College Football Week 2 Odds: Iowa-Iowa State Sees Line Move Toward Hawkeyes

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After a Week 1 loaded with marquee matchups, the college football Week 2 odds board isn’t nearly as intriguing. But opportunity is where you find it, and surely bettors will still find plenty of games worthy of an investment.

Among the more noteworthy contests are a Pac-12/Big Ten clash and a battle for bragging rights in the state of Iowa.

TwinSpires Sportsbook trading analyst Zachary Lucas provides insights on opening lines and early action in the college football Week 2 betting market. Check back throughout the week for action updates from multiple sportsbooks on the following games:

College Football Week 2 Odds

Matchup Time Spread Over/Under
Oregon at Ohio State Noon ET Saturday Ohio State -14.5 63.5
Iowa at Iowa State 4:30 p.m. ET Saturday Iowa State -4 45
Texas at Arkansas 7 p.m. ET Saturday Texas -5.5 57
Washington at Michigan 8 p.m. ET Saturday Michigan -6.5 47.5
Utah at BYU 10:15 p.m. ET Saturday Utah -7 50
Toledo at Notre Dame 2:30 p.m. ET Saturday Notre Dame -17 55.5
N.C. State at Mississippi State 7 p.m. ET Saturday N.C. State -1.5 55.5
Air Force at Navy 3:30 p.m. ET Saturday Air Force -6 40.5
Missouri at Kentucky 7:30 p.m. ET Saturday Kentucky -5.5 56
Appalachian State at Miami 7 p.m. ET Saturday Miami -7.5 54.5

Odds courtesy of TwinSpires (as of 4 p.m. ET Sept. 10)

Oregon at Ohio State

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Opening line: Ohio State -14, Over/Under 64

UPDATE 2 P.M. ET FRIDAY: The Buckeyes hit PointsBet USA‘s odds board as 14-point favorites and early in the week went to -14.5, where they’ve stuck ever since. Ohio State is taking 63% of spread tickets and 68% of spread money. The total has bounced around a bit, from 64 to 62.5 and back to 64, and it’s now 63.5.

UPDATE 9 P.M. ET WEDNESDAY: DraftKings originally put this game up in May at Ohio State -9.5 and moved to -11.5 ahead of both team’s Week 1 games. Then Ohio State took care of business at Minnesota, while Oregon had to hold off visiting Fresno State.

So when the line reposted Sunday afternoon, the Buckeyes were 14-point favorites. On Tuesday, Ohio State went to -14.5, and the Buckeyes are currently attracting 72% of early tickets and 81% of early money.

The total opened at 63 on Sunday, quickly peaked at 64, fell back to 62.5 Monday and is now 63.5. The Over is landing 62% of tickets/78% of dollars.

UPDATE 5 P.M. ET MONDAY: Ohio State, which pulled away from Minnesota in the second half of a 45-31 Week 1 road victory, is already beyond a two-touchdown favorite in Week 2. The Buckeyes edged up a half-point at TwinSpires to -14.5 for this non-conference contest.

“As soon as we opened, we saw a few sharp wagers come in on Ohio State -14. There’s not much buyback on Oregon yet,” Lucas said of activity on a Ducks squad that held off visiting Fresno State 31-24 in its season opener. “With how high-profile a team Ohio State is, Oregon is likely going to be one of our bigger needs on Saturday.”

The total is down a tick to 63.5, with early sharp money on Under 64.

Iowa at Iowa State

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Opening line: Iowa State -3.5, Over/Under 44.5

UPDATE 4 P.M. ET SATURDAY: Thirty minutes ahead of kickoff. TwinSpires has moved this number from Iowa State -4.5 to -4. Multiple books, including TwinSpires, noted strong ticket count for Iowa, as well as a majority of dollars on Iowa. The total is down 1.5 points just today, from 46.5 to 45.

UPDATE 7:30 P.M. ET FRIDAY: Caesars Sportsbook opened Iowa State as 3.5-point chalk Sunday evening, moved to -4 Monday morning and to -4.5 Wednesday. With both teams hovering around the Top 10, this game is hugely popular. Caesars reported that the matchup is the book’s highest-bet college game this week in both ticket count and money.

Although the line is up a point, road underdog Iowa is actually attracting 85% of tickets and 80% of money.

UPDATE 9 P.M. ET WEDNESDAY: In another game that first went up in May, DraftKings pegged Iowa State -4.5 and got to -6 on Sept. 2. Week 1 adjustments put the Cyclones at -3.5 Sunday, followed by a couple of trips up to -4.5, where the number now sits. Ticket count is approaching 4/1 and money 3/1 on Iowa State.

The total is up to 46 from a 44.5 opener, but it’s two-way action, with 54% of bets on the Over and 55% of money on the Under.

UPDATE 5 P.M. ET MONDAY: This line showed some immediate volatility at TwinSpires, first going up a point to Iowa State -4.5, then backing up to the -3.5 opener. Underdog Iowa is taking 68% of early tickets and 70% of early cash on the spread.

“Initial money came in on Iowa State, and once we got to 4.5, it was all Iowa money bringing the line back down to 3.5,” Lucas said. “I think we’ll see this line bounce back-and-forth between 3.5 and 4 all week.”

Although the total is up a half-point to 45, the early ticket count is 3/1 and money 2/1 on the Under at TwinSpires.

Texas at Arkansas

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Opening line: Texas -6, Over/Under 58.5

UPDATE 5 P.M. ET SATURDAY: This line is dropping at TwinSpires, down a full point today from Longhorns -7 to -6. But Texas is still taking 79% of bets and 70% of money.

“Texas wagers are still piling in,” TwinSpires trading analyst Zachary Lucas said. “We saw some sharp buyback on Arkansas +7 and +6.5.”

UPDATE 7:30 P.M. ET FRIDAY: Texas went up as a 6-point favorite Sunday at DraftKings and made its way to -7 by Wednesday. The Longhorns are taking 72% of bets and 86% of money. The total dipped from 58.5 to 56 by Wednesday, then inched up to 56.5 this morning. It’s two-way action, with 54% of bets on the Over and money running dead even.

UPDATE 9 P.M. ET WEDNESDAY: This number got a significant adjustment Sunday from where DraftKings spent the past few months. Texas initially went up -4.5 and dipped to -3.5 pre-Week 1. Post-Week 1, the Longhorns went to -6, on their way to -7 Wednesday afternoon. It’s practically all Texas tickets and cash, at 91% and 95%, respectively.

The total went up Sunday at 58.5 and is now 56, with 62% of tickets on the Under and money running dead even.

UPDATE 5 P.M. ET MONDAY: The Longhorns briefly moved up to -6.5 at TwinSpires before reverting to the opener, with early ticket count running almost 5/1 and early money 2/1 on Texas.

“It’s been all public money on Texas so far, with some sharp buyback on Arkansas +6.5 moving the line back down to 6,” Lucas said. “This has the feel of Pros vs. Joes matchup. We’ve already seen Texas moneyline included in numerous parlays, and the Longhorns will likely be a popular selection throughout the week.”

The total backed up to 57 this afternoon, but Lucas said that move was more about keeping in line with the market.

Washington at Michigan

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Opening line: Michigan -5, Over/Under 51

UPDATE 5 P.M. ET SATURDAY: TwinSpires trading analyst Zachary Lucas put it succinctly: “Michigan sitting at -6.5 and still a large liability for us.” Point-spread ticket count and money are both running about 5/1 on the Wolverines. The total is down to 47.5 from a 51 opener, with ticket count 4/1 and money 3/1 on the Under.

UPDATE 2 P.M. ET FRIDAY: After opening -5.5 Sunday, Michigan reached -7 at PointsBet USA late Tuesday night, then ticked to -6.5 this afternoon. Ticket count is 3/1 and money 5/1 on the Wolverines. The total initially went from 51 to 51.5 Monday morning, then dropped to 48.5 by midweek, with PointsBet’s Wyatt Yearout noting sharp play on the Under.

UPDATE 9 P.M. ET WEDNESDAY: Michigan opened -6.5 Sunday night at BetMGM Nevada and ticked to -6.5 by Monday evening. And a further increase appears imminent.

“There are already 7s out there, and I’m sure -7 is coming here, if not higher,” BetMGM Nevada’s Jeff Stoneback said. “I’m sure were gonna need Washington pretty big. It’s 3/1 tickets and already 15/1 money on Michigan. And Michigan has more parlay tickets than any other team this week.”

Stoneback is hoping bettors are overreacting to Washington’s stunning 13-7 home loss to FCS squad Montana in Week 1.

“A lot of times, you see a team have a bad game, and it’s an aberration. A lot of times, those next games are big winners for us,” he said.

UPDATE 5 P.M. ET MONDAY: Fresh off a convincing season-opening victory over Western Michigan, the Wolverines are already up to -6 at TwinSpires, where there’s almost no early interest in the underdog Huskies. That should come as no surprise after Washington–ranked 21st in the preseason media poll–lost to FCS outfit Montana 13-7 as 22.5-point home chalk in Week 1.

“It’s been all Michigan money, and none of it has been sharp money. It’s pretty expected line movement with how polar opposite both teams looked last week,” Lucas said, alluding to Michigan’s 47-14 wipeout of Western Michigan. “If we get to 7/7.5, that’s when we’ll likely see some sharp buyback on Washington. The handle on this game is far and away the largest so far.”

The total dipped a bit to 50.5, with a large majority of early tickets and money on the Under.

Utah at BYU

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Opening line: Utah -7, Over/Under 47

UPDATE 5 P.M. ET SATURDAY: Utah remains -7 at TwinSpires, while attracting 73% of spread bets and 69% of spread money. The total is up to 50 on two-way action, with 56% of bets on the Under and 63% of money on the Over.

UPDATE 2 P.M. ET FRIDAY: BetMGM Nevada took a $10,000 play on Utah -7 earlier in the week, but otherwise, this rivalry clash has drawn solid interest on both sides. The Utes went to -7.5 this morning before quickly returning to -7. With a 10:15 p.m. ET Saturday kickoff, BetMGM Nevada’s Jeff Stoneback expects this matchup to draw significant money.

“It’s a big get-out game for the night,” Stoneback said, noting plenty of parlays, moneyline parlays and teasers will run into this matchup.

UPDATE 5 P.M. ET MONDAY: The Holy War takes place Saturday night in Provo, Utah, and the line initially toggled between Utah -7 and -6.5. But the Utes went up to -7.5 this afternoon while taking 77% of early bets and 64% of early cash.

“We’ve seen sharp money on both BYU +7 and Utah -6.5. We haven’t seen any sharp action yet on BYU +7.5 since we moved, but I’m sure we will,” Lucas said.

The total shot up to 47.5 on early two-way action, rising this afternoon from a low of 46.5, thanks to sharp play on Over 46.5 and 47.

Toledo at Notre Dame

Image Credit: Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Opening line: Notre Dame -18.5, Over/Under 52.5

UPDATE 2 P.M. ET FRIDAY: FanDuel pegged Notre Dame as 18.5-point chalk after its Sunday night overtime win at Florida State. By Monday morning, the line was down to -17.5, and by lunch hour the Fighting Irish were -16. The line rebounded to -17 midweek and is still there now, with Notre Dame drawing 88% of bets and 83% of money.

The total is now 55, from a 52.5 opener and 56 high point, with ticket count 4/1 and money almost 5/1 on the Over.

UPDATE 5 P.M. ET MONDAY: Notre Dame blew all of a 38-20 second-half lead in Week 1, then escaped with a 41-38 overtime victory at Florida State, failing to cash as a 7-point favorite. TwinSpires customers took note right away, as this point spread is already down 2 points to Notre Dame -16.5.

“Toledo is a public dog so far, which is not a big surprise,” Lucas said. “It’s all about public perception right now, and the public saw Notre Dame blow a lead and barely escape Florida State, while Toledo rolled by 39 (vs. Norfolk State). We’ll see Notre Dame moneyline in a few parlays, but overall, we’ll likely end up needing the Irish to cover.”

The total is up a point to 53.5.

North Carolina State at Mississippi State

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Opening line: North Carolina State -2, Over/Under 55.5

UPDATE 2 P.M. ET FRIDAY: The Wolfpack opened as 2-point road faves at PointsBet USA and quickly got to -2.5 late Sunday night, but the line trended down over the past 24 hours. North Carolina State is now a slim -1, despite taking 90% of tickets and money. The total has spent most of the week at 55.5, save for about 30 hours at 55 from Monday morning to Tuesday afternoon.

UPDATE 5 P.M. ET MONDAY: N.C. State is up to -2.5, with both professional and casual bettors getting involved early in this ACC-SEC clash.

“A mix of public and sharp money on North Carolina State so far,” Lucas said. “Despite that, it’s pretty low volume compared with the rest of the games. It looks like N.C. State has reached -3 at a few other books. We’ll likely be moving it there soon, and we’ll see if we get any buyback on Mississippi State.”

The total is down a point to 54.5, with Lucas noting respected money on Under 55.5 and 55.

Air Force at Navy

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Opening line: Air Force -7, Over/Under 44.5

UPDATE 2 P.M. ET FRIDAY: The Falcons dropped from a -6.5 opener to -5.5 by Tuesday at PointsBet USA, then ticked up to -6 Thursday afternoon. It’s all Air Force tickets and money, at 80% of spread bets and 88% of spread cash thus far. As is the case at most books, PointsBet USA saw significant downward movement on the total, from Sunday’s 44 opener to 40.5 by Monday afternoon. The total briefly went to 41 a couple of times since, but it’s now 40.5.

UPDATE 5 P.M. ET MONDAY: In the season’s first matchup for the Commander-in-Chief’s Trophy, the first move was toward Navy, with Air Force dipping to -6.5 at TwinSpires. But Lucas said this is a low-volume contest so far, and the move was more about keeping in line with the market.

The total, however, is generating interest, already tumbling to 40.5.

“All Under money pushing this down 4 points so far,” Lucas said. “Service academy Unders have performed well throughout the years. It seems we can’t set this total low enough.”

Missouri at Kentucky

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Opening line: Kentucky -5, Over/Under 52.5

UPDATE 4 P.M. ET SATURDAY: The Wildcats opened -4 at WynnBET and peaked at -6 this morning, then dialed back to -5.5 this afternoon. Still, point-spread action is heavy to Kentucky, with 88% of tickets/92% of money on the ‘Cats.

UPDATE 2 P.M. ET FRIDAY: Kentucky spent the early part of the week at -5, then rose to -5.5 Thursday at PointsBet USA before returning to the opener this afternoon. The Wildcats are attracting 74% of tickets and 70% of money on the spread. The total opened at 52.5 and peaked at 56.5 Tuesday morning, then shortly thereafter settled at 56.

UPDATE 5 P.M. ET MONDAY: Both teams are generating early interest at TwinSpires, with Mizzou taking 54 percent of tickets and Kentucky 55 percent of the money. The latter action has moved this line up a half-point to Kentucky -5.5.

“Great two-way action here so far,” Lucas said. “It’s pretty down the middle in terms of liability, and I don’t think we’ll get a ton of handle on this game. Neither side will be a large decision for us.”

The total made a noteworthy move this afternoon, up to 54, but it was mostly the result of another market adjustment.

Appalachian State at Miami

Image Credit: Douglas DeFelice-USA TODAY Sports

Opening line: Miami -7.5, Over/Under 54.5

UPDATE 4 P.M. ET SATURDAY: This number bounced around at Unibet, from -8.5 to -7.5 to -9, then returned to -7.5 Friday night. Still, the Hurricanes are landing 83% of tickets and 84% of money on the spread. The total has been stable at 54 since Thursday, after opening at 54.5, bottoming out at 53.5 and peaking at 55. It’s almost all Over action, at 92% of tickets and money.

UPDATE 9 P.M. ET WEDNESDAY: Miami opened as 8.5-point chalk Sunday at DraftKings and initially receded to -7.5, then rose to -9 by Tuesday night. The Hurricanes are drawing 83% of bets and 71% of money on the spread. The total went from 54.5 to 53.5, then up to 55, with 79% of bets and 57% of cash on the Over.

UPDATE 5 P.M. ET MONDAY: After getting trucked by No. 1 Alabama 44-13 in Week 1, Miami is hoping for an easier time against Sun Belt Conference foe Appalachian State. Bettors apparently are hoping for the same thing, as the Hurricanes are up to -8 at TwinSpires, with ticket count and money both about 4/1 on the home team.

“We had one known respected player get on Miami -7.5 at the open,” Lucas said. “I think this line has room to move in favor of Miami, and I don’t expect much in the way of App State support.”

The total bounced between 54.5 and 54 a couple of times and is currently 54.