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Best NASCAR DFS Apps For 2024

NASCAR fantasy doesn’t get as much attention as the NFL, NBA, or MLB, but it can be just as exciting. NASCAR DFS apps provide a chance to play fantasy props-style contests involving drivers. Think that Chase Elliott will finish better than Kyle Larson at Daytona? Expecting William Byron to have a great performance in next Sunday’s race? You can make these picks and others through a NASCAR daily fantasy app.

Some of these same fantasy props apps also feature traditional NASCAR fantasy, like you’d find at DraftKings or FanDuel. These events see you draft drivers and score points based on various categories, like finishing place, laps led, and drivers passed.

NASCAR fantasy is the perfect way to enjoy sports betting-style action if you don’t have legal sportsbooks in your state. It also lets you experience props and parlays through unique and entertaining games. If you’re interested in NASCAR DFS, you can learn more about props and traditional contests below. We’ll also discuss some of the best fantasy apps that cover this sport.

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What Games Can I Find On NASCAR Fantasy Sites?

Many types of games are available through NASCAR DFS apps, but they generally fall into two categories: player props (a.k.a. pick’em) and traditional. Props are similar to sports betting prop bets and involve odds on top drivers like Ross Chastain and Bubba Wallace. Traditional games involve drafting a lineup of racers and seeing how they perform collectively as a team.

Fantasy racing goes beyond these general categories, though, and includes unique props and traditional games. Props contests are fun alternatives to NASCAR sports betting and may include spread and parlay elements. We’ll dive into the different types of NASCAR props, tournaments, and cash games in the following sections.

NASCAR Picks And Fantasy Player Props Contests

If you’re familiar with prop bets at sportsbooks, then you should have little trouble understanding NASCAR pick’em/props. Pick’em is a common fantasy props contest with an over/under (a.k.a. higher/lower) on a specific driver. The most common pick’em involves finishes, and you can see an example below:

  • Christopher Bell at Victoria’s Voice (NASCAR Truck Series)
  • Higher 4.5 (need Bell to place fourth or better)
  • Lower 4.5 (need him to place fifth or worse)

Again, you should be well versed with pick’em and similar props-style contests provided you already understand sports prop bets. If not, you still should be able to figure these games out quickly. You’re simply guessing if a driver will end up higher or lower than the given number/line.

Rivals (a.k.a. matchups) is a variation on fantasy props, where you’re choosing who wins a head-to-head matchup. Your pick doesn’t have to win the race, finish runner-up, or do anything else impressive against the field. They just need to beat the other driver in terms of finish or points. Here’s an example of a matchups prop:

  • Higher finish at Xfinity Series Spring Race at Martinsville
  • Austin Hill
  • Justin Allgaier (+2.5)

The +2.5 spread next to Allgaier means that he can finish at least two spots behind Hill and still deliver a win. Such spreads are common in rivals to make the (slight) underdog a worthy pick.

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Traditional NASCAR Fantasy Contests

Traditional fantasy racing includes tournaments and cash games. You can see how traditional games differ from props by reading about the following contest types.


A tournament involves creating lineups and competing for prize pool money. These events are common at DFS sites like DraftKings and can offer prize pools worth up to six or seven figures.

The rules vary based on the site and specific racing league. For example, you may have to draft five drivers and a sixth backup racer. You might earn points based on each driver’s finish, laps led, fast laps, and difference between starting and finishing position. The goal is to climb the standings and grab a share of the prize pool.

Cash Games

A cash game pays half of the field and includes double-ups, 50/50s, and head-to-head games. Here’s how each type of cash contest works:

  • 50/50 – Tournament where the top 50% of the field wins their entry amount (minus rake).
  • Double-up – Roughly the top 45% of the field wins exactly double their money (entry + rake).
  • Head to head – The winner collects all the money (minus rake) when beating their opponent.

Non-Money (Friendly) League

Sites like CBS, ESPN, and Yahoo! offer free contests that you and friends can enjoy. This friendly season-long league play revolves around drafting teams and scoring points throughout the season. You and your buddies can privately pay entries and prizes among one another. Or you can simply play for fun and practice your fantasy strategy.

Best Fantasy NASCAR Sites

Plenty of daily fantasy sports apps cover everything from the preseason Busch Light Clash (LA Coliseum) to the NASCAR Cup Series’ final race (Phoenix Raceway). The question is, though, which of these sites should you choose? The following operators are’s picks for the best NASCAR fantasy apps:

Underdog Fantasy

Underdog has become a hot spot for major sports/leagues like the NFL and NBA due to its huge Best Ball contests (explained later). It also does a good job of covering other sports like racing—most notably through its pick’em games. Available in 41 states, Underdog Fantasy is the most-available option for playing NASCAR contests.

Underdog Fantasy NASCAR Contests

The Underdog contests fall into two main categories, including pick’em and Best Ball. The pick’em section breaks down into two games in Higher/Lower and Rivals. Not all of these games are available during the racing season, but we’ll cover each of them anyways.

Higher/Lower (Pick’em Category)

You are most likely to find NASCAR games under the Pick’em Higher/Lower tab. These contests require you to choose if a driver will finisher Higher/Lower (sometimes called Better/Worse) than the stated finish position. For example, you might see Cole Custer Better/Worse 6.5 at Xfinity Series Las Vegas. You’d win money if you choose better and Custer finished fifth.

Rivals (Pick’em Category)

The Pick’em Rivals tab calls on you to select which of two racers will finish higher. For instance, you might see Denny Hamlin vs Brad Keselowski (+4.5) for a Sunday stock car race. In this example, Keselowski’s +4.5 spread means that he can finish up to four positions behind Hamlin and win. Therefore, you get a spread betting element in these contests. Note that Rivals games are not always available during the racing season.

Best Ball

Best Ball offers season-long leagues for certain sports, most notably football and basketball. Some players have won millions of dollars in Best Ball Mania, which is available at the start of the NFL season. You may also find Best Ball racing contests at Underdog before the NASCAR Cup Series begins.

Underdog Fantasy Bonus Offer

The Underdog Fantasy bonus provides a 50% match on your first deposit up to $250. You must deposit $10 or more and use the “PROPS” code to qualify. You can cash out winnings from the bonus after meeting 1x rollover (bonus + deposit).

Why Underdog Fantasy for NASCAR?

Underdog Fantasy always provides racing coverage of some sort, especially within Higher/Lower pick’em games. You’ll have many fantasy props to choose from when playing at Underdog. This is also one of the most-reputable DFS providers, having spread across much of the US and Canada. It features serious backing from A-list investors (e.g., BlackRock, Mark Cuban) and makes timely payouts.

Boom Fantasy

Most DFS sites offer 2-3 contests types, but Boom Fantasy stands out by featuring four different games. Its lineup includes Favorites, Longshots, Pick & Spin, and Toss-Ups. Longshots and Pick & Spin are noteworthy because they provide opportunities to win big with small entry fees.

Boom Fantasy NASCAR Contests

Boom Fantasy does not offer NASCAR fantasy contests at the greatest frequency, but it can provide such games in any given week. Therefore, you might consider checking Boom before any racing contests are set to run. We recommend doing so because this app has some interesting games, especially Pick & Spin and Longshots.


This category offers two game types, including Over/Under and Matchups. Over/Under is a common pick’em-style game where you choose if a driver goes over/under a prospective finish. Matchups involves picking one racer to beat another, with a spread (e.g., +3.5) attached to one side.


A Favorites game only gives you one side of a game, and this side has a better chance of winning. You don’t win as much with a successful pick versus other Boom contests, but Favorites are nice for higher success frequency.


With Longshots, you make picks based on drivers exceeding their normal performances.Think Ricky Stenhouse Jr. can finish 5.5 positions better than usual next Saturday? Expecting Austin Cindric to maintain a faster speed and lead more laps? These are the potential events you can consider adding to your Longshots ticket. Available payouts include:

  • 40x payout for a 3/3 ticket
  • 10x for a 2/2 ticket
  • 2.5x for 1 correct pick and 1 tie
Pick & Spin

This newer Boom contest gives you a chance to win up to 500x your entry. You play by paying your entry and making picks on two drivers (e.g., William Byron and Christopher Bell). A wheel spins to determine your entry fee multiplier. Available options include 2x to 500x for two correct plays. If you land on the 100x or 500x multipliers, you can still win 10x and 25x, respectively, for one correct pick.

Boom Fantasy Bonus Offer

The Boom Fantasy bonus differs from most in DFS because it’s not a deposit bonus. Instead, it’s a No Sweat First Entry that refunds a losing first entry up to $100. You qualify by depositing at least $10 and using the “PROPS” promo code.

Why Boom Fantasy for NASCAR?

Available in 25 states, Boom has some of the industry’s most interesting contests. Its Longshots and Pick & Spin games provide excellent opportunities to turn small entries into large prizes. Boom is short on NASCAR games at times, but it’s definitely worthwhile when racing contests are running.

DraftKings Daily Fantasy

DraftKings has been at the forefront of daily fantasy sports since 2012. Now a $20 billion company, it’s still a DFS leader in addition to a sports betting giant. DraftKings specializes in traditional daily fantasy contests and offers some of the industry’s biggest racing tournaments. It also goes beyond the popular NASCAR Cup Series to include plenty of Truck and Xfinity Series events.

DraftKings Daily Fantasy NASCAR Contests

You can find hundreds of racing DFS games at DraftKings, whether it’s the season kick-off Busch Light Clash, Cup Playoffs, or Phoenix Raceway championship. DraftKings’ contests include traditional tournaments, cash games, and Multipliers. The latter is similar to the low-risk/high-reward games that you’ll find at certain fantasy props sites.


The DraftKings tournaments lineup is impressive and rivals some of the Best Ball events at Underdog Fantasy. It regularly offers five- and six-figure racing tourneys during the season. You can navigate to the DK tournament lobby, pick an event, and draft your lineup. The key is to get the best value possible while staying under the salary cap.

Cash Games

Available DK cash games include Head-to-Head, 50/50, and Double-Up. A heads-up game sees you compete against one player, with the winner taking all. A 50/50 pays the top half of the field their entry minus rake. Double-Ups are tournaments where the winners (approx. 45% of the field) receive exactly double the entry (includes rake).


This game pays a multiplier on your entry worth up to 10x. For example, you might enter a 10x booster contest and win $100 for a $10 entry. The catch, though, is that a much smaller percentage of the field cashes in these tourneys.

DraftKings DFS Bonus Offer

The DraftKings fantasy bonus matches your first deposit by 20% up to $500 in DK Dollars. If you deposit $200, for example, you’d qualify for a $40 bonus. You must deposit at least $5 and use a link on this page to qualify. The wagering requirements on the DraftKings DFS bonus are 25x.

Why DraftKings DFS for NASCAR?

DraftKings does as well as any site at covering racing. It offers many tournaments with large prize pools, three types of cash games, and Multiplier contests. The tourneys are especially impressive, with prize pools reaching into the 5-, 6-, and 7-figure ranges. DK fantasy is legal in 45 states, making it accessible almost everywhere in the US.


Available in 30 states, PrizePicks is like a mixture of sports betting props and parlays. The props aspect comes into play through over/under picks on drivers. The parlay part comes from how you must add multiple selections onto a single ticket. The more successful choices you have on a winning ticket, the more money you stand to win.

PrizePicks NASCAR Contests

PrizePicks features two game types, including Flex Play and Power Play. Flex games are like a parlay that still pays even if you miss one pick. Power contests force you to get every guess right, but they also deliver larger payouts.

Flex Play

These contests offer different payouts based on how many selections are correct. You might get an over/under right on Chris Buescher at Homestead Miami Speedway, for example, but miss your pick on Ty Gibbs. You can still look forward to a payout despite the one miss. Here’s the Flex Play prize structure:

  • 2-driver ticket = 2x for 2/2; 0.5x for 1/2
  • 3-driver ticket = 2.25x for 3/3; 1.25x for 2/3
  • 4-driver ticket = 5x for 4/4; 1.5x for 3/4

Power Play

A Power Play contest is like a true sportsbook parlay because it requires a perfect ticket. It’s harder to win these games, but they’re more rewarding than Flex contests. Here is the payout structure:

  • 2-driver ticket = 2x for 2/2
  • 3-driver ticket = 5x for 3/3
  • 4-driver ticket = 10x for 4/4

PrizePicks Bonus Offer

Unfortunately, no PrizePicks bonus is available to readers at the current time. We’ll update this section if a PrizePicks welcome bonus does pop up.

Why PrizePicks for NASCAR?

This app offers a nice combination of parlays and props, with varying degrees of difficulty. Flex Play is nice if you want more leeway on your picks. Power Play is tougher to win, but it also delivers bigger payouts when you’re successful.

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How does fantasy NASCAR work?

NASCAR fantasy gives DFS players an opportunity to play entertaining games and tournaments. The rules vary based upon what type of contest you’re playing. For example, a fantasy props game (i.e., pick’em) requires you to select an over/under on drivers. The most-common type of over/under involves finishing position (e.g., Ryan Blaney higher/lower 7.5 place).

A tournament sees you draft lineups and earn points based on various factors. Your chosen drivers might generate points based on laps led, their finishing spot, and how many positions they gain from start to finish. The goal is for your lineup to score enough points for you to win prize money.

What is the best NASCAR DFS site?

Plenty of quality NASCAR DFS apps are available, but our favorite is Underdog Fantasy. We like Underdog due to its availability (41 states), solid bonus, reputability, and game selection. Regarding the latter, you can expect several types of games for NASCAR and other sports.

Higher/Lower consistently offers the most racing games. It involves deciding if a driver will finish higher or lower than the stated position. For example, you might pick if Tyler Reddick will end up better or worse than 9.5 place. Other contests that can potentially offer NASCAR action include Best Ball (join a league) and Rivals (select the higher-finishing driver).

Is NASCAR on DraftKings?

DraftKings is one of the most-popular sites for traditional NASCAR daily fantasy. The “traditional” aspect refers to how DraftKings offers common DFS contests like tournaments and cash games. The tourneys require entries and involve drafting lineups of players. Your chosen drivers score points based on the given criteria and help you move up the leaderboard.

Cash games break down into three sections, including 50/50, Double-Up, and Head to Head. The main thing that they have in common is paying half, or nearly half, the field. These contests are good for when you want a strong chance at finishing in the money.

Is NASCAR on FanDuel?

Yes, FanDuel has plenty of racing contests, including tournaments, head to head, Multipliers, 50/50, and Best Ball. If the latter seems familiar, it’s because, like Underdog Fantasy, FanDuel has also adopted the Best Ball format. These leagues let you draft drivers whom you hope will have a breakout season, and they last until the final race ends.

FanDuel’s other contests closely resemble the DraftKings NASCAR lineup. Examples include head to heads, 50/50s, and Multipliers. That said, you’ll get a similar facing DFS experience when using FanDuel or DraftKings.

Is NASCAR on PrizePicks?

PrizePicks covers NASCAR among over a dozen other sports. Its racing fantasy contests feel like a hybrid of sports betting parlays and props. They require you to choose props on anywhere from 2-4 drivers. The more props you put on the ticket, the larger the potential winnings.

You need to get every pick right to win Power Play contests, and they pay between 2x and 10x the entry fee. Flex Play allows you to miss one selection and still win money. These contests offer between 0.5x (1/2 ticket) and 5x (4/4) the entry.

Can you play NASCAR fantasy contests during the NASCAR Cup Series?

DFS contests run throughout the entire NASCAR Cup Series, whether it’s the first race, second race, each round of the playoffs, or the championship. That said, you will have no trouble finding races at the various daily fantasy apps available.

Plenty of NASCAR daily fantasy contests exist, including tournaments, fantasy props, cash games, and even parlay-style games. You can use different strategy and tools in each format to boost your chances of winning. For example, you might look at how a particular driver did this past weekend at Martinsville and judge how hot they’ve been. Assuming the racer is on a tear, you can insert them into one or more of your DFS lineups.

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