Jun 18, 2023; Los Angeles, California, USA; Scottie Scheffler prepares to putt on the second green during the final round of the U.S. Open golf tournament at Los Angeles Country Club.

Best PGA DFS Apps (Updated May 14, 2024)

Golf’s popularity has been steadily increasing over the past decade. As a result, many of the country’s top daily fantasy sports platforms now offer contests on the PGA Tour. Many of these DFS operators offer Pick ‘Em style games, which give the feeling of making prop betting parlays and serve as a perfect alternative to traditional online sports betting. 

Interestingly, Americans in the 25-34 age group now comprise the largest demographic of golf fans. It just so happens that this age group demographic also makes up the largest number of sports betting and DFS fans in the country. Millions of golf enthusiasts now take part in PGA DFS contests each year and there is no sign of this trend slowing down anytime soon. 

The experts at Props.com are here to highlight the best PGA fantasy golf apps currently operating. We dive into the unique features of these platforms, helping to explain what sets each one apart from the competition. Continue reading to learn how to take part in exciting golf DFS contests today. 

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Best Golf DFS Apps

As golf grows more popular, more daily fantasy sports operators have begun to offer contests for the PGA Tour. The specific types of contests that these daily fantasy platforms provide to players can differ.

All of the best, most reputable golf DFS platforms provide many of the same features. That includes a modern design, a great selection of contests, and secure banking options.  

Competition in the US daily fantasy sports industry is fierce. Each of the daily fantasy apps currently operating is working hard to stand out. Throughout this page, we highlight four of the top golf DFS apps in the country, discussing the unique features and welcome bonuses these operators have to offer:

What Games Can I Find On PGA DFS Sites?

There are more world-class DFS apps operating today than ever before, the majority of which provide their members with a great selection of games. Generally speaking, there are two primary types of DFS contests being offered. 

Many of these apps now offer what are known as Pick’em style games. In this game mode, players make over/under picks based on individual athlete statistic projections. It looks and feels similar to making prop betting parlays. 

Traditional prize pool DFS contests are commonly offered, as well. These are more classic DFS contests, in which players create a lineup of picks while staying under a certain salary cap. The players who earn the most points from their roster of athletes earn the majority of the contest’s prize pool. 

PGA Fantasy Player Props Contests

Pick’Em style games have, in many ways, revolutionized daily fantasy sports. As we just pointed out, this type of game involves making over/under picks based on stat projections. It essentially allows players to create a lineup of player picks, very similar to how a prop betting parlay works. 

The specific rules connected with these player prop contests can vary. Some operators treat these games like parlays, meaning just one incorrect pick will result in your entire entry fee being lost. Some operators allow for “flex play,” which allows for one or even two picks to be incorrect. A few examples of Pick’Em style player props are featured below. 

These Pick’Em games are fantastic alternatives to sports betting for many people across the country where no legal online sportsbooks are currently operating. 

Traditional Fantasy Golf Contests

Finding traditional DFS contests for golf is extremely easy nowadays, too. Many of the top daily fantasy platforms operating today offer prize pool golf contests, some of which offer massive cash prizes to the winners. The rules of these contests are fairly simple. 

First, players need to enter one of these traditional contests by paying the entry fee. After this, players are given a “salary cap” to choose a daily fantasy roster of golf players. The goal is to choose the golfers that will perform the best over a single day. 

The entry fee for these contests can vary tremendously. Some can be played for just a few dollars, while others can cost several thousands to join. These are generally peer-to-peer DFS games that allow players to test their golf knowledge against one another. 

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Best Golf DFS Sites

We spent a large amount of time looking through all of the DFS apps that offer contests on golf. After a careful review process, we narrowed down four of the best ones currently operating. A list of these operators is featured below. 

Underdog Fantasy

Underdog Fantasy is one of the newer additions to the US daily fantasy sports market, having launched in 2020. It did not take long for this DFS operator to gain a huge user base around the country, though. Underdog Fantasy’s huge variety of games, modern design, and massive tournaments offering multi-million dollar prizes have helped to make it one of the most popular US daily fantasy sports platforms operating. 

Members of Underdog Fantasy have access to several different types of games. That includes traditional prize pool and Pick’Em style contests. It offers both DFS styles on many different sports including golf, football, basketball, and many others. 

This daily fantasy site is well-known for its massive tournaments. The most popular are the “Best Ball Mania” tournaments, which span an entire sports season. These are available for multiple sports. The “Best Ball Mania IV” tournament offered a staggering $15 million in total cash prizes.

Underdog Fantasy PGA Contests

Golf fans will find a fun variety of golf contests at Underdog Fantasy. As we just pointed out, this includes a selection of fun player prop contests and traditional prize pool contests. Learn more about the specific kinds of DFS contests offered by Underdog Fantasy below. 

Underdog Fantasy PGA Pick’Em Contests

The Pick’Em contests at Underdog Fantasy are very fun. There are two types of Pick’Em games available here: Higher/Lower, and Rivals. The rules for these games vary slightly, yet both allow players to earn large payouts. 

In the Higher/Lower game type, players make between 1-5 over/under picks based on athlete stat projections. As more picks are included in a lineup, the payout opportunities increase. If just one of these picks is incorrect, however, the entire lineup will be lost, similar to how a parlay works. Some of the golf picks can include things like the total number of strokes, the total number of birdies, and more. 

The Rivals contests work a little differently. In this game type, players make 1-5 picks between two athletes. For example, players can choose whether one of two athletes will earn fewer strokes over a single day. It’s a very fun form of player prop DFS and offers up to a 20x payout on your entry fee. 

PGA Fantasy Golf - Underdog Fantasy app screenshots PGA Fantasy Golf - Underdog Fantasy app screenshots PGA Fantasy Golf - Underdog Fantasy app screenshots

Underdog Fantasy DFS Prize Pool Contests

Underdog Fantasy members also have access to some great golf prize pool contests. These are more traditional, old-school DFS contests in which players compete with one another. Taking part in these contests is simple. 

First, players will need to find the type of contest they want to enter. Each contest will clearly feature its set entry fee and maximum prize pool. Choose a contest, make your entry fee, and create a draft of players while staying under your salary cap. 

The goal is to create a roster of players who will perform the best in a certain sporting event. Those with a roster that earns the most points earn the set cash prizes. Underdog Fantasy provides a huge number of PGA Tour prize pool contests, many of which offer thousands of dollars to winners with just a $5 entry fee. 

Underdog Fantasy Bonus Offer

Underdog Fantasy offers all of its new members a 50% first deposit bonus of up to $250. This is a generous, albeit somewhat standard bonus among DFS operators. It gives players the opportunity to immediately double the amount of money they first deposit into their accounts. 

This bonus comes with very standard terms and conditions. That includes a 1x playthrough requirement. All bonus funds earned from this welcome bonus will be credited within 72 hours and unused bonus funds will expire within 60 days.

Why Underdog Fantasy for PGA?

Underdog Fantasy stands as one of the best daily fantasy sports platforms in the US for golf fans. It offers a fun variety of daily fantasy contests for every major PGA Tour event taking place each year. That includes unique Pick’Em games that truly give the feel of making prop betting parlays. 

Dabble Fantasy

Dabble Fantasy is a very unique DFS platform that launched in early 2024 and now operates in 20 states. It quickly began making big waves around the US thanks to its impressive selection of games and very unique, social-media-like features. This is truly a DFS platform unlike any other and is a great option for golf fans looking for a legal alternative to sports betting. 

Dabble Fantasy specializes in offering prop-style Pick’Em games. Users will not find any traditional prize pool contests offered through this platform. This makes it a great option for those who want a prop betting experience, yet may not have access to legal online sportsbooks. 

Dabble Fantasy also works to connect passionate sports fans with each other. There is a “feed” located on the app’s homepage, which acts similar to a social media feed on popular platforms such as Instagram or Facebook. Users can follow, chat, and compare picks with each other. It’s a fun and special DFS platform that offers enough golf contests to keep even the most hardcore fans happy. 

Dabble Fantasy PGA Contests

Dabble Fantasy offers only one style of DFS contest. This is a Pick’Em style of daily fantasy sports, in which players make over/under picks based on athlete stat projections. Players always compete against the house; there is no option to compete with other players through this platform. 

The rules for the Dabble Fantasy contests are standard. Players make between 2-12 individual picks to form what resembles a traditional prop betting parlay. Choose your entry fee (how much you are willing to “wager”) and wait for the results. The more picks that are included in a lineup, the larger the payout opportunities will be. 

There are many different golf picks available through Dabble Fantasy. Players can choose from a large variety of individual player stat picks for things such as the total number of strokes, the total number of birdies made, and more. Dabble offers picks for more major PGA events, including the Players Championship, Genesis Invitational, Valero Texas Open, Arnold Palmer Invitational, and many more. 

PGA Golf Fantasy apps - Dabble app screenshots

Dabble Fantasy Bonus Offer

All new members of Dabble Fantasy are eligible to receive a $10 no-deposit bonus. This is a unique type of welcome bonus, as it does not require any initial deposit to be earned. Instead, DFS fans can click the “Claim Offer” tab on this Props.com page, create a new account with Dabble Fantasy, and use the promo code “PROPS.” From here, Dabble will automatically credit you with $10 in free credits. 

This welcome bonus comes with terms and conditions that are standard in the industry. That includes a 1x playthrough requirement. All bonus funds will expire, if unused, within 14 days of being credited. Before any bonus funds can be earned, players will need to verify their ID with Dabble Fantasy.

Why Dabble Fantasy for Golf DFS?

Dabble Fantasy is a world-class, unique daily fantasy sports platform offering many features that other competitors simply lack. The contests here are great, giving the feeling of making real prop betting parlays with huge payout opportunities. The modern design of Dabble Fantasy ensures that even complete beginners to DFS can make picks in just a few minutes. 

Many golf fans will also love the proper functioning social element that Dabble Fantasy provides. It feels in many ways like a legitimate social media platform, allowing users to follow and communicate with one another easily. Golf fans looking for Pick’Em style contests and a more social atmosphere will love what Dabble Fantasy has to offer.


PrizePicks was launched nearly a decade ago and has since expanded into 24 states around the country. It offers a fun variety of Pick’Em games on a huge number of sports, including golf. PrizePicks was, in fact, one of the first DFS operators to launch this type of Pick’Em style game and has gained an excellent reputation thanks to its modern design and an impressive selection of contests. 

As expected, PrizePicks works seamlessly using both a desktop computer and a mobile device. All of this platform’s world-class features can be accessed using both devices. It is very user-friendly and provides a large number of games and contests for major PGA Tour events taking place throughout the year. 

Users will not find traditional prize pool contests at PrizePicks. This DFS app serves as a great alternative to traditional online sports betting, only offering contests that resemble prop betting parlays on all of the most popular sports in the country. 

PrizePicks PGA Contests

Perhaps no other DFS operator provides as many golf picks as PrizePicks. Members will find a huge variety of over/under picks available for nearly every single athlete competing in major events. Some of those over/under picks include things like the total number of birdies, the total strokes, individual player vs. player picks, and total greens in regulation. 

As expected, PrizePicks offers golf contests for almost all of the PGA events taking place each year. Members will find over/under picks available on each of the athletes set to compete in these events, including Chris Kirk, Scottie Scheffler, and Rory McIlroy. 

Generally speaking, PrizePicks offers more picks for larger tournaments. Fortunately, members will still find many different pick options for even the smallest PGA events that are held. PrizePicks is about as user-friendly as a DFS platform can get, with a slick pick system and an entry field that will always reveal your possible payout opportunities. 

PrizePicks Bonus Offer

Unfortunately, PrizePicks does not currently offer a specialized bonus for Props.com readers. 

Why PrizePicks for Golf DFS?

PrizePicks has established itself as one of the top Pick’Em DFS platforms operating in the country. It focuses on player prop contests, offering these fun games on all of the most popular sports in the US. Golf fans will find plenty of picks available for every single PGA Tour tournament taking place around the world. 

The design and user interface of PrizePicks are also phenomenal. Even first-time DFS players will be able to quickly understand the contest structures and begin making picks. Those looking for a Pick’Em-style DFS platform with a modern, simple design will love what PrizePicks has to offer. 

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PGA Fantasy Golf FAQ

How do fantasy PGA contests work?

Several types of PGA daily fantasy sports contests currently exist. Many prefer Pick’Em contests, in which players make over/under picks for golfer stat projections. Some of the top DFS platforms also offer golf prize pool contests, in which players create player draft lineups and compete with one another. 

What are the best Golf DFS sites?

There are many world-class golf DFS sites available. Underdog Fantasy is considered by many to be one of the very best. It offers a huge variety of PGA contests and has one of the sleekest, most modern designs of any daily fantasy sports platform operating today. 

Does PrizePicks have golf props?

PrizePicks specializes in player prop contests. Members of this DFS platform can make a huge variety of over/under picks in a way that closely resembles prop betting parlays. 

Does Underdog Fantasy have golf?

Underdog Fantasy offers a great selection of DFS contests on golf. That includes both Pick’Em style contests and traditional prize pool contests. Occasionally, PrizePicks also offers major DFS tournaments for golf which can offer massive cash prizes to the winners. 

Does DraftKings have golf?

DraftKings DFS offers prize pool contests on golf. Members of this platform will find contests with a large variety of entry fees and payout structures for neatly all major golf tournaments taking place around the world. 

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