, a few hard rules that should be noted when creating these pick lineups. 

  1. Entries must include players from at least two teams. 
  2. The same player cannot be included in one pick entry twice. 
  3. Entries must be finalized before the game involving any chosen players begins. 

Dabble Fantasy Payout Table

Pick entries can involve players across multiple sports and multiple teams. As more picks are included in a lineup, the payout opportunities increase. A look at the payout structure set at Dabble can be seen below. The multipliers represent the amount of money that is won based on your entry fee. 

  • 2 Picks: 3x
  • 3 Picks: 6x
  • 4 Picks: 10x
  • 5 Picks: 20x
  • 6 Picks: 35x
  • 7 Picks: 60x
  • 8 Picks: 100x

Sports betting is still prohibited in many states around the country including major sporting hubs such as California and Texas. Platforms such as Dabble serve as a fantastic alternative to sports betting in these markets. It is 100% legal and provides an experience that is very similar to online sports wagering. 

How Do I Get The Dabble Fantasy Sign-Up Bonus?

  1. Click the “Claim Offer” tab featured on this guide page. 
  2. Download Dabble via the Apple Store or Google Play Store. 
  3. Click the “Sign Up” tab on the Dabble homepage. 
  4. Provide Dabble with your personal information to verify your identity. 
  5. Enter the promo code PROPS in the “Have a Code” box. 
  6. Complete the registration process by providing additional information. 
  7. Instantly receive $10 in free credits.

Why Dabble Fantasy In California?

Dabble is one of the fastest-growing DFS fantasy props apps in the U.S. The app gets high marks from users in both the App Store and the Google Play store.

If you’re looking for legal sports gaming action in California, Dabble is a great way to go.

PrizePicks California

PrizePicks doesn’t currently offer a sign-up bonus for readers, but check back with this guide often for the latest updates on a PrizePicks CA promo code.

Wondering if the PrizePicks daily fantasy app is legal in California? Check out the Is PrizePicks Legal in California? Guide.

Top Legal California Sports Betting Apps


The Fliff betting app is the nearest product to full-scale mobile sports betting in California. Available in 41 states, Fliff offers sweepstakes sports picks in the form of moneylines, spreads, and totals (a.k.a. over/under). These picks are the same options that you’ll find at online sportsbooks.

They key difference between Fliff and online sports wagering, though, is the sweepstakes aspect. This mobile sports betting app runs a two-coin model including Fliff Coins and Fliff Cash. You purchase Fliff Coins and use them to enter free contests—hence why this isn’t online betting.

Fliff Cash comes with the coin packages as a bonus and provides a chance at winning cash prizes. That said, you still have something at stake beyond fun and entertainment. Fliff Cash converts to cash prizes ($50 minimum) when you meet rollover requirements.

Fliff Bonus Offer

The Fliff bonus (code “PROPS”) is a 100% match on your first deposit/purchase up to $100. If you buy $50 worth of Fliff Coins, for example, you’ll receive a $50 bonus. You have to meet 1x wagering requirements before cashing out bonus funds.

How Do I Get The Fliff California Welcome Bonus?

You can qualify for this welcome offer in 4 simple steps:

  1. Select “CLAIM OFFER” on this page.
  2. Sign up at Fliff and enter the bonus code PROPS.
  3. Buy your first Fliff Coins package (comes w/ Fliff Cash).
  4. Start making sports picks and meet rollover on the bonus.

Why Fliff

Until California makes online sports betting legal, Fliff is the closest thing to a full-scale betting app in California right now. Its picks come in moneyline, totals, spread, and in-play form, which are all among the most popular sports bets. Of course, the difference is that Fliff operates on a sweepstakes model with cash prizes. If you’re okay with this format, then you should enjoy playing at Fliff.

Note – the bonus included in the link below occasionally changes from the standard Fliff promo:

California Sports Betting Legalization Outlook

Again, no sports betting legislation has passed in the Golden State yet. If a bill passes, though, California sports bettors could potentially bet at mobile sports betting apps introduced by BetMGM, BetRivers, Caesars, DraftKings, and FanDuel.

Legal sports betting still appears to be a long way away in the most populated state in the U.S. A pair of sports betting measures failed on the November 2022 ballot, with California voters decisively rejecting both.

You can’t find any legal retail sports betting locations in California at the current moment, nor can you access any legal California betting sites.

Expect at least one sports betting initiative to appear on the ballot in every California election in the foreseeable future.

For now, California bettors can turn to legal fantasy props sites like Underdog Fantasy and PrizePicks for the best sports gaming experience. Fliff, a sweepstakes sports gaming site, offers the closest thing to a full-fledged sportsbook experience.

California Sports Betting – Teams And Recent Events

  • May 15, 2024 – The Los Angeles Dodgers hit the one-quarter mark of the 2024 MLB season with a 29-15 record, good for first place in the NL West. The San Diego Padres (at 22-23) sit in second place in the division, 7.5 games behind.
  • May 9, 2024 – As the NBA and NHL Playoffs advance to the second round in each sport, no California teams remain in either bracket. The Lakers and Clippers bow out in the first round of the NBA Playoffs, while the Los Angeles Kings fall in the opening round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs.
  • April 20, 2024 – With the play-in round complete, the 16 official teams are set for the NBA Playoffs. The Lakers and Clippers are the only two California teams with a chance to bring an NBA Championship to California this season.
  • April 12, 2024 – With just two games remaining in the regular season, the Los Angeles Lakers have clinched a spot in the 2023-24 Play-In round. The Lakers’ 45-35 record creates a three-way tie among the Lakers and two other California NBA teams – the Sacramento Kings and the Golden State Warriors.
  • March 28, 2024 – The Los Angeles Dodgers take the field at Dodger Stadium for the 2024 MLB season opener vs. the St. Louis Cardinals. The Dodgers enter the season with high hopes for a World Series title after the addition of superstar free agent Shohei Ohtani in the offseason.
  • March 7, 2024 – With three-fourths of the 2023-24 NBA season regular season complete, the Los Angeles Clippers were 40-21 and in the hunt for the No. 1 seed in the Western Conference. The Sacramento Kings (35-26) and Los Angeles Lakers (34-30) were also in contention for playoff spots.
  • March 6, 2024 – The Golden State Warriors trounced the Milwaukee Bucks 125-90, improving to 33-28 on the 2023-24 NBA season. The Warriors remained in contention for a playoff berth with the win.
  • February 11, 2024 – The San Francisco 49ers lose to the Kansas City Chiefs 25-22 in overtime in Super Bowl 58. The heartbreaking loss denies the 49ers of a sixth Super Bowl win in franchise history.
  • January 7, 2024 – The 2023-24 NFL regular season ends with the San Francisco 49ers and the Los Angeles Rams representing California in the NFL Playoffs.

How To Bet On Sports In California – Online Sports Betting FAQ

Will California legalize sports betting?

California has seen several sports betting initiatives since 2018—when the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act fell. Over two dozen states have since made sports betting legal, but not the Golden State. Even still, we see California legalizing sports betting at some point in the future.

However, the major parties involved (card rooms, tribal casinos, racetracks) haven’t come to a consensus. If these parties can agree on an online sports betting measure, we’ll likely see betting legal in California.

Is PrizePicks legal in California?

Yes, PrizePicks is legal in California as well as 30 other states. The reason why is because PrizePicks is classified under daily fantasy sports apps rather than as a sportsbook. Unlike traditional DFS sites, though, it revolves around parlay-style games. You can enjoy these contests through either Flex Play (1 miss allowed) or Power Play (no misses allowed) options.  

Check out the Is PrizePicks Legal in California? Guide for more information about the legality of PrizePicks CA.

Can you bet on the Super Bowl in California?

Super Bowl betting isn’t currently legal in the Golden State. However, you can play pick’em, parlay, and player prop games involving the Super Bowl. Fliff, ParlayPlay, and ThriveFantasy are all examples of CA sports betting alternatives.

Are there legal betting apps in California?

No, California sports betting sites and apps aren’t currently legal. A relevant sports gambling bill must pass to legalize online sports betting in California.

This has yet to happen, but some California sports betting alternatives are available. These legal alternatives include Boom Fantasy, Fliff, ParlayPlay, PrizePicks, ThriveFantasy, and Underdog Fantasy. Additionally, you can enjoy other types of gambling like horse racing, card games, and casino games in this state.

Is FanDuel legal in California?

No, you cannot legally bet at FanDuel in California. You’ll be blocked by FanDuel’s geolocation software if you try placing bets within the Golden State. If California does legalize sports betting, though, FanDuel would be one of the first CA online sportsbooks available. You could then wager on in-state favorites like the Los Angeles Lakers, Oakland Athletics, and Los Angeles Chargers here.

Is DraftKings legal in California?

Just like with FanDuel, you can’t legally wager at DraftKings in California right now. You’d need to visit a different state with legal online sports betting (like Arizona) to bet at DraftKings. This online sportsbook would be one of the first to get a CA license if the state approves sports betting. DraftKings would be another option for wagering on local teams like the Los Angeles Angels, Sacramento Kings, and Los Angeles Dodgers.

Is Bovada legal in California?

No. Bovada is an offshore online gambling site, and is illegally operating in the U.S. Bovada is an unregulated sportsbook and casino that doesn’t fall under the jurisdiction of any U.S. gambling regulation agency.

You can count on the safety and security of your money and your personal information by sticking with legal, regulated online sports betting sites. You can’t count on those assurances at Bovada, and playing on any offshore gambling site is a risky proposition.

For a guide to the best legal sports gaming sites in states without regulated sports betting, check out our Sites Like Bovada guide.

Is BetOnline legal in California?

No. While BetOnline might look like a legal online sports betting site, it actually operates illegally in the U.S. BetOnline is not legal or regulated in any U.S. online sports betting market.

Your money and personal information isn’t protected at BetOnline like it is at the sports betting and DFS apps listed in this guide. We don’t recommend that you play at BetOnline.

How do I legally bet on sports in California?

While there are no regulated sports betting apps, California still allows access to several top-rated daily fantasy apps and sweepstakes gaming sites. These sports betting apps offer fantasy props and sweepstakes sports pick games that offer an experience that’s very close to legal sports betting.

Instead of turning to illegal, offshore betting apps, check out apps like Fliff, Underdog Fantasy, Boom Fantasy, ParlayPlay, and ThriveFantasy.

Are there any California sports betting promos?

There aren’t currently any California sportsbook promos available in terms of sign-up bonuses at regulated sports betting sites. Brands like DraftKings, FanDuel, and BetMGM have yet to launch in the state. You can however, unlock several welcome bonuses currently available at California DFS sites and sweepstakes apps.

Those offers are linked throughout this guide, and are the best way to earn deposit bonuses and enjoy sports betting-style action for now, until regulated California sportsbooks launch.

Best Sports Betting Bonuses In The U.S

Not in California? Check out the Props library of guides to sports betting bonuses available in other states:

Top Sportsbook And DFS Sign-Up Bonuses By State

Top Legal Fantasy Props And Sportsbook Sites In California