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This guide to the best NHL DFS apps comes from our resident daily fantasy sports expert Kevin Oldroyd. All insights in this article come from Kevin’s first-hand testing of the apps listed here.

The NHL has been one of the most popular sports leagues in the US for decades, with millions of hardcore fans spread throughout the country. As one might expect, there are a huge number of daily fantasy sports platforms that now offer contests on every single game of the NHL regular and postseason. Throughout this guide, I highlight the six best NHL DFS apps currently operating and explain some of the unique features these platforms have to offer. 

Daily fantasy sports remains hugely popular throughout the US, despite the legalization of traditional sports betting. Many of the best NHL daily fantasy apps offer Pick’Em style games that offer an experience very similar to prop betting. Continue reading to learn which of these apps offer the best contests, bonuses, and banking options. 

Our Top Picks For NHL DFS

Best NHL DFS Apps

The NHL was founded in 1917, yet it was not until 1924 that the first American team joined the league. Today, there are 32 teams NHL spread throughout the United States and Canada. It is one of the most-watched sports leagues in the US with millions of fans that enjoy watching and making picks on their favorite teams and players every season. 

Fortunately, you don’t have to be located in a state with legal sportsbooks to win money making picks on the NHL. Daily fantasy sports is legal across nearly all of the country and many of the best DFS apps offer unique player prop contests that serve as an excellent alternative to online sports wagering. 

I spent a significant amount of time comparing nearly every daily fantasy sports platform that offers contests on the NHL. To find the best ones, I closely looked at each of these apps’ most important features. Each of the ones that truly stood out from the competition provided a great selection of contests, a generous sign-up bonus, a modern design, and secure banking options. Before taking a look at the top NHL DFS apps, let’s take a quick look at the types of daily fantasy NHL contests that can be found today. 

What Games Can I Find On NHL Fantasy Sites?

Nowadays, most of the best daily fantasy sports platforms offer what are known as Pick’Em games. This is a unique form of daily fantasy sports that closely resembles making prop betting parlays. Various types of Pick’Em games can be found, yet the rules for these games are generally very similar. 

It’s also easy to find DFS NHL apps offering traditional, guaranteed prize pool contests. These are generally peer-to-peer games in which players compete against one another. The primary goal is to create a lineup of NHL athletes that you feel will perform the best over a single day. 

NHL Pick’em And Fantasy Player Props Contests

To play NHL Pick’Em games, players create a lineup of over/under picks based on individual player statistical projections. Also known as an “entry,” these lineups are very similar to a parlay. In most cases, DFS apps require players to make between 2-8 picks in a lineup. A few examples of common NHL player props are featured below. 

  • X player to score 1.5 goals: Over/Under
  • X goalie to save 18.5 goals: Over/Under
  • X player to earn 0.5 assists: Over/Under

The more picks that are included in a lineup, the higher the payout opportunities become. After your lineup is created, players select their “entry fee,” which acts as their wager. Sometimes, just a single incorrect pick in a lineup will result in your entry fee being lost. Other times, apps will allow for one or two incorrect picks to be made and still offer a payout. NHL Pick’Em games are fun sports betting alternatives that can offer massive payouts to knowledgeable fans. 

Traditional NHL Fantasy Contests

To play traditional NHL fantasy games, players must make an entry fee to gain access to contests. To create a draft, players are given a “salary cap.” The more successful high-level athletes will cost more to draft than lesser-known athletes. Players need to select one player from each position to complete their draft lineup. 

There are several different kinds of NHL draft pool contests offered today. Single-entry contests mean that players can only make one draft lineup. Multi-entry draft contests allow players to make multiple draft lineups within the same contests. Some of these contests even allow for trades to be made, meaning players can change their draft lineups as the day progresses. 

The players with the most successful draft lineups earn the majority of the contest’s prize pool. Sometimes, these drafts can offer massive payouts to the top players. They are fun contests that allow players to test their NHL knowledge against one another. 

Best Fantasy Hockey Sites

The US is home to a huge number of excellent daily fantasy sports platforms. Many of these DFS operators provide contests on the NHL. I carefully reviewed these platforms and eventually narrowed down the six best. A list of the top fantasy hockey sites can be seen below. 

Each of these DFS apps is excellent. They are safe, easy to use, and provide a great variety of contests for the NHL. Below, I provide detailed information on what these NHL DFS apps have to offer. 

Top Sign-Up Bonuses At NHL DFS Sites

Underdog Fantasy

Underdog Fantasy has been considered one of the top daily fantasy sports platforms in the country since launching back in 2020. It is a modern platform that offers two primary contest types. That includes the unique Pick’Em games I explained earlier, as well as the more traditional guaranteed prize pool games. 

In addition to the great variety of contests, Underdog Fantasy features one of the best designs of any DFS operator in the country. It is simplistic, with a design that allows even complete beginners to easily enter contests. A very helpful customer support system is available to help with any issues that users may have, as well. I am consistently impressed with Underdog Fantasy and consider it to be one of the best hockey DFS apps available right now. 

Underdog Fantasy NHL Contests

Members of Underdog Fantasy can take part in two primary types of contests. That includes the Pick’Em games and traditional draft games. Within these two contest types, players have a large variety of options to choose from. 

Underdog Fantasy NHL Pick’Em Games

Fans of prop betting will certainly enjoy the NHL Pick’Em games at Underdog Fantasy. There are two different types of Pick’Em games offered. Both are simple and can offer large payout opportunities for players. For each game, between 2-5 picks can be made for a maximum payout of 20x your entry fee with 5 correct picks in a lineup. 

The more popular Pick’Em game here is the Higher/Lower game. This requires players to make a number of over/under picks based on athlete statistic projections. I was pleased to find that Underdog Fantasy offers a huge number of these picks on the NHL for nearly every player set to compete in upcoming games. 

The Rivals Pick’Em game is also very fun. In this game mode, players simply choose which of two players will perform better in a certain statistical category. For example, players could decide which of two players will earn more goals. 

Underdog Fantasy NHL Drafts Games

Traditional prize pool draft contests are also offered at Underdog Fantasy. In this game mode, players can choose from a large number of NHL draft pools with various entry fees and payout structures. There are several to choose from, including single and multi-entry pools

Underdog Fantasy offers some very lucrative prize pool drafts. Of course, the ones with the larger payout opportunities come with larger entry fee requirements. There are fewer draft pools here than some competitors offer, yet I was still impressed with the variety of contests to choose from. 

NHL DFS Apps: Underdog Fantasy screenshots NHL DFS Apps: Underdog Fantasy screenshots NHL DFS Apps: Underdog Fantasy screenshots

Underdog Fantasy Bonus Offer

Underdog Fantasy offers all of its new members a 100% first deposit bonus of up to $100. This is a somewhat standard welcome bonus among DFS operators. It is still very generous, though, and I was happy to find that it comes with just a 1x playthrough requirement, ensuring players can turn their bonus funds into withdrawable cash without much effort. 

Why Underdog Fantasy for NHL?

I, and millions of other NHL fans, consider Underdog Fantasy to be one of the most well-rounded daily fantasy operators in the country. Unlike some competing platforms, Underdog offers both of the most popular types of DFS contests. The Pick’Em games are particularly fun and picks can be found for every player set to compete in upcoming games. 

The design of Underdog Fantasy was created with user-friendliness in mind. It is very easy to navigate through using both a desktop computer and the mobile app. Users will also find a solid welcome bonus, and a good variety of banking options to deposit and withdraw funds. 

Be sure to check out:

Sleeper Fantasy

Sleeper Fantasy is another very popular online daily fantasy sports platform that offers many great contests for the NHL. This DFS operator focuses on player props. In fact, I found that Sleeper Fantasy provides a larger variety of these player prop picks than almost any other competing DFS platform. 

The design of Sleeper may seem a little overwhelming to some. There are several main pages, including a “feed” page that showcases the latest sports news to members. The “Picks” page is also very comprehensive, with a large number of individual picks available to make for each individual player. Despite its fairly complex interface, Sleeper is very well-designed and can be easily understood after just a few minutes. 

Sleeper Fantasy NHL Contests

Sleeper is an NHL DFS platform that focuses primarily on player props. It’s a Pick’Em style operator with a massive number of picks to choose from. These are found on the “Picks” page located on the Sleeper homepage. 

Click this tab to gain access to these Pick’Em games. A full list of athletes will become available, along with each of the individual picks that are available. For each athlete, various over/under picks are available such as how many goals, shots, and assists these players will make

Unlike some other DFS apps, Sleeper attaches multipliers to individual picks. This means players can alter their payout structure based on the picks they make, rather than the number of picks they make. An example of how this works can be seen below. 

  • Matthew Tkachuk – 0.5 Goals: More (2.29x) Less (1.40x)
  • J.T. Miller – 2.5 Shots on Goal: More (1.78x) Less (1.77x)

As you can see, the multipliers attached to picks are based on how likely each scenario is. Players can make safer picks for smaller payouts, or more risky ones for bigger payout opportunities. Taking the “More” pick for the two options above, for example, would result in a payout multiplier of 2.34x your entry fee. This means a $20 entry fee would pay $46.80, if correct. 

NHL DFS Apps: Sleeper Fantasy app screenshots

Sleeper Fantasy Bonus Offer

In addition to the huge number of player props, Sleeper Fantasy offers one of the best welcome bonuses of any NHL DFS app in the country. This is a 100% first deposit bonus of up to $500. It’s the largest daily fantasy sign-up bonus I have come across and comes with favorable terms and conditions, including just a 1x playthrough requirement. 

Why Sleeper Fantasy for NHL?

Sleeper Fantasy is unique for many reasons. It specializes in Pick’Em games, with enough player props to choose from to keep even the most hardcore NHL fans busy. It also has a unique payout structure, allowing users to alter their entry fee multiplier based on the picks they made. I also love the player stats that are available, helping users to make the most informed picks possible. 

Sleeper is praised for its hugely generous welcome bonus, too. It allows players to double their first deposit of up to $500. Any ice hockey fans looking for prop-betting-style DFS games, great bonus offers, and secure payment options will love what Sleeper has to offer.

Chalkboard Fantasy

Chalkboard Fantasy is a popular daily fantasy sports operator that offers a huge selection of Pick’Em games for the NHL. This is another one that specializes in Pick’Em games. There are no guaranteed prize pool games being offered through this daily fantasy operator. 

I find that Chalkboard Fantasy blends the cool features of modern DFS apps with the simplistic design and interface of older, more established operators. I am particularly fond of the social element it provides, allowing users to join communities and chat with each other in just a few simple clicks. 

Chalkboard Fantasy NHL Contests

Chalkboard offers only one type of DFS contest. As I pointed out, this is a Pick’Em game that requires players to make over/under picks based on athlete stat projections. It’s very straightforward, with no alternative game modes to choose from. Simply create a lineup of 2-8 picks and hope for the best. Correctly making 8 picks in a lineup can result in a massive 100x payout on your entry fee!

At the top of the Picks page, players can filter the available athlete picks that are featured. I was happy to find many different picks for the NHL, which can be seen below. 

  • Shots on Goal
  • Goals
  • Saves
  • Points
  • Assists
  • Blocks
  • Goals Against
  • Power Play Points

I would enjoy seeing Chalkboard Fantasy offering a few more game variations in the future. As it stands, however, there are some great pick options available and huge payout opportunities for players. 

Chalkboard Fantasy Bonus Offer

Chalkboard Fantasy is offering its new members a 100% first deposit bonus of up to $100. It’s a great, albeit somewhat generic bonus that players can claim in just a few simple steps. It comes with a 1x playthrough requirement and bonus funds can be used immediately. 

Why Chalkboard Fantasy for NHL?

Chalkboard Fantasy is a well-rounded DFS platform that focuses solely on Pick’Em style games. It excels in this department, with a large variety of NHL over/under picks provided throughout each season. The modern design of this DFS operator ensures that members can make these picks in just a few simple steps. 

Chalkboard also has some cool, modern features that I enjoyed. This includes a “Score” page that showcases the current scores of various sporting events, and a social page that allows members to communicate with one another.

Boom Fantasy

Boom Fantasy launched back in 2015 and is credited for being one of the first DFS operators to offer Pick’Em style games. It has gained a massive following thanks to its fun selection of games, each with unique rules and payout structures. The design of Boom Fantasy is very simplistic and I believe it is great for both beginners and experienced DFS experts alike. 

This is not your traditional peer-to-peer daily fantasy operator. Here, players are always competing against the House. There are three primary Pick’Em games to choose from, descriptions of which can be seen below. 

Boom Fantasy NHL Contests

Boom Fantasy is an ideal DFS operator for fans of player props. There are no traditional prize pool games offered here. Fortunately, there are simple rules for each of the three main Pick’Em games here and great payout opportunities. 

Boom Fantasy NHL Toss-Ups Games

The Pick’Em NHL toss-ups games require players to make over/under picks on individual NHL athlete statistic projections. As the name might suggest, these are considered toss-up picks. Either side is plausible, making it a fun and difficult style of DFS to predict. 

There is an impressive selection of these picks to choose from throughout the NHL season. That includes picks on things like the total number of assists, goals, shots on goals, and saves that players make. Up to five picks can be included in a single lineup for a total maximum payout of 20x your entry fee with five correct picks. 

Boom Fantasy NHL Long Shots Games

The Long Shots games at Boom Fantasy take things up a notch. In this game mode, players can only make one side of a pick based on a set NHL athlete stat projection. As an example, Boom Fantasy will allow players to decide whether a certain player will earn 3.5 or more goals in one game. 

These are the most difficult predictions to make, and the picks available are not necessarily plausible. I found these very difficult to predict, yet truly hardcore NHL fans may have a better opportunity to make these correctly. This is why these are known as “Long Shot” picks. Up to five of these picks can be made, with a maximum payout of 40x your entry fee with five correct picks made. 

Boom Fantasy NHL Favorites Games

The final Pick’Em game at Boom Fantasy is the Favorites game. In this scenario, only one side of an athlete over/under pick is available. There is never an option to decide whether an athlete will earn more or less than a certain stat projection. Only one side is available, yet these picks are considered the easiest to make correctly. 

An example of a Favorites pick could be for a certain player to earn more than 0.5 points in a game. This pick could be available on a player that generally scores at least one point during a game. As these are more plausible picks and easier to make correctly, the maximum payout with five correct picks is just 3x your total entry fee

Boom Fantasy Pick and Spin Games

In 2024, Boom Fantasy launched the Pick and Spin games. These are completely unique, allowing players to earn an incredible 500x payout on their entry fee. The rules are simple, as well. 

First, players simply make two over/under picks based on athlete stat projections. Next, they spin the Boom Fantasy prize wheel to reveal their payout opportunity. 


Boom Fantasy Bonus Offer

All new members of Boom Fantasy have access to a unique sign-up bonus. This is called the “Risk-Free Entry Up to $100,” It allows players to enter their first contest, completely risk-free. In other words, players can enter their first contest, and if thye lose, players will receive a full refund of up to $100. I recommend this bonus to those new to DFS hoping to gain experience with no risk involved. 

Why Boom Fantasy for NHL?

Boom Fantasy has been around for nearly a decade and remains one of the most beloved DFS operators in the country. It is great for fans of Pick’Em games of all skill levels. Having three different kinds of these games ensures just about everyone can join in on the fun. The Pick and Spin game just adds to the excitement and offers one of the largest entry fee multipliers seen today at 500x

I find the design of Boom Fantasy to be very straightforward. While it lacks some of the cool features that more modern competitors offer, it excels in providing a straightforward, Pick’Em DFS platform with enough picks available for the NHL to keep even the most hardcore fans satisfied. 

DraftKings Pick6

DraftKings has been one of the biggest names in the daily fantasy sports industry for more than a decade. In late 2023, this company launched its “Pick6” platform. This is a peer-to-peer DFS platform set in a Pick’Em style. It represents a major change from the standard DraftKings DFS model and is already hugely popular around the country. 

Ice hockey fans will be pleased to find many different Pick6 contests for the NHL season. On top of that, this platform features a world-class design and some very generous promotions. DraftKings regularly falls short and its latest product is one of the best new DFS apps currently operating. I found the contest structure a little bit confusing at first, yet eventually gained an understanding as to how everything works. 

DraftKings Pick6 NHL Contests

For many years, DraftKings seemed to reject the idea of offering any Pick’Em style DFS games. It specializes in prize pool contests and has already grown into one of the most popular daily fantasy sports operators in the country. DraftKings finally launched its “Pick6” program toward the end of 2023, allowing for peer-to-peer Pick’Em games. 

In this game mode, players make 2-6 player prop picks set in an over/under format. There are three key rules players must abide by, which include picking athletes from at least 2 different teams, not selecting the same athlete more than once, and all picks must be on the same sports league. 

After making a lineup, players will need to choose an entry fee. Once this is done, Pick6 will automatically enter your lineup into either one or several contests involving other players. Players can then track how their lineups are performing via the “My Picks” tab. 

As an example, let’s assume you create a 4-leg pick lineup on the NHL with a $5 entry fee. You are then entered into a contest with a $10,000 prize pool. The more picks you make correctly, the larger a share of the prize pool you will earn. It took me some time to understand this payout structure. Fortunately, DraftKings has an excellent customer support system that helped to better explain this contest ruleset. 

DraftKings Pick6 NHL Screenshot

DraftKings Pick6 Bonus Offer

DraftKings Pick6 offers all of its new members a “No Stress First Picks Bonus Up to $50.” This allows players to earn a full refund on their first entry fee, if it loses, of up to $50. It’s a type of insurance bonus that gives players peace of mind knowing they will earn their money back if their first contest is lost. 

Why DraftKings Pick6 for NHL?

DraftKings has been one of the biggest names in the DFS industry for many years and now operates a fun, modern Pick’Em style platform. DK Pick6 has taken a unique approach, allowing players to make player props against their peers, rather than against the House. There is a great variety of NHL picks to choose from, and some huge payout opportunities depending on your chosen entry fee. This platform also has a world-class design, a very helpful customer support system, and some unique bonuses for new and existing players. 


PrizePicks is another one of the most popular daily fantasy sports operators offering Pick’Em games. It offers a huge number of player props on the NHL, giving players access to a huge number of over/under picks throughout the season. Making picks here feels very much like making prop betting parlays, with a payout structure that increases are more picks are made. 

The design of PrizePicks is excellent, too. It is extremely easy to find and make picks using both a desktop computer and a mobile app. PrizePicks has gained extremely good reviews from the majority of users and many, including myself, consider it to be one of the best NHL DFS platforms currently operating. 

PrizePicks NHL Contests

PrizePicks specializes in Pick’Em games. This platform’s modern design helps to ensure even first-time players can easily make picks in just a few simple steps. 

To make picks, simply click on the sport you are interested in. Next, choose which game mode you would like. From here, a full list of over/under picks will become available. Create a lineup of picks and select your entry fee to lock those picks in. 

The “Power Flex” mode allows players to make one, or even two incorrect picks and still earn a payout. Between 2-6 picks can be made in this game mode. The “Power Play” mode more closely resembles a real sports betting parlay. In this mode, just one incorrect pick will result in your entire entry fee being lost. Only 2-4 picks can be included in a Power Play lineup. 

PrizePicks is very simple to understand. It’s a classic Pick’Em platform offering a huge variety of player props on the NHL. 

PrizePicks Bonus Offer

PrizePicks does not currently offer a special welcome promo for Props.com readers.

Why PrizePicks for NHL?

PrizePicks is without a doubt one of the best DFS Pick’Em platforms in the country. It was one of the first companies to offer these Pick’Em games and provides its users with a huge variety of player props for every game of the NHL regular and postseason. I love the ability to choose your game structure, particularly the Power Flex mode that allows for an incorrect pick in a lineup to be made. 

PrizePicks is also unique, as it offers a huge number of bonuses every week to players. That includes various bonuses that offer entry fee refunds, discounted picks, and more. Any NHL fans looking for a great selection of over/under picks, special weekly bonuses, and a 100% secure banking system will likely enjoy what PrizePicks has to offer. 

Best DFS Sites By Sport

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How do NHL daily fantasy contests work?

There are two primary types of NHL DFS contests offered. One is known as Pick’Em contests, in which players make over/under picks based on stat projections. The other is draft games, where players create a draft lineup of players that they feel will perform the best over a single sporting event to earn a share of a prize pool. 

How do NHL pick’em games work?

NHL Pick’Em games require players to make over/under picks based on NHL athlete stat projections. For example, players can pick whether a certain NHL athlete will earn more or less than 2.5 goals. Players generally make between 2-6 of these picks in a way that resembles a prop betting parlay. 

What is the best NHL DFS site?

There are a huge number of world-class NHL DFS sites currently available. Underdog Fantasy is without a doubt one of the best. It offers several different kinds of daily fantasy contests and features one of the best designs of any daily fantasy operator in the US. 

Is NHL on Underdog Fantasy?

Underdog Fantasy offers both Pick’Em and traditional prize pool contests on the NHL. 

Is NHL on DraftKings?

DraftKings offers contests on the NHL. It also offers fun Pick’Em games on the NHL via the DraftKings Pick6 platform. 

Is NHL on PrizePicks?

PrizePicks offers a huge number of player props on the NHL. 

Is NHL on Sleeper?

Sleeper offers an impressive selection of DFS player props on the NHL every season. 

Top Sign-Up Bonuses At NHL DFS Sites