Is Underdog Fantasy legal in California?

Guide To Underdog Fantasy California

Underdog Fantasy burst onto the daily fantasy sports scene in 2020 with backing from high-profile investors like Kevin Durant, Mark Cuban, and Adam Schefter. It hasn’t looked back, becoming one of the most popular DFS sites thanks to its unique Best Ball, Battle Royale, and Pick’em contests. This daily fantasy sports platform is legal and available in 41 states. But is California among the Underdog Fantasy legal states?

This question is common regarding Underdog and other DFS sites because California hasn’t regulated online gambling. Given the lack of regulation, you may wonder if it’s safe and legal to play at Underdog Fantasy in the Golden State.

Let’s solve this matter by going over California’s stance on daily fantasy sports and Underdog’s legality. We’ll also cover important info on the Underdog app, including its sign-up bonus, available contests, and sign-up process.

Underdog Fantasy California Welcome Bonus

Can I Use Underdog Fantasy In California?

Underdog Fantasy is legal in the Golden State for anybody aged 18 or older. California has not regulated DFS, but it doesn’t prohibit daily fantasy either nor issue warnings to operators. Therefore, the Underdog Fantasy app feels perfectly comfortable operating in this state. Other DFS apps do too because all the big operators accept CA players.

If you’re interested in playing at Underdog within California, you can take comfort knowing that it’s legal and available. But you may want details on how to sign up and use Underdog. Furthermore, you might want to know why this DFS app is worth considering.

This page will cover how to register and deposit at Underdog. It’ll also discuss how you can use the Underdog Fantasy promo code to score a large bonus. Additionally, it explains what this app does well and why it’s one of the most popular daily fantasy sports operators in the state.

How is Underdog Fantasy Legal In California?

Unlike some states, California has not legalized and regulated DFS. Efforts to regulate daily fantasy within the Golden State, such as HB 1437, have gone nowhere That said, you might be wondering how the Underdog Fantasy app can legally operate in California.

The state’s Penal Code on Gaming (PC 330-337) presents a broad definition of illegal gambling. It criminalizes the managing “any slot or card machine, contrivance, appliance or mechanical device, upon the result of action of which money or other valuable thing is staked or hazarded.” Subsections of PC 330-337 mention illegal games like fan-tan, faro, hokey pokey, monte, rondo, and tan.

Of course, these games are irrelevant today and rarely played by any CA residents or visitors. It’s safe to say that much of California’s gambling Penal Code is outdated. Daily fantasy sports didn’t become available until over a century after PC 330, which was written in 1872.

Given the absence of DFS mentions, daily fantasy falls into a gray area in California. No laws directly cover DFS, leaving it open to interpretation. Attorney generals in some states without regulated daily fantasy sports offer an opinion for or against the matter. Many DFS operators will follow this stance by either continuing to serve a state (legal) or avoid it (illegal). But the California Attorney General has yet to provide a legal opinion.

Long story short, Underdog Fantasy is legal within this state because no laws say otherwise. Additionally, neither the Attorney General’s office nor state police have warned or taken action against daily fantasy operators.

Is Underdog Fantasy legal in California? Underdog Fantasy screenshot Is Underdog Fantasy legal in California? Underdog Fantasy screenshot


How Does DFS Differ from Sports Betting in California?

The Golden State has not legalized sports betting and views it as illegal gambling. Therefore, you may wonder what makes DFS legal—or at least tolerated—in California while sports wagering is prohibited.

Daily fantasy sports have a skill element that involves competing against other users. Your skills in drafting players or choosing player props dictate your success rate. The federal government noted that fantasy sports are legal due to this skill element when passing the UIGEA in 2006.

The sports betting space also contains an element of skill. You can use your knowledge of players, teams, and coaches to boost your odds of winning. However, the sports gambling industry revolves around you competing against bookmakers rather than fellow users.

Underdog Fantasy and other DFS apps have this element too with certain contests (e.g., Pick’em). But they can also feature traditional tournaments, which pit you against other players. That said, California and many other states view DFS sites differently than they do unregulated sports betting.

For more on the legality of sports betting and daily fantasy sports sites in California, check out our guide to California sports betting.

Underdog Fantasy Overview

Underdog stands out in the DFS industry because it offers more than salary-cap-based tournaments and cash games. You can find contests here that aren’t available everywhere else. Underdog Fantasy contests include:

Underdog Fantasy California Pick’em 

Pick’em contests break down into two main categories, including Higher/Lower and Rivals. Much like player props in sports betting, Higher/Lower involves deciding if a player will go under or over a stat (e.g., Steph Curry over/under 27.5 points).

Rivals Pick ’em contests require you to choose one player to outperform another in a stat category. For example, you might select MLB star Jeff McNeil to get more hits than Freddie Freeman.

The Pick’em contests at Underdog Fantasy function similarly to prop betting parlays that you might find at an online sportsbook. While the Pick’em games at Underdog Fantasy aren’t technically sports betting, the contests offer a great option for avid sports fans looking for legal player props in California.

Be sure to check out our Underdog Fantasy Pick’em Strategy guide before you dive into the player props available at Underdog.

*Pick’em contests aren’t available in all 41 Underdog Fantasy legal states.

Battle Royale

A Battle Royale event sees you draft 3-12 players that will be competing in that day’s games. You find out if you’ve won anything once the day’s game slate concludes. Entry fees for these daily contests range from $3 to $300.

Best Ball

This contest involves drafting a team for the entire season, which is similar to fantasy leagues played among friends. But Best Ball contests differ because you don’t make waiver wire pickups, trades, or free agent acquisitions.

When you draft a team for the NFL season, for example, you go the entire season without making any moves. Best Ball contests feature a snake draft, whereby you select 10 players for the starting lineup. The top five players in your lineup count towards your fantasy point total for each round of the tournament.

This site isn’t the only DFS operator that has these kinds of games. However, we noticed during our Underdog Fantasy review that it’s the only one with Battle Royale, Best Ball, and pick’em contests available at the same site.

Tournaments Worth Up to $10 Million

Underdog Fantasy California contests come in tournament format too. Its tourney schedule includes Best Ball Mania, which pays out millions of dollars. At the time of this Underdog Fantasy review, Best Ball Mania IV features a $15 million guaranteed prize pool and $3 million first-place prize.

The NBA tourney Double Dribble Best Ball gives low rollers ($5 entry) a chance to compete for $200,000 guaranteed. You can also expect tournaments involving Pick’em contests on a regular basis.

What Sports Does Underdog Fantasy Cover?

You can see from our mini Underdog Fantasy review so far that this operator features plenty of contests. But what about the sports? Underdog Fantasy California does quite well in this regard too, covering the following sports and leagues:

  • Boxing
  • College basketball
  • College football
  • Esports
  • Golf
  • MLB
  • NBA
  • NFL
  • NHL
  • Soccer

Is There An Underdog Fantasy California Sign-Up Bonus?

The Underdog app provides a 50% match bonus on your first deposit up to $250. This is currently the biggest DFS bonus available, given that the average daily fantasy sports site offers a $100 bonus. You and other new users can score this offer by using the Underdog Fantasy promo code “PROPS” while signing up.

It’s worth noting that other Underdog Fantasy offers are available beyond the 100% deposit match bonus. Additional Underdog Fantasy California promos include multiplier boosts, refer-a-friend bonuses, sweepstakes, and pick’em specials.

Underdog Fantasy CA Sign-Up Bonus Terms And Conditions

Like any DFS offer, the Underdog Fantasy promo code comes with terms and conditions. The main T&Cs behind this welcome bonus include:

  • Open to California residents and visitors aged 18+ (also available in 40 other states).
  • 100% up to $100 bonus requires Underdog Fantasy promo code PROPS.
  • Make your first deposit of $10 or greater.
  • Underdog Fantasy California bonus credits to your account within 72 hours of the first deposit.
  • Rollover is 1x the deposit plus bonus (e.g., 1 x [$100 deposit + $100 bonus] = $200 rollover).
  • You have 60 days after the bonus is credited to meet rollover.

How Do I Claim The Underdog Fantasy Welcome Bonus?

You and other new players can claim the Underdog Fantasy California bonus through the following steps:

  1. Select a “Claim Offer” link on this page.
  2. Choose “Download” on Underdog’s landing page to visit the App Store (iOS) or Google Play (Android).
  3. Download the Underdog Fantasy app.
  4. Select the “Sign Up” option on the app.
  5. Enter the Underdog Fantasy promo code PROPS and hit “Continue.”
  6. Complete the sign-up process by entering all required info.
  7. Visit the cashier and choose one of the payment options (PayPal, credit & debit cards).
  8. Make your first deposit of $10 or more.

You’ll qualify for the deposit bonus after your initial $10+ deposit as long as you enter the “PROPS” code when registering.

Check out our Underdog Fantasy Promo Code guide for more on the bonuses available at this top-flight fantasy site.

Underdog Fantasy California Welcome Bonus Link

Why Underdog Fantasy

Underdog offers certain benefits that make it stand out versus other DFS operators. The Underdog Fantasy pros include:

  • Legal in the Golden State – You can legally play for real money at Underdog Fantasy California.
  • Solid deposit match bonus – The Underdog Fantasy promo code PROPS gets you a 100% up to $100 bonus.
  • Several unique contests at one site – Underdog Fantasy features Battle Royale, Best Ball, and Pick’em games under one cyber roof.
  • Huge tournaments – You can compete in tourneys with prize pools worth up to $15 million.
  • Wide sports coverage – The Underdog Fantasy app covers everything from the NFL to golf.
  • Regular promotions – Another advantage to Underdog includes its ongoing promos such as multiplier boosts, pick’em specials, and sweepstakes.

Be sure to take a look at our full review of Underdog Fantasy.

Underdog Fantasy California FAQ

Is daily fantasy sports legal in California?

You can legally play daily fantasy sports in California. This state hasn’t regulated DFS like some jurisdictions, but it still tolerates daily fantasy. Furthermore, no laws in the California Penal Code specifically prohibit daily fantasy sports. The CA Attorney General has never declared DFS illegal either.

Mainstream banking options are also willing to facilitate payments between California daily fantasy sites and players. ACH/banks, credit cards, and PayPal commonly serve DFS operators, which they wouldn’t do if daily fantasy Sports were illegal.

All these points add up to Underdog and other DFS apps being legal here. We don’t see this situation changing anytime soon either because California has always been hands-off with the daily fantasy industry.

Is Underdog Fantasy considered gambling in California?

California does not consider Underdog Fantasy to be gambling. Underdog features skill-based contests between players like Battle Royale and Best Ball. This skill element helps Underdog Fantasy avoid the gambling distinction unlike sports betting. Therefore, Underdog is legal and fully operational in California with no worries.

Sports gambling also has skill involved, but it requires you to bet against the house’s lines. When you win, the bookmaker pays you with money that it collects from both sides of a bet—not a player-funded prize pool. California views unregulated betting sites as illegal because there’s no player-vs-player element involved.

Can you play fantasy football for money in California?

Yes, you can win real money when playing daily fantasy sports in California. Real-money DFS contests are available through a variety of formats. Underdog’s Battle Royale, Pick’em, and Best Ball contests all pay money to the winner(s). You just need to finish in a qualifying position to win money in a given event.

Of course, you’ll need to deposit before playing for money at Underdog Fantasy California. Available Underdog deposit methods include Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, and PayPal. Use the Underdog Fantasy promo code “PROPS” when registering and depositing the get the 100% deposit match bonus up to $100.

Can you use Underdog Fantasy anywhere?

Underdog Fantasy is available in 41 states and all Canadian provinces except for Ontario. Examples of the Underdog Fantasy legal states include Colorado, Florida, New Hampshire, New Mexico, New York, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, and West Virginia. You cannot use the Underdog Fantasy app in Connecticut, Delaware, Idaho, Iowa, Louisiana, Michigan, Montana, Nevada, and Washington.

The Pick’em games availability differs by state because these contests see you compete against Underdog rather than fellow users. Besides the nine states where Underdog is unavailable, you cannot play Pick’em contests in Maryland, Missouri, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, and West Virginia.

Is Underdog Fantasy a safe daily fantasy site in California?

Underdog is a top-tier DFS app that enjoys good reviews from players. Case in point, it carries a 4.3/5 Google Play (Android) rating and 4.7/5 App Store (iOS) rating. Underdog also has serious backing from notable investors like Durant, Cuban, Schefter, BlackRock, Fantasy Labs, Jared Goff, Steve Aoki, and more. Therefore, you can count on Underdog Fantasy having plenty of funding and always making payouts.

Another Underdog Fantasy legit factor includes how it operates. This daily fantasy site only runs in states with either regulated markets or a high tolerance towards DFS. California fits the latter because it takes a hands-off approach to daily fantasy sports, allowing DFS sites to operate in a gray area.

Underdog Fantasy California Welcome Bonus