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Florida online betting

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Florida Online Betting

Last Updated: December 19, 2022

Florida sports betting is, without question, the most legally convoluted in the US. Sports betting was legalized in 2021 via a compact agreement between Gov. Ron DeSantis and the Seminole Tribe. Although approved by the Department of Interior, the compact was challenged in court and found to violate the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act (IGRA). The fate of Florida sports betting is now in legal limbo.

As a result, no forms of online betting are explicitly legal in Florida. However, DFS operators continue to accept customers from the state.

Legal online sports betting was available in 2021 for a brief period, but a judge’s decision shut that industry down. The state now has two paths, fighting the ruling through the court system or passing legislation that legalizes sports betting.

Online poker and casino gambling are not available in the Sunshine State, and there hasn’t been any indication that either of those issues is on the state’s agenda. The fact that Florida was able to launch online sports betting at one point does give some hope to new options emerging, but several things must get sorted out.


State of Play in Florida

Sports Betting in Florida

Sports betting isn’t currently legal in Florida
The state’s complicated legal gambling situation saw the Hard Rock Sportsbook app go live for a brief period at the end of 2021. Just five weeks after launch, however, federal courts forced the shutdown of the Hard Rock Sportsbook platform.

For now, daily fantasy sports sites like Underdog Fantasy, and the Fliff sweepstakes sports picks app, are the best available legal online gambling options in the Sunshine State.

Sportsbooks in Florida

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  • Can I bet on college sports in Florida? Yes, when sports betting is available. When the Seminole Tribe offered legal online sports betting, it was possible to place a wager on college sporting events. Until legal sports betting is up and running again, there won’t be anywhere to place a college sporting event.
  • Does DraftKings offer fantasy games in Florida? Yes, DraftKings is available to residents of Florida even though this industry technically isn’t legal in the state. Since there is no law banning DFS in Florida, then DraftKings is able to accept players from the state.
  • Are there any mobile betting apps in Florida? No, except for DFS options. The Seminole Tribe and Hard Rock did roll out online sports betting at one point in 2021, but that was quickly shut down. Even if online sports betting returns to Florida, you can expect to see a very limited amount of mobile betting apps.
  • Who can get a license to run an online gambling app in Florida? The Seminole Tribe. This is where things get a bit tricky because the Seminole Tribe is in control of gaming in the state. Unless a new law is put in place by the state legislature, then other companies are not going to be able to enter and offer an online gambling app.
  • Can I bet using BetMGM in Florida? No. BetMGM has made a strong push to enter a number of states in the U.S., but Florida is not on that list. BetMGM offers both online sports betting and online casinos, but neither option is available in the Sunshine State.
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Florida Online Betting

Florida Online Sports Betting Legalization Update

The Florida online betting landscape is a bit complicated. So too, are the gambling laws throughout the state.

Currently, except for DFS, no form of online betting is explicitly legal in Florida. The effort to regulate sports betting, however, goes on.

Legal sports betting made a brief appearance in the Sunshine State in November 2021, but a month later, the Seminole Tribe’s online sports betting site was offline following a ruling by a District Court judge.

The case is weaving its way through the legal system, with a decision at the appellate level expected in 2023. However that decision to legalize sports betting comes down, expect an appeal to the Supreme Court to follow.

Online poker and online casino gambling are not legal in Florida. Outside of some flirtations with online poker legalization several years ago, neither Florida online betting issue has appeared on the legislature’s radar.

That said, the fact that Florida made a successful effort to legalize online sports betting, no matter how briefly, is a positive sign for future online gambling expansion. There could come a day when multiple Florida betting sites are available.

Read on the outlook to legalize FL sports betting sites, including Florida sports betting FAQs and legal gaming alternatives for Florida bettors.

FL Sports Betting Key Details

Below are the details of the Florida sports betting market, under the Florida sports betting legislation that is currently under legal duress.

  • Legalization Date: May 2021 (Gaming compact signed)
  • Retail Launch Date: TBD
  • Mobile Sports Betting Launch Date: November 2021 (taken offline in December 2021)
  • Age Requirement: 21+
  • Retail Sports Betting Tax Rate: 75%
  • Mobile Sports Betting Tax Rate: 75%
  • College Betting Restrictions: No restrictions

Best Sports Betting Alternatives In Florida

While operators can’t currently offer sports betting legally, Florida sports bettors can look to the following options for legal sports gaming in the Sunshine State. These platforms don’t technically operate as online sports betting sites, but do offer a great way to enjoy gaming on sports online:

Check back with this Props.com guide for the latest on legal Florida sports betting site updates.

Legal Online Fantasy Sports Sites

The complex situation surrounding legalized sports betting in Florida have spilled over into the daily fantasy sports industry. Daily fantasy sports technically isn’t legal in Florida, but it’s not illegal either.

Sites such as DraftKings and FanDuel accept players from the state of Florida, even though the industry is not legal or regulated. Florida has made it clear that it will not punish sites or players for offering or playing these games.

A pair of DFS bills introduced in 2021 attempted to legalize and regulate this industry. SB16A and HB 9A passed through a committee before pulling off the table before the committee made a final vote.

A big reason that the committee ultimately removed these bills is that DFS operators did not want to be regulated by the state moving forward. Other states throughout the U.S. have had similar questions surrounding the DFS industry.

Because Florida does not regulate the DFS industry in the state, the state collects no revenue from this action.

The one unique thing about online DFS sites in Florida is that some operators left the state back in 2015 when there was a question about the legality of this industry. Yahoo is one operator that left and never returned.

Salary Cap DFS Sites 

When it comes to the DFS industry, salary cap games continue to be the most popular available games within Florida sports betting sites. DraftKings and FanDuel are the clear leaders in the DFS industry, and it’s because they offer these types of games. 

Salary cap games are similar to traditional fantasy football, except for an attached salary. Customers have to draft players to their lineup based on a salary constraint. That lineup is then entered into specific contests. 

These contests can come with a small entry fee, or some contests have a significant buy-in. The number of players and the pool of money the players pays determines the payouts.

Other sites have attempted to offer salary cap games. However, few can match these two leaders’ offers. 

Fantasy Player Prop Games In Florida

Since prop betting has become so popular in the traditional sports betting industry, DFS operators are now featuring this action at their sites. The most significant difference is that players aren’t making bets, but there is still some entry fee attached to each play.

When it comes to player prop games, sites will develop a list of questions based on specific player statistics. Players can then choose “over” or “under” based on what is available. 

Underdog Fantasy is an emerging DFS operator specializing in these player prop games. Underdog offers games for a wide range of sports, and that list has continued to grow over the last few years. 

Best Ball Games 

When it comes to best ball games, Underdog Fantasy is one of the top options in Florida, and the U.S. Best ball is a relatively new type of DFS game, but it is similar to salary cap games. 

Players will still draft a lineup with a best ball game, but the site takes over from there. Instead of worrying about playing the wrong players, sites such as Underdog will pick the best lineup from the available pool of players. 

Best ball games can also last an entire season rather than just one day. This gives players a chance to keep the same players for longer. They also don’t have to worry about random lousy luck from one week. 

Since most new DFS sites can’t compete with DraftKings or FanDuel regarding salary cap games, they tend to feature player props or best ball games. 

Are Legal Online Poker Sites Available In Florida?

Both the poker laws and the Florida internet betting laws are extremely onerous. In all of the state’s tribal casinos, poker is a legal game to play. However, all betting must be done in person by the players.

No initiatives have been made to make online poker legal in this state. Since the Seminole Tribe controls all of the state’s poker rooms, it wants to prevent any attempts to offer this sort of gambling online.

Poker can only be legally bet on in Florida if a new gaming agreement is negotiated with the Seminole Tribe and a statute is passed that completely sidesteps them.

Both the poker laws and the Florida internet betting laws are extremely onerous. In all of the state’s tribal casinos, poker is a legal game to play. However, all betting must be done in person by the players.

No initiatives have been made to make online poker legal in this state. Since the Seminole Tribe controls all of the state’s poker rooms, it wants to prevent any attempts to offer this sort of gambling online.

Poker can only be legally bet on in Florida if a new gaming agreement is negotiated with the Seminole Tribe and a statute is passed that completely sidesteps them.

Are Online Casino Sites Legal In Florida?

Online casino games are not currently legal in Florida. There also isn’t much hope for this law to change anytime soon. Launching online sports betting was a good sign and a step in the right direction, but that form of iGaming didn’t even last a month. 

There are casinos allowed in Florida, but you aren’t going to see any companies like MGM Resorts or Caesars available. Because this is such a limited casino industry in the first place, it will make it much harder to offer Florida online betting in casino form. 

One unique feature of casino gambling in Florida is that casinos do not offer all table games. State law allows Native American tribes to offer casino gambling. But there are strict rules about what casinos can offer in terms of table games. 

Most of the tribal casinos in Florida are operated by the Seminole Tribe and have Hard Rock attached to them. Therefore, any discussion about legalizing online casino gambling will include the Seminole Tribe.

It was a significant battle to get the Seminole Tribe to agree to change the sports betting laws, and it will be an even bigger battle for online casino gambling. 

How Do I Know That Florida Online Betting Sites Are Fair?

If Florida ever makes sports betting legal, and a Florida betting site is able to launch in Florida, then you should automatically know that the site is fair. These sites have to follow specific laws to be able to offer any online gaming, or else they will risk losing their license.

The Seminole Tribe will likely continue to be a leader in online gambling sites in Florida, and that tribe has a history of gaming in the state. However, customers would stay away if regulated sports betting apps offered by the Seminole Tribe were not offering a fair betting option. 

Who regulates legal online sportsbooks in Florida?

The Florida Gaming Control Commission regulates the gambling industry in Florida. This commission would theoretically oversee both online and retail sports betting in the state.

The Florida Gaming Control Commission has several responsibilities related to expanding gaming options in Florida. As lawmakers attempt to legalize more iGaming options, the Florida Gaming Control Commission will play a significant role. 

Operators such as DraftKings and FanDuel could launch Florida sportsbooks at some point. For that to happen, however, Florida sports betting law would need to change.

Potential Florida Online Sportsbooks

Why should I trust Florida online betting sites?

Offshore betting sites used to be the only way for anyone in the United States to gamble online, and there were some problems with those sites. Since the U.S. did not regulate these sites, they weren’t safe, and there was no one to get help from if there was an issue.

If online sportsbooks return to Florida, then these will be sites that you can trust. They will all be legal and regulated by the state. The license they hold will also give you a reason to trust them.

You aren’t going to be on your own if there is an issue, even if the Seminole Tribe continues to have a monopoly on the market. If a site is legal and available in Florida, then it will be one that you can trust. 

How do I get paid if I win?

If you are lucky enough to win money at an online sportsbook or DFS site, you will deal directly with that site to collect your winnings. Each site will have its banking options available, and you will request payouts from whichever site you are using. 

The state of Florida will be out of the equation at that point, but you can always get additional support and help if needed. The first step is to check with each online gambling site to find out what banking options are available to you. 

Banking options at all online gaming sites have improved tremendously over the last few years. As a result, there will be a handful of choices available to you when you want to receive a payout from whichever site you choose. 

Florida Professional Sports Teams

Florida hosts a massive pro sports scene, with multiple teams in all major U.S. sports leagues. Some of those franchises include:

  • Miami Dolphins (NFL)
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers (NFL)
  • Jacksonville Jaguars (NFL)
  • Tampa Bay Rays (MLB)
  • Miami Marlins (MLB)
  • Miami Heat (NBA)
  • Orlando Magic (NBA)
  • Tampa Bay Lightning (NHL)
  • Florida Panthers (NHL)

Florida In-State College Teams

  • Florida Gators
  • Florida St. Seminoles
  • Miami Hurricanes
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