Best College Football Player Props – Top NCAAF Props (Weekly Update)

Ohio State Buckeyes running back Miyan Williams (3) breaks away for a long touchdown run during the second quarter against the Indiana Hoosiers at Ohio Stadium.
Image Credit: Joseph Maiorana-USA TODAY Sports

There’s a sizable edge when it comes to betting college football player props. With so many NCAAF teams to cover, sportsbooks are more likely to offer exploitable numbers compared to popular markets like NFL player props.

Making matters even better, the demand for college football player props is growing. More sportsbooks carry these wagers, and you can also make your NCAAF prop picks at Underdog Fantasy — which is legal in 40+ states.

Below, we’ll dive into our favorite college football player props for the week and let you know where these lines are available.

College Football Player Props: Friday, Dec. 30

You’ll notice that this week’s NCAAF props have several touchdown selections. We have found success with these bets early in the season, so let’s lean into these situations.

These picks come from DraftKings Sportsbook, and those are the ones that will show up on the overall record. However, you can place these college football props at Underdog Fantasy if DK is not available in your state.

Underdog Fantasy is legal in 40+ states. You can sign-up using the promo code PROPS ($100 deposit match) through the link below:

Notre Dame RB Audric Estime – Anytime TD Scorer

The Odds: -150
Where To Place: DraftKings Sportsbook

DraftKings’ pricing on college football player props is wild, and we can use that to our advantage. Consider the following scenario:

  • Estime is -150 to score an anytime touchdown (rushing, receiving, fumble return, kick return, etc)
  • Estime is -175 to score a rushing touchdown (and only a rushing touchdown)

Tell me how that makes sense! It doesn’t, and we are jumping all over the misprice by taking Estime as an “Anytime Touchdown Scorer”.

The Notre Dame RB has found paydirt in seven of his last 10 games. This matchup is beautiful, as South Carolina ranks 112th in rushing defense. You better believe the Fighting Irish will run the ball early and often in this one. Estime should get several looks around the goal-line as a 230 lb running back with a knack for finding the end-zone.

College Football Player Props: Saturday, Dec. 31

Kansas State RB Deuce Vaughn Under 108.5 Rushing Yards

The Odds: -125
Where To Place: DraftKings Sportsbook

Vaughn is an incredible running back with a knack for ripping off big plays. However, this matchup against Alabama is far and away his toughest test of the season from a talent perspective. Vaughn has been consistently under this 108.5 rushing yard prop whenever he faces teams ranked in the top 60 for rushing yards per carry. That includes falling short against Baylor (#46), Texas (#20), Iowa State (#6), and Tulane (#54). He went for 145 rushing yards against Missouri (#31), putting him at 1-4 to the over when facing an above-average rush defense. Alabama ranks 27th in this regard, and it has all the necessary ingredients to slow down Vaughn.

Ohio State RB Miyan Williams Over 0.5 Rushing TDs

The Odds: +105
Where To Place: DraftKings Sportsbook

It looks like we found a misprice here. DraftKings has Williams at +105 to record a rushing touchdown, but he’s -130 to score an anytime touchdown. Huh? This is a guy who only has five receptions on the year with no receiving touchdowns. To that point, we are getting very strong value taking Over 0.5 rushing touchdowns at +105 odds.

Williams will play despite being carted off with a leg injury in the last game against Michigan. He will serve as RB1 for the Buckeyes with TreyVeon Henderson not able to play. Williams has scored in six of his last seven games with 12 rushing TDs over that span. The lone miss came when he left early against Michigan. The matchup against Georgia is tough, but Ohio State is still expected to score at least 3-4 touchdowns. There’s a great chance Williams — as their 230 lb starting running back — gets one of them.

NCAAF Props: Weekly Results

Overall: 30-25 | +2.35 units

College Football Prop History

Dec. 19-20: 2-2 | -0.35
Champ Wk: 1-3 | -2.29
Week 12: 2-3 | -1.58 units
Week 11: 2-1 | +1.14 units
Week 10: 2-1 | +1.31 units
Week 9: 2-1 | +0.5 units
Week 8: 3-1 | +2.3 units
Week 7: 2-1 | +1.23 units
Week 6: 1-2 | – 1 unit
Week 5: 1-2 | -1.30 units
Week 4: 2-2 | -0.34 unit
Week 3: 3-2 | +1.16 units
Week 2: 2-2 | -0.05 unit
Week 1: 3-1 | + 1 unit
Week 0: 2-1 | +1 unit

Where Can I Bet On College Football Player Props?

As mentioned earlier, college football player props are growing in popularity. However, betting on NCAAF props is still limited to only a few operators.

Here are the best places to find college football prop bets:

Also, check out these college football player prop alternatives for non-betting states:

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Types Of College Football Props

Let’s take a closer look at the different NCAAF prop bets that you can make. You might find some additional options at different sportsbooks, but these are pretty common.

College Football Player Prop Bet

A player prop bet is one of the most common college football betting options that you will see for each game throughout the season. The bigger games will have more markets available, while some of the smaller games might not have any at all.

NCAAF player prop bets focus on one specific player in a college football game and also on one statistical category. College football bettors will usually be betting on whether a certain player will reach a statistical milestone, or by how much.

Here are some examples:

  • Will Player X record at least 100 receiving yards in the game?
  • First player to score a touchdown: (List of all players)
  • Will Player X throw more than 2 passing touchdowns?

NCAA Football Team Prop Bet

A team college football prop bet is another option that you will commonly see offered in most college football games. This is a bet that is similar to a player prop bet, but it will involve looking at one specific team in a game.

There are times with a team prop bet that sportsbooks will put each team up against one another. Again, the bigger the game, the more team prop betting options you will see listed.

Here are some examples:

  • Will any team score at least 35 points in this college football game?
  • Team with more rushing yards: Alabama or LSU?
  • Will Ohio state record at least five sacks in the game at Michigan?

Season Long Prop Bets

A season-long prop bet is not like the first two options at all, as you won’t be focusing on just one individual college football game. Instead, you will be making a wager at the beginning of the season, and that result won’t be known until the year wraps up.

If you are a bettor that is familiar with making a “futures” bet, then this is a good NCAA football prop bet to focus on.

Some examples of a season-long prop bet might include:

  • Will any team from the “Group of Five” make it to the College Football Playoff?
  • Will two teams from the same conference reach the College Football Playoff?
  • Will a running back win the Heisman Trophy Award?

NCAA Football Prop Betting Tips

Even though betting on NCAA football props isn’t extremely difficult to do, it still isn’t one of the easiest betting types to cash in. There are some NCAA football prop betting tips that can help you be more successful, and three of those are outlined and discussed below.

Check For Injuries

One of the first things you will want to look at is the injury report. You want to look for players that might be sidelined by an injury, as that could affect how the prop bet plays out. Betting sites will be looking for this information as well, and this is where you could see some movement in the NCAA football prop betting odds.

Find The Value

As discussed above, sportsbooks continue to find and offer new college football prop betting markets. Betting sites want your action, and they will entice you to make a play by adding new props to the site.

While you should always be looking for prop bets that you can win, you also need to be looking for NCAA football prop bets that have some value. This means that you should be trying to identify a prop bet that has a good chance to cash, not necessarily just browsing for the “big games” or your favorite team.

You might have to dig deep and look really hard to find the most valuable NCAA football prop bet to make, but there will be some that are available to you. If you don’t think that a bet is valuable enough to make, then you simply need to wait for the next weekend and make a wager at that time.