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Online Casinos are officially legal in Michigan as of January 22, 2021. Let Props be your guide to find great sign up offers, deposit bonuses and welcome promotions at trustworthy, legal online casinos in Michigan.



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Online casino games have swept the nation for their riveting excitement and thrillingly high stakes. They are the next step in in-home American entertainment and have unlimited future potential; but while it is easy to enjoy the fun of online casinos, it is not as easy to first get started.

Tons of websites are going to claim to offer the best options and greatest attractions to entice would-be gamblers to frequent their site, but these claims are not always based on fact— but while these sites may mislead you, we are here to tell you the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Trust us to help guide you down the path of learning as we present to you reviews of different online casinos, covering everything from game offerings to promotions, registration benefits, deposits and withdrawals, and everything else that comprises the online casino experience.

First: The Importance of Comparing Online Casinos

Here’s a little closer look at what we think is important to examine when we’re reviewing online casinos. With the information we provide about these different features, you’ll be better prepared to choose your ideal site.

Game selection: When we examine the game selection we look at the casino’s number and range of games, their quality and the variations on the games they have. For example, there should be several versions of popular games like blackjack and roulette. Slots options should also be plentiful. Some sites have games that are unique to their site, so we look at them too. Of course, the important thing is to choose the game that excites you. As a brief refresher, we’ve listed and explained a few of the more popular games that you’ll see (but there are many others):

  • Live casino: Like the name implies, live casinos recreate the feeling of bricks-and-mortar casinos. This is accomplished via a live video feed of an actual person rather than a virtual dealer. In live casinos, you can interact with the dealer in much the same way you would be able to interact with a dealer at a land-based casino.
  • Blackjack: In the game of blackjack, the objective is to obtain cards with a total face value of exactly 21. In some ways playing blackjack at an online casino is more exciting than playing at a bricks-and-mortar casino because online blackjack offers deposit bonuses not typically offered at land-based casinos.
  • Roulette: In roulette, players place a bet on where they think a ball will fall on a revolving wheel. The odds, excitement and even numbers on roulette can vary depending upon whether you’re playing American, French, or European roulette.
  • Slots: At both land-based and online casinos, the most regularly played games are the slots. Some players, however, feel that online slots offer a smoother playing experience as well as a superior number of bonuses than land-based slots.

Bonuses: You’ll be hard pressed to find an operator that doesn’t offer welcome bonuses, as they are a big draw to new players. Welcome bonuses can come in many forms including free spins and match deposits, which match the player’s initial deposit up to a certain amount.

Promotions​: Promotions can also be found at most online casinos, and like bonuses, they come in all different shape and sizes. Some of them are ongoing, some are one-time only, and some are seasonal.

Deposit/Withdrawal Options​: There are many different deposit and withdrawal methods offered, and while standard methods, such as major credit cards are usually seen at every site, the methods offered do vary from casino to casino. When reviewing this aspect of a casino, it is important to determine which site offers the best assortment of options, whether it has an option that you prefer, and how quickly deposits are processed and payouts are made.

Customer Service​​: Not to be overlooked in terms of its value is customer service. You’ll want a site that demonstrates that it is concerned about customer satisfaction and needs. The customer service should be responsive, professional and knowledgeable. Most casinos, although not all, offer live chat support in addition to email and phone support. An FAQs page is also usually available and some sites even provide free tutorials.

Mobile​​: As the popularity of online casinos grew, so did the demand for being able to access them from mobile devices. Today, most sites now provide this option too. For the most part, the mobile offerings are equivalent to the desktop offerings and many of them can still be played from a web browser. Nevertheless, there are some significant differences between mobile apps and in-browser casinos on mobile. Some brands might not offer the exact same features in certain games, such as slots, on their mobile app. This is another area where you should be aware of differences between a casino’s mobile version and its website version and you should be able to weigh those differences. Keep in mind too, that mobile apps might not be updated as frequently as web-based games and they will take up space on your mobile device. Ultimately your choice of whether to play at an online casino using an app or a website depends on your personal preferences, but it’s always important to be informed about the differences.

A Final Note: Differences in Software and Graphics of Online Casinos

You might at first be surprised to learn that most online casinos use relatively the same software suppliers for their websites. Your initial surprise might then be followed by a little ‘aha moment’ as you realize that the use of the same software suppliers explains the similar look and feel of different casinos. In fact, it is rare to find a casino that has developed and implemented its own software. Most rely on third-party firms. Nonetheless, as a player, you have a right to play at casinos using software designed by reputable, trustworthy and stable software firms. Some of the most well-respected as well as well-known software providers are Microgaming, NetEnt, and Playtech. Where differences between casinos might arise is in the graphics and interfaces. In any case, whatever the design, the site should make information on important areas such as deposit fees, payout rates and bonuses straightforward and easy to find.