The Ontario online gambling industry is about to receive a huge lift in April 2022, as several new forms of online gambling will be in place. Daily fantasy sports sites are already available in the province, but new options will soon be available.

Bill C-218 was passed in 2021 as a way to amend the current criminal code on sports betting, but it also included language for other forms of gambling as well. Online sports betting, online casino gambling, and online poker sites will all be able to launch in April. 

The Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario has been put in charge of overseeing and regulating the new online gambling options. That group then created the iGaming Ontario group to help with receiving licenses and setting up these industries.

Ontario has looked at the models used in the United States to help get these new industries up and running, and several top operators from the U.S. are expected to launch. Testing has been going on behind the scenes, but the big day will occur on April 4, 2022.

Ontario Legal Sportsbooks

Legal sports betting is coming in full form on April 4, 2022, but it has actually been live since the beginning of February. The Ontario Lottery was given the first chance to offer legal sports betting, and it was able to release an app in February 2022. 

When commercial sports betting is offered in Ontario, mobile apps will be able to launch as well as sports betting desktop sites. Retail sports betting can also occur, but there won’t be any options available in April. 

The legal sports betting age in Ontario is set at 19 years of age, and all betting must be done within the province of Ontario. Geolocation services will be used to track the physical location of a bettor, but that will only be done after an account is set up. 

Bill C-218 had plenty of support from lawmakers in Ontario when it was introduced, but it also received support from outside sources. The National Football League helped get this bill pushed through and that league has already partnered with some operators set to launch in the province. 

Ontario Online Sports Betting

The Ontario and Lottery Gaming Corporation got things started in the online sports betting industry when it launched the ProLine+ app in early February. This has remained the only sports betting option in Ontario until April, but that will be changing quickly. 

According to the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario, there are at least sports betting operators that have received a license. Some of the biggest names in the sports betting industry are set to go live, while there will be some smaller companies as well. 

Here are some of the operators that are expected to launch in Ontario:

  • 888Sport
  • Bet365 Ontario
  • BetMGM
  • BetRivers Ontario
  • Coolbet
  • DraftKings
  • FanDuel
  • Fitzdares
  • LeoVegas
  • PointsBet
  • ProLine+
  • Rivalry
  • theScore Bet
  • Unibet

When these sites launch, mobile apps are also expected to be available to both residents and visitors of Ontario. These mobile apps will be available for download on both Android and iOS devices as well.

One unique feature of online sports betting in Ontario is the fact that these operators do not have to be tied to a casino or retail property to receive a license. This can save the sportsbooks some money as they will not have to share the profit with a casino.

Online sports betting revenue is set to be taxed at a rate of 20% and that will be paid to Ontario. 

Ontario Retail Sportsbooks 

It’s a bit unclear as to how the retail sports betting scene in Ontario will eventually look. There likely won’t be any retail sportsbooks in Ontario for a while, but bettors can still find ways to place bets in person. 

These in-person bets can be made anywhere that accepts ProLine+ wagers, or anywhere that can sell lottery tickets. The fact that there won’t be any retail sportsbooks set up at casinos makes the retail scene in Ontario different from most states in the U.S. 

Ontario Legal Online Fantasy Sports Sites

Daily fantasy sports sites have been legal in Ontario for years, but that industry is set to take a step back at the beginning of April. Two of the biggest operators are reportedly shutting down operations in Ontario once legal sports betting launches, but it’s unclear how long that will last. 

Both DraftKings and FanDuel will pull the plug on DFS operations in Ontario on April 4 when their legal online sports betting sites are up and running. It’s unclear if the entire DFS industry in Ontario will shut down, but the market will at least be without the two biggest operators for the time being.

This was one of the first legal online betting options in Canada, and it allowed sports fans in the province an outlet to get involved in sports. DFS sites are similar to sports betting in some ways, but there are no wagers placed, simply entry fees made. 

Salary Cap DFS Sites In Ontario

When it comes to daily fantasy sports sites, salary cap games have always been the most popular. These types of games are how DFS sites first launched, and DraftKings and FanDuel quickly emerged as the two top options. 

One great thing about both DraftKings and FanDuel is that they had a mobile app available as well, and this allowed customers to enter contests from anywhere. Those mobile apps were available on both Android and iOS devices and would work anywhere in Ontario. 

There have been other operators entering the DFS industry and offering salary cap games, but DraftKings and FanDuel have always been at the top. Without these two options in Ontario moving forward, there is a clear gap in this market. 

Fantasy Player Prop Games In Ontario

Beyond the traditional salary cap DFS games, player prop games have become popular as well. Sites that offer these types of games have taken the popular prop betting at the sportsbook and transformed it into a DFS offering.

Monkey Knife Fight is one of the clear leaders in the player prop game space, and it has been accepting players in Ontario. This company has not yet made an announcement regarding shutting down in April, and it could remain a top option for DFS players in the province.  

Best Ball Games In STATE

Underdog Fantasy is another DFS operator that is legal in Canada, and it offers a game that is known as “best ball.” This type of game is similar to salary cap games, but there are some slight changes in the overall rules. 

If DraftKings and FanDuel remain out of Ontario for a long period of time then a site like Underdog Fantasy might emerge as one of the top options. Signing up for an account at a site like Underdog Fantasy is a simple process and one that can be done from anywhere in Ontario. 

Ontario Legal Online Poker Sites

Online poker is coming to Ontario on April 4, 2022, as well, but there are still some regulations that need to be announced before that happens. Some of these regulations might not be finalized by the launch date, but it’s already pretty clear how this industry will work. 

There aren’t as many online poker operators as there are in other verticals, but it appears as if Ontario will be getting some terrific options. These online poker sites will be able to offer the same games that can be found at in-person casinos and the games will work in the same way. 

The Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario has been receiving online poker license applications as well, and there could be a handful ready to launch on the first day. Some of the sites that offer online poker will also offer sports betting, but that’s not extremely common. 

The legal age to play online poker in Ontario has been set at 19 years of age. 

Ontario Online Poker Sites

The online poker news in Ontario has not been as prevalent as online sports betting, and that’s partly because there aren’t as many companies looking to launch. Online poker has seen some growth in recent years, but it hasn’t been as quick as online sports betting or online casino gaming. 

Here are the five online poker sites that are expected to launch at some point in Ontario:

  • 888Poker
  • iPoker
  • PartyPoker
  • PokerStars
  • WSOP

These online poker sites will also have the option to offer a mobile betting app that can be downloaded on both Android and iOS devices. The mobile apps will have the same look and feel like the online website, but poker can be played from anywhere. 

Ontario Online Poker Player Pools

When online poker does go live in Ontario, there will not be any player pools available. This means that anyone playing online poker in Ontario will only be able to play with others in this province. 

This could change in the future, and the most likely scenario is that players will first be able to play against others from the country of Canada. That could eventually expand to the United States as there are some agreements in place in the U.S. 

The biggest reason for allowing online poker player pools is to have more competition and more opponents to choose from. 

Ontario Legal Online Casino Sites

Ontario is home to over 28 brick-and-mortar casinos and this province has become a massive gambling industry. That industry is only going to grow even more once online casino sites are able to launch in April 2022. 

The new online casino industry in Ontario is set to be massive, and it’s also going to be one that is extremely competitive. There could be as many as a dozen online casino sites ready to launch on the first day that this becomes a legal option. 

The legal gambling age at online casino sites is 19 years of age, which is standard for in-person casino sites as well. The current casino rules in terms of what games can be offered will apply to these online sites in Ontario. 

Ontario Online Casino Sites

Online casino sites are expected to launch on April 4, 2022, as well, but it’s unclear how many will be available. According to the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario, there were close to 30 different operators that applied for a license. 

These sites will be able to offer all of the legal and popular in-person casino games, and there can even be different variations of games offered. This is another industry that is expected to grow with time. 

Here are some of the online casino sites that are expected to launch:

  • 888Casino
  • Bet365
  • BetMGM
  • BetRivers
  • FanDuel
  • Golden Nugget
  • PointsBet
  • Royal Panda
  • Unibet

The operators that offer both online sports betting and online casino gambling are expected to emerge as the top options in Ontario. That doesn’t always have to be the case, but those sites have the advantage of being able to have just one app for both gambling options. 

One aspect that is a bit unique about online casino sites in Ontario is that these were actually allowed to launch before online sports betting. This is the opposite order of what has traditionally taken place in the United States, and Canada has used the U.S. model to launch online sports betting. 

Ontario Live Dealer Online Casino

Live dealer online casino games have become some of the most popular options for those playing at an online casino. A live dealer game has the look and feel of actually being on the casino floor.

A big advantage of playing a live dealer online casino game is that the action is much quicker than traditional online casino games. Most are games played solely against the dealer and it is also much easier to switch rooms or tables.

Blackjack and roulette are two of the most popular options that are usually available with live dealer online casino games. 

How Do I Know That Online Gambling Sites In Ontario Are Fair? 

Online gambling sites in Ontario are going to be fair or else they would risk losing all of their customers. All of the different online gambling verticals in Ontario will be extremely competitive, and the sites can’t afford to have unfair betting lines as it would chase customers away.

It’s also important to remember that online gambling sites have to go through an application process before they can launch, and not every single company is going to be chosen. Give the online gambling sites in Ontario a try, and you can decide for yourself how fair each of them are. 

Who Regulates Legal online sportsbooks in Ontario?

The Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario is in charge of regulating online sportsbooks in Ontario, and that group has been busy well before the launch date. This group received all of the license applications from potential sportsbooks and was the group that issued the licenses. 

Not only does the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario regulate online sports betting, but it oversees the other gambling industry in Ontario as well. The work doesn’t end when these sites launch as this group will continue to check and make sure that all of the regulations are being followed. 

Why should I trust legal online sportsbooks?

Since all of the sites that launch have been verified and receive a license, this is the best reason to trust each of them. There is a thorough process involved when it comes to applying for an online sports betting license, and not everyone will receive one. 

If you do run into some major issues with any of the online sportsbooks in Ontario then you can reach out to the Alcohol and Gaming Commission for some assistance. You don’t ever want to use a site that has not yet received a license to operate. 

How do I get paid if I win?

Banking at online gambling sites used to be a bit of a hassle, but that is no longer the case. The banking options will vary depending on the operator, but you will always be able to find plenty of options available. 

All of the banking that you do at an online gambling site in Ontario will be done through one specific operator, and that includes both making a deposit or requesting a withdrawal. If you run into an issue when banking at an online gambling site then you will want to reach out to customer service to get some help. 

Ontario Online Gambing FAQ

Can I bet on college sports in Ontario?

There is a long list of sports that will be available for wagering in Ontario, and college sports will be included. Several states in the United States have had a tough debate about wagering on college sporting events, but that wasn’t the case in Ontario. College basketball and football will be the two most popular sports to wager on. 

Does DraftKings offer fantasy games in Ontario?

DraftKings has been offering daily fantasy sports in Ontario for years, but that is set to end when legal sports betting launches. DraftKings has announced that it will temporarily stop offering DFS games in Ontario until it becomes a legal option in the province. 

Are there any mobile betting apps in Ontario?

Yes, mobile betting apps are expected to be where the majority of the online action is done. There will be mobile apps available for all of the different online gambling verticals, with some companies offering multiple online betting forms on the same app. 

Who can get a license to run an online gambling app in Ontario?

Each form of online betting will have different laws to receive a license in Ontario. The Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario has been put in charge of regulating online gambling and that group will issue the licenses. 

Ontario does not have any rules in place that require online operators to partner with a casino or other retail property in the province before applying for a license. 

How do I get paid when I win at Ontario legal betting sites?

All of the legal betting sites in Ontario will have their own banking department, and it doesn’t matter what type of site that is. If you win some money when gambling online then you will reach out to that individual site for payment.