NFL Player Prop Cheat Sheet – Top NFL Props & Streaks For The Super Bowl

Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes (15) throws during the first half against the Houston Texans at NRG Stadium.
Image Credit: Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Are you looking for the best Super Bowl NFL player props? The Props crew has assembled a helpful NFL props cheat sheet to pinpoint the top overall bets for the Super Bowl on February 12. We will also feature a few picks that caught our eye from the prediction model.

Below are our top NFL prop bets across categories like touchdowns, rushing yards, interceptions, reception yards, and more! You can adjust the table below to sort through the best NFL player props in these stat categories.

NFL Player Props Cheat Sheet: Super Bowl

Below are the best NFL player props according to our projection model. To view the odds on these props, head over to our matchups odds page for NFL prop bets.

J. HurtsPass Yards205.12224.5-8.63%
P. MahomesPass Yards252.49291.5-13.38%
J. HurtsPass Att31.8232.5-2.09%
P. MahomesPass Att34.339.5-13.16%
J. HurtsPass Comp20.2421.5-5.87%
P. MahomesPass Comp22.4125.5-12.11%
J. HurtsInterceptions0.520.54.97%
P. MahomesInterceptions1.331.5-11.25%
J. HurtsPass TD0.550.59.17%
P. MahomesPass TD1.541.52.45%
P. MahomesRush Yards17.6618.5-4.53%
J. HurtsRush Yards42.748.5-11.96%
P. MahomesTotal Yards270.15315.5-14.37%
J. HurtsTotal Yards247.82300.5-17.53%
B. ScottRush Yards8.477.512.94%
K. GainwellRush Yards20.0818.58.52%
M. SandersRush Yards58.3158.5-0.33%
J. McKinnonRush Yards18.4720.5-9.89%
K. GainwellRec Yards12.2411.56.44%
J. McKinnonRec Yards22.3422.5-0.72%
M. SandersRec Yards5.035.5-8.48%
K. GainwellReceptions1.621.58.13%
M. SandersReceptions1.321.5-12.15%
J. McKinnonReceptions3.033.5-13.42%
K. GainwellTotal Yards32.3232.5-0.57%
M. SandersTotal Yards63.3467.5-6.16%
J. McKinnonTotal Yards40.8149.5-17.55%
Q. WatkinsRec Yards13.8913.52.91%
D. SmithRec Yards65.1364.50.97%
A. BrownRec Yards70.2272.5-3.15%
D. SmithReceptions5.765.54.81%
Q. WatkinsReceptions1.571.54.42%
A. BrownReceptions5.085.5-7.68%
Q. WatkinsTotal Yards12.6613.5-6.21%
D. SmithTotal Yards56.3161.5-8.43%
A. BrownTotal Yards64.3672.5-11.23%
D. GoedertRec Yards46.6346.50.27%
T. KelceRec Yards66.8578.5-14.85%
D. GoedertReceptions5.064.512.37%
T. KelceReceptions6.927.5-7.80%

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NFL Prop Bet Trends: Over

P. MahomesPass TDOver 6/L7 (85.7%)O 1.5
B. ScottRush YardsOver 6/L7 (85.7%)O 9.5
Q. WatkinsReceptionsOver 27/L35 (77.1%)O 1.5

NFL Prop Bet Trends: Under

D. SmithReceptionsUnder 23/L32 (71.9%)
U 5.5
K. GainwellRec YardsUnder 13/L18 (72.2%)
U 11.5
J. HurtsPass AttUnder 20/L26 (76.9%)
U 32.5
J. McKinnonRush YardsUnder 4/L5 (80.0%)
U 20.5
A. BrownReceptionsUnder 4/L5 (80.0%)
U 5.5
T. KelceReceptionsUnder 9/L11 (81.8%)
U 7.5

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