Is Underdog Fantasy legal in Texas?

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Texas has long been known to have one of the most passionate sporting fan bases in the United States. It’s here that hugely popular teams such as the Dallas Cowboys, San Antonio Spurs, and Houston Texans reside. Unfortunately, the Lone State State has not yet taken the necessary steps to legalize sports betting. This has led many in the state to flock to alternative online platforms that offer an experience very similar to sports betting. In this guide, we at will discuss the legality of Underdog Fantasy Texas

Underdog Fantasy launched in 2020 and quickly grew into one of the most popular daily fantasy sports platforms across the country. It is modern, safe, and 100% legal in the state of Texas. This DFS operator offers several game types, including a “Pick ‘Em” style game that looks and feels like prop betting parlay wagering. 

Daily fantasy sports remains hugely popular in the state of Texas. That is unlikely to change until laws towards sports betting are changed here. Continue reading to learn about what Underdog Fantasy can offer to sports fans located in this state. 

Underdog Fantasy Texas Welcome Bonus

Can I Use Underdog Fantasy In Texas?

Underdog Fantasy is legal to use in the state of Texas. This is possible due to Texas’ allowance of daily fantasy sports. Interestingly, sports betting has not yet been made legal in Texas. This state has a long history of anti-gambling legislation and many have pushed against the idea of allowing retail and online sports wagering. For now, DFS remains the best option here

The popularity of daily fantasy sports continues to grow in Texas. Underdog Fantasy is now considered one of the best overall DFS operators in the state. Users have given high praise to this platform’s great selection of games and tournaments that offer multi-million dollar prizes to the winners. 

We at agree that Underdog Fantasy stands as one of the best DFS apps in Texas right now. It has a modern, simplistic design that can be enjoyed using both a desktop computer and a smartphone. Further down this guide page, we provide a step-by-step guide to sign up for this operator and begin playing. 

For more on the legality of sports betting and daily fantasy sports sites in Texas, check out our guide to Texas sports betting.

How is Underdog Fantasy Legal In Texas?

As our experts pointed out, Underdog Fantasy is a daily fantasy sports platform. It does not offer traditional sports betting options. Instead, it allows players to compete in games of skill, in which players create a lineup of “picks” that resemble a parlay. 

Daily fantasy sports (DFS) is considered a game of skill, rather than a game of chance. This allows Underdog Fantasy, and other popular online DFS platforms, to operate in states such as Texas, where online sports betting has not yet been made legal. DFS has evolved tremendously over the years and operators such as Underdog Fantasy now provide an experience that resembles prop-style betting.

These are offered via the “Pick ‘Em” games, where players create a lineup of between 2-7 picks in an over/under format. Underdog Fantasy offers more traditional DFS games, too, where players compete for a share of a prize pool. 

Sports betting is still considered a game of chance in Texas. That constitutes gambling – an activity that most lawmakers in Texas frown upon. Several attempts have been made to legalize sports gambling here, yet all have fallen short in the state House and Senate.

Daily fantasy sports were not always technically legal in Texas. In fact, it was not until 2019 that lawmakers approved House Bill 2303 to officially designate DFS as a game of skill. Even prior to this decision, however, many of the top DFS operators including DraftKings DFS and FanDuel DFS operated here. Today, this alternative to sports wagering is officially legal and Texas is considered to be one of the hottest daily fantasy markets in the country

It remains to be seen when or if legalized sports betting will come to Texas anytime soon. Many state government officials remain hesitant to update the sports betting laws set in place here. For now, DFS remains the best option for those located in the state. Underdog Fantasy stands as one of the best daily fantasy sports operators in the country and provides nearly everything that sports fans located here could ask for.

Is Underdog Fantasy Legal In Texas?


Underdog Fantasy Overview

Underdog Fantasy is a world-class DFS operator that first launched in 2020. Today, it operates in 41 states, making it one of the most accessible daily fantasy sports platforms in the country. Despite the incredibly competitive market, Underdog Fantasy has managed to stand out. 

The variety of games provided by the Underdog Fantasy app is impressive. There are three game types offered, including Pick ‘Em style games, and more traditional DFS contests. Underdog Fantasy offers its games across the most popular sports leagues including the NFL, NBA, and MLB, as well as a variety of Esports such as CSGO and LoL. Learn more about each of the Underdog Fantasy contests offered below. 

Underdog Fantasy Texas Pick’em

The Pick ‘Em games are the most popular ones offered by Underdog Fantasy. These types of games feel like prop betting, in which players select between 2-7 picks to create something resembling a parlay. To make these picks, players choose whether certain athletes will earn more or less than their projected statistic totals. Some examples of the Pick ‘Em options available through this platform can be seen below.

  • Patrick Mahomes – 1.5 Passing Touchdowns: Over/Under
  • Nikola Jokic – 15.5 Points: Over/Under

If any one of the picks is wrong, the entire lineup of picks is lost in the same way that a parlay works. 

Be sure to check out our Underdog Fantasy Pick’em Strategy guide before you dive into the player props available at Underdog.

Best Ball

The Best Ball games at Underdog Fantasy are hugely popular, too. These are season-long tournaments, in which players choose a lineup of 10 players they believe will perform the best. All trades are locked in with no trades allowed. Only the top five players within your lineup count towards your point totals. The players that earn the most points earn a share of the prize pool. 

Battle Royale

Battle Royale games at Underdog Fantasy are the most standard DFS options available. Players simply choose a roster of between 3-12 athletes that they feel will perform the best over a single day. The players who earn the most fantasy points earn a portion of the prize pool. 

Best Ball Mania Tournaments

The Underdog Fantasy app is also known for hosting huge, massively lucrative tournaments. The most popular tournament here is a season-long NFL tournament called “Best Ball Mania.” These are some of the highest-paying DFS tournaments offered today, offering multi-million dollar prizes to the first-place winners. 

What Sports Does Underdog Fantasy Cover?

Underdog Fantasy covers an impressive number of sports. That includes many of the most popular sports in Texas. Unlike some other top competitors, this DFS operator also offers games for major Esports tournaments. Discover all of the sports that Underdog Fantasy provides games for below. 

  • Basketball
  • Ice Hockey
  • Soccer
  • MMA
  • Football
  • Motorsports
  • Tennis
  • Golf
  • Baseball
  • Esports

Underdog Fantasy Texas Deposit Match Bonus

Is There An Underdog Fantasy Texas Sign-Up Bonus?

Underdog Fantasy has gained an excellent reputation for offering its members a variety of excellent bonuses to its new and existing customers. The welcome bonus is the most popular bonus provided through this platform. All first-time members of this DFS operator are eligible to receive a 50% first deposit match bonus of up to $250

This is a fairly standard welcome bonus. It provides new players with a quick way to instantly double their first deposit. The bonus credits earned can be used to enter any game or tournament that the Underdog Fantasy app offers. 

Existing members of Underdog Fantasy can take advantage of a generous refer-a-friend bonus, too. For each friend that is referred, signs up, and makes a first deposit, Underdog Fantasy credits players with $10 in bonus credits. It’s an extremely easy way to boost your bankroll while recommending this DFS operator to friends and family. 

Check out our Underdog Fantasy Promo Code guide for more on the bonuses available at Underdog.

Underdog Fantasy CA Sign-Up Bonus Terms And Conditions

Every DFS operator sets its own rules and restrictions for bonus offers. Fortunately, Underdog Fantasy attaches very favorable terms and conditions to each of its bonuses. Below are some of the rules associated with this DFS platform’s welcome bonus. 

  • Only available to first-time members of Underdog Fantasy. 
  • Comes with a 1x playthrough requirement. 
  • Only eligible on first deposits of $10 or more. 
  • Players must be aged 18+ in most states – 19+ in AL & NE – 21+ in MA & AZ.
  • Bonus funds are credited to your account within 72 hours. 
  • Bonus funds are forfeited if not used within 60 days. 

How Do I Claim The Underdog Fantasy Welcome Bonus?

Claiming the welcome bonus at Underdog Fantasy is extremely easy. All new members are eligible for this offer. There is no promo code required, and most should be able to receive bonus credits in just a few minutes. 

Keep in mind that this bonus is only available to first-time members of Underdog Fantasy. The steps below explain how to claim and receive this welcome bonus today. 

  1. Click the “Claim Offer” tab featured throughout this guide page. 
  2. Click the “Sign Up” button on the Underdog Fantasy homepage. 
  3. Choose a username and password for your new account. 
  4. Provide Underdog Fantasy with information to verify your ID. 
  5. Allow Underdog Fantasy to geolocate your position. 
  6. Make a deposit of $10 or more using an accepted banking option.
  7. Receive a 100% match bonus on your first deposit of up to $100. 

The process to receive the Underdog Fantasy welcome bonus is extremely simple in Texas. This online DFS platform has worked to ensure all of its players can claim this offer in just a few minutes. 

Underdog Fantasy Texas Sign-Up Bonus

Why Underdog Fantasy In Texas?

Underdog Fantasy stands as one of the best alternatives to sports betting available in Texas. It excels in most categories, offering a great selection of fantasy sports contests, generous bonuses, and a great design when using both a desktop and mobile device. Underdog Fantasy is also known for hosting huge tournaments that offer multi-million-dollar prizes to the winners. 

Texas is an unusual situation. This state is known for having one of the largest sports fan bases in the country. Unfortunately, lawmakers here have not yet taken the steps necessary to legalize sports betting. Platforms such as Underdog Fantasy serve as the best alternative to sports betting sites in Texas. 

Members of this daily fantasy sports app will find games offered on all of the most popular sports leagues in Texas. That includes the NFL, NBA, and the MLB. Esports fans will also be pleased to find fantasy sports contest options offered on major tournaments for games such as CSGO, LoL, and more. 

The banking system at Underdog Fantasy is solid, too. Members can deposit and withdraw their funds using both debit cards and PayPal. There are no fees with payments and processing times for withdrawals are extremely short. 

Until sports betting is made legal in Texas, Underdog Fantasy serves as one of the best alternatives to sports betting. It offers prop-betting style games that can offer huge payouts to winners. Make sure to click our “Claim Offer” tab today and see for yourself why Underdog Fantasy has developed such a large user base throughout the Lone Star State. 

Be sure to take a look at our full review of Underdog Fantasy.

Underdog Fantasy Texas FAQ

Is Underdog Fantasy considered gambling in Texas?

Underdog Fantasy is not considered a gambling platform. Instead, it acts as a daily fantasy sports operator. This platform provides an experience very similar to sports betting, however, with games that resemble prop betting parlays. Those asking “Is Underdog Fantasy legit?” Will be pleased to find that this is one of the safest and best DFS operators available in Texas.

Can you play Underdog Fantasy anywhere?

Underdog Fantasy is currently legal in more than 40 states around the country. That includes Texas, one of the largest sports betting markets in the US. Daily fantasy sports is considered a game of skill in most parts of the country and serves as a fun legal alternative to sports wagering. A full list of Underdog Fantasy legal states can be seen higher on this guide page.

Can I play fantasy football for money in Texas?

Yes. Underdog Fantasy provides its members in Texas with a huge variety of games on the NFL. These range from traditional DFS contests to prop betting-style, Pick‘ Em contests. Hardcore football fans have the opportunity to earn large payouts on these DFS football contests. 

Is Underdog Fantasy a better Texas DFS app than PrizePicks?

Underdog Fantasy is considered by many in Texas to be the best DFS operator currently available. It provides several features that competing platforms such as PrizePicks do not. That includes the “Best Ball Mania” tournaments, which offer multi-million dollar payouts to the winners. 

Are daily fantasy sports sites legal in Texas?

Yes. DFS is perfectly legal in the state of Texas. Many world-class DFS platforms are available to access in Texas. That includes Underdog Fantasy, which now boasts a huge user base throughout the state. This platform offers a huge variety of fantasy games and several generous promotions to new and existing members.

Underdog Fantasy Texas Welcome Bonus