Bet365 New Jersey Sportsbook Sign-Up Bonus

Bet365 Sportsbook was founded in the UK back in 2000 as a small family business and has since grown into a global powerhouse. Long before online and mobile sports betting became legal in many US states, Bet365 was the first UK-based sportsbook to offer a wide range of betting markets and bet types on sports that were popular in the US.

The first Bet365 Sportsbook and Bet365 Casino in the US launched in New Jersey in August 2019, a little over a year after sports betting became legal in that state, joining other NJ online casinos and sportsbooks that were already operating. As of this writing, Bet365 Sportsbook is available in four states: New Jersey, Colorado, Ohio, and Virginia. However, New Jersey is currently the only state with Bet365 online casino gaming.

As the sportsbook’s name implies, registered customers can place bets online or via the mobile sports betting app any time of the day or night any day of the year. However, Bet365 stands out from its competitors not only because of its catchy name that immediately grabs your attention but also by offering one of the most customer-friendly welcome bonuses on the market.

Unlike most other modern sports betting apps, Bet365 does not limit the bonus to those who lose their first bet. Instead, everyone who signs up and makes a minimum qualifying bet of just $1 gets $200 in bonus bets.

Bet365 Bonus Code: Bet $1 Get $200 In Bonus Bets

Most online sportsbooks offer new users a welcome bonus as a special incentive to get them to sign up and to show that their business is appreciated. Bet365 is no different in that respect. However, it is with the nature of the offer and the terms and conditions that each individual sportsbook has the option either to follow the norm or go above and beyond, and this is where Bet365 is far and away superior to the competition.

Betting on sports always involves some degree of risk, Sports bettors are well aware of that fact, so to allay the fear of losing, especially in newcomers whose expectations of winning are not high, many sportsbooks offer what used to be called a “risk-free” bet but is now referred to instead as a “second chance” or “bonus bet.”

Bonus bets remove much but not all of the risk associated with sports betting by giving new customers who lose their first bet a full refund in the form of bet credits to try again. Typically, the maximum bet that the sportsbook is willing to cover is quite high (i.e., $1,000), so the offer appeals to high rollers. It also encourages small bettors to bet more than they would bet ordinarily.

However, if any of these bonus bets win, the sportsbook only pays the bonus bets winnings, not the cost of the bet. Meanwhile, all of the players who win their first bet do receive back both whatever they win and the cost of the bet, but they forfeit the sportsbook bonus.

Bet365, instead of issuing bet credits exclusively to players who lose their first bet, extends the offer to all first-time users. All you have to bet is $1, and, win or lose, the bonus is yours!

Bet365 NJ Promo

How to Claim the Bet365 Sportsbook Welcome Bonus

The welcome bonus described below that Bet365 Sportsbook is currently offering is open to first-time depositors and bettors only. If you previously claimed a Bet365 casino bonus, you are not eligible. Here are the easy steps you need to follow to get started and claim your bonus.

  1. Visit Bet365 by clicking one of the “CLAIM OFFER” links on this page, and complete the registration form in the upper right-hand corner of the homepage.
  2. Make a qualifying deposit of $10 or more and claim the offer. The quickest and easiest way to ensure that you claim the offer correctly is to use the handy CLAIM OFFER links to unlock the welcome bonus.
  3. Place a qualifying bet of $1.
  4. Within one hour of your sports bet being settled, $200 in Bonus Bets will be credited to your account.
  5. Note that the Bet365 promo included a “bonus bet wager excluded” provision. This means that you can only collect winnings from the bonus bet credits, and you don’t get to keep the bonus bets.

How the Bet365 Sportsbook Welcome Bonus Works

When you are ready to use your Bonus Bets, select the option ”Use Bonus Bets” on your bet slip. You can make a Bonus Bet wager on any sport and across a wide range of betting markets and either for a single bet or multiple bets. In other words, you have a lot of flexibility in the way you use them.

If you win a Bonus Bet, your winnings from the bet will be available as immediately withdrawable cash, but the cost of the bet will not. The bonus itself that is used to make the bet is non-withdrawable.

Terms And Conditions

The qualifying $1 bet can be either a straight bet or a parlay. However, straight bets must have odds of -500 or greater and at least one component of a parlay must have odds of -500 or greater to count.

Qualifying bets that end in a push do not count. However, if you win your qualifying bet, hold off cashing it until after you receive your bonus because fully cashed out bets do not qualify for a bonus either.

The total bonus of $200 has just a 1x bonus wagering requirement. You have up to 90 days to use your Bonus Bets balance. Otherwise, you lose it.

Bet365 NJ Sportsbook Sign-Up Bonus

Bet365 NJ Promo Code & Review

How Do I Start Online Sports Betting At Bet365 NJ?

The New Jersey sports betting market is one of four states currently offering Bet365 Sportsbook. You do not necessarily have to be a New Jersey resident to open an account there, but you must be physically present within the state’s borders at the time you place your bets. You must also be at least 21 years of age.

If you would like to open a sports betting account at Bet365 NJ (or in another state where Bet365 is operating), here are step-by-step instructions on how to get started.

  • Visit Bet365 Sportsbook. Depending on whether you prefer to complete the sign-up process on your desktop, iOS mobile device, or Android device, these are your options:(a) Download Bet365 onto your iOS or Android mobile betting device. The app for iOS devices (iPhones and iPads) is available from the App Store. The app for Android phones and tablets is available from the Google Play Store.(b) Enter the Bet365 Sportsbook URL or simply type Bet365 Sportsbook on the web browser of your desktop or mobile device.(c) Simply click on the CLAIM OFFER or BET NOW link in this review. These links will redirect you to the App Store, Google Play store, or the desktop site, depending on which device you are using.
  • Click on Join in the upper-right-hand corner of the homepage and complete the registration form.
  • Complete the additional two-factor authentication process. Two-factor authentication is now required by law at all New Jersey betting sites as a condition for use. The purpose is to add an extra layer of security to prevent unauthorized use of your account.If any additional information is needed from you, the sportsbook will let you know. Otherwise, as soon as your application is approved, you will be assigned an account and invited to make your first deposit.  Bet365 accepts a variety of convenient methods for funding your account, so choose the method that you prefer. However, keep in mind that cash deposits via PayNearMe or at the Hard Rock Atlantic City cashier’s cage are not eligible for a bonus.
  • The minimum deposit at Bet365 used to be $5, but it is now $10, though, of course, you can deposit more. Therefore, make a single initial deposit of $10 or more.
  • Make an initial bet of $1 and claim your welcome bonus.

Bet365 NJ at a Glance

  • New Jersey Launch Date: August 2019
  • Regulated by: NJ Division of Gaming Enforcement
  • College Sports Betting Policy: No betting is allowed on New Jersey colleges or on college games taking place in New Jersey
  • Access to NJ Online Casino: Yes. Registered players at Bet365 Sportsbook NJ can access Bet365 Online Casino NJ with the same account and log in, and vice versa.

Bet365 NJ Sportsbook Promo

Is Bet365 Legit?

Yes, Bet365 is completely legit. You can sign up, trust them with the personal information they require to open an account, and deposit, bet, and withdraw real money with reasonable assurance that all of your data and activities on the site are fully protected.

Bet365 can only operate in those states where it is licensed and regulated by the state agency responsible for overseeing online gambling. For example, in New Jersey, that agency is the NJ Division of Gaming Enforcement (DGE). First, in order to get the license, Bet365 had to pass a rigorous investigation and meet the agency’s strict requirements for permission to open. In addition, like all other state-licensed online sportsbooks, Bet365 continues to be monitored closely by the same agency to ensure continued compliance with state regulations and safe and fair operating practices.

Another reason why you know that Bet365 is a trustworthy betting site is its extensive history of operating successfully abroad. Otherwise, it could not have stayed in business all of these years and become the highly regarded international powerhouse and the major force in the online and mobile sports betting industry that it is today.

Bet365 NJ Promo Code & Review

Bet365 NJ Deposit And Withdrawal Options

Bet365 does not offer as many banking options as some other NJ online sportsbooks, but the choices are still sufficient to meet most customers’ needs.

The minimum deposit for all methods was previously $5 but is now $10. The minimum withdrawal for all methods is also $10, except for cash at the Hard Rock Atlantic City casino cage, where it is only $1. The maximum deposit and withdrawal vary with the method, but they are sufficiently large for high rollers.

All deposits are credited immediately. However, cash deposits via PayNearMe or at Hard Rock Atlantic City are not eligible for a deposit bonus, so first-time users should select a different method.

Except for PayNearMe and PaySafeCard, which can be used for deposits only, the same method used for the deposit can also be used for withdrawals. In fact, at Bet365, except for cash withdrawals at Hard Rock Atlantic City, which are permissible with any deposit method, you must use the same method of withdrawal that you used to make your last deposit. Withdrawal processing times vary, depending on the method.

The following is a short description of all of the banking methods that Bet365 Sportsbook currently accepts.

MasterCard and Visa Credit/Debit Cards

Unlike most NJ online sportsbooks, Bet365 Sportsbook accepts MasterCard and Visa credit and debit cards not just for deposits but also for withdrawals.  However, your ability to use them is not guaranteed since many banks have a policy of declining transactions with these cards for gambling purposes. Therefore, if you would like to use this method, we recommend checking with your bank beforehand. Deposits made with credit cards are typically treated as cash advances. Allow 1-5 business days processing time for withdrawals.


PayPal is the world’s most widely used e-wallet. However, Bet365, like other NJ online sportsbooks, only accepts deposits and withdrawals using personal PayPal accounts, not business accounts. Withdrawals are processed more quickly than those using most other methods. At Bet365, the average turnaround time is only 24 hours. You may be able to get your funds even faster if you are willing to pay the PayPal fee.


Skrill is another e-wallet that Bet365 accepts for both deposits and withdrawals.  The average processing time for withdrawals is also only 24 hours. However, Skrill charges high fees. For that reason and also because Skrill offers higher deposit and withdrawal limits than other methods, it appeals to high rollers rather than small bettors.

Online Banking

This fast and secure method of making deposits and withdrawals requires that you have an account that accepts online banking, which most major banks do. There is no charge for either deposits or withdrawals. While deposits are credited instantly, you should allow 1-5 business days processing time for withdrawals.


PaySafeCard is a safe and convenient way to fund your account using prepaid vouchers. There is no extra charge for using this method. The disadvantage is that PaySafeCard cannot be used for withdrawals. While the website states that PaySafeCard depositors are directed to make withdrawals via wire transfer, this method is expensive. Presumably, another option, at no extra cost, would be a cash withdrawal at the Hard Rock casino cage.


This method of funding your account is popular with customers who either do not have a bank account or wish to keep their banking and gambling transactions separate. It entails making cash deposits at a participating store near where you live, such as 7-Eleven or CVS. You also need to pay the store a small fee.

Apart from the need to travel to the store with the necessary cash instead of completing the transaction online or via the Bet365 mobile app, PayNearMe has several other disadvantages: (1) It can only be used for deposits, not for withdrawals. (2) You are not eligible for a bonus. (3) The maximum deposit is only $500. NJ sports bettors who use PayNearMe for their deposits can visit Hard Rock in Atlantic City to make instant cash withdrawals.

Cash At The Casino Cage

Lastly, since the Atlantic City casino partner of Bet365 NJ is Hard Rock Casino, if traveling to Atlantic City is convenient for you and especially if you enjoy playing at Hard Rock, you have another option. You can make free instant cash deposits and withdrawals at the Hard Rock Casino cashier’s cage 24/7. The only disadvantage is that deposits made there are not eligible for a bonus.

Bet365 NJ Sportsbook Promo

Bet365NJ Sports

Whether your sports betting preferences are limited to the four major leagues–football, baseball, basketball, and hockey–or you like to branch out into other sports, no online sportsbook gives you a wider range of betting markets and betting options than Bet365. If the Las Vegas oddsmakers post a betting line on it, you can almost certainly bet on it at Bet365 Sportsbook. The following is a list of the many different sports you can bet on at Bet365NJ.

  • Football
  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Hockey
  • Soccer
  • Tennis
  • Australian Rules
  • Boxing
  • Cricket
  • Curling
  • Cycling
  • Darts
  • Esports
  • Formula 1 (Auto Racing)
  • Golf
  • Handball
  • Lacrosse
  • MMA
  • Motor Sports
  • NASCAR Rugby League
  • Rugby Union
  • Snooker
  • Table Tennis
  • Virtual Sports
  • Volleyball

Bet Types at Bet365NJ

At Bet365, you can choose from many different types of bets, including all of the following:


This is one of the simplest and most straightforward ways to bet, so it is a good choice for beginners. Simply pick which team or player you think will win outright.

Depending on experts’ assessments of the probability of winning, moneyline prices can vary greatly from heavy favorites with very short odds to big underdogs with very long odds. When betting on favorites, in return for the greater probability of winning the cost of your bet will always be more than your profit if you win. Conversely, if you bet on the underdog, your profit if you win will be greater than the cost of your bet, but the probability of winning will be lower.

Point Spread

Point spread bets are another popular bet type. Point spread bets are different from moneyline bets because, if you wish to back the favorite, instead of having to pay a higher price for the same payout, the margin of victory must exceed a certain number of points. That number is the point spread. Therefore, if you bet on the favorite and the team wins outright, you might win your bet, but you might not. If your team fails to cover the point spread, the bet is a loser.

Conversely. if you bet on the underdog, you have two ways to win your bet. If the team wins outright, you automatically win, but you would also win if the number of points that the team loses by is less than the point spread.

If the margin of victory by the favorite is exactly equal to the point spread, a bet on either side is considered a push, and the sportsbook issues a refund. Point spread betting odds are usually -110 on either side.


Over/under bets are wagers on whether the total number of points scored will be more or less than a certain number. It does not matter which team wins, There are many different over/under bets you can make. In addition to placing this type of bet for both teams combined for the entire game, you can bet the over/under for one team only or—depending on the sport–for a particular quarter, half, period, or inning. Over/under lines are also offered on individual key players and on the number of games a team will win over the course of the season.


A parlay is a single bet on two or more unrelated outcomes. Bet365 accepts both same game parlays (SGPs) and parlays whose components include different games. SGPs cannot include both a moneyline and a point spread because the two are related. However, it can include either of these combined with a total.

Parlays are very popular with bettors because they can produce high payouts, particularly those that contain many components. However, these bets are hard to win because if even one leg is picked incorrectly, the entire parlay goes down. If one game of a multileg parlay gets canceled, the parlay odds are adjusted based on one less component.


A futures bet is a wager on an event whose outcome will not be decided until a much later date. For example, Bet365 offers NFL betting on which team you think will win the Super Bowl even before the start of the regular season.

Futures bets receive a lot of action based on the attractive odds. However, it might be more prudent to wait until you have more information.

Prop Bets

These are separate wagers on a certain aspect of a game or one or more players that have no bearing on the final score. For example, you can bet on which football team will win the coin toss or which NBA player will score the most 3-point baskets. While no game offers more prop bets than the Super Bowl, bettors who want the extra action can make prop bets on any game of their choosing.

Live or In-Game Betting

The live betting option, which all major US sportsbooks now offer, allows you to place bets on a game that is already underway. Otherwise, if you wanted to bet on a game but did not get the bet in prior to it starting, you would have been out of luck, but now, with in-play betting, you can still have action.

Another advantage of live betting is that if your earlier bet looks like a winner, you can make an additional bet or, conversely, you can hedge an earlier bet that is not going your way and bet the opposite way to cut your losses. However, live betting odds change with virtually every play. So, you not only have to act very fast, but you almost certainly will have to bet into less favorable odds than the sportsbook offered before the game started.

Bet365 NJ Sportsbook Welcome Bonus

Bet365 Features

Early Payout Parlays

Bet365 offers Early Payout Parlays, including Same Game Parlays. Parlays pay more than separate straight bets for the same amounts, but unless every leg of the parlay wins, your bet slip is worthless. The only way to ensure you collect something even if one or more of the parlay components lose is the early payout option.

As long as a game is still in progress, even if a parlay looks like a probable winner, you cannot be certain. Teams that are behind can come back and win. Early payout offers let you settle your parlay in your favor in any case. The payout is always less than you might win if you wait, but at least, you are guaranteed to win something and not lose your entire bet.

Parlay Boosters

Bet365 offers Bet Boosts, including Parlay Boosters, on wagers on eligible games in a wide range of sports. If your bet wins, you get a bigger payout.

Sports Betting Tutorial

Due to legalized online sports betting expansion to many states, more people than ever before who are completely new to sports betting are coming out of the woodwork. The best online sportsbooks, including Bet365, perform a valuable service for sports betting newcomers by offering a Sports Betting 101 section introducing them to the basics. Sports betting terminology, bet types, and information on how to place a bet are all covered.

Customer Service

Precisely because Bet365 and other online sportsbooks are receiving a huge influx of inexperienced bettors, the importance of providing excellent customer support that adequately addresses all customers’ questions and concerns cannot be overemphasized. This is an area where most sportsbooks fail. However, Bet365 is one of the few betting sites whose FAQ section actually answers the most common questions directly without making you read separate articles. Bet365 is also one of only a handful of online sportsbooks where you do not have to rely exclusively on live chat and email for other questions and issues but can get free support by phone 24/7.

Responsible Gaming Tools

Bet365 supports gambling responsibly. A special Responsible Gaming section includes a sports bettor’s toolkit with helpful suggestions regarding how to set a budget for gambling, keep track of your activity, and recognize if you have a gambling problem and, if so, where to get help. You can also set deposit, spending, and session limits and, if necessary, request time-out or self-exclusion.

Bet365 NJ Promo Code & Review

Bet365 NJ Reviews & Ratings

Availability: 7/10

Bet365 can be accessed on your desktop as well as on any currently-used iOS or Android mobile device. However, as of this writing, Bet365 is only available in four states—New Jersey, Colorado, Ohio, and Virginia—as compared to 20 or more states for some online sportsbooks.

Sports Availability: 10/10

Bet365 does an excellent job of covering virtually any sport on which betting lines are posted, not just football, baseball, basketball, hockey, and other popular sports like soccer, tennis, and golf but also a very wide range of other sports. Your options even include specialized sports such as handball and volleyball that many sportsbooks do not cover.

Bet Types: 10/10

Bet365 not only covers all of the popular bet types but explains how to make these bets. Special features like single game parlays, bet boosts, and early cashouts give bettors of all levels even more ways to win.

Promotions: 7/10

The Bet365 welcome bonus for new users is excellent. However, there are fewer promotions for existing customers than some of its competitors offer. Bet365 would be greatly improved by the addition of a player loyalty rewards program and a variety of special offers and promotions with widespread appeal such as player bonus bets, a Refer A Friend bonus, and periodic contests and giveaways.

Cashier Options: 8/10

Bet365 does not offer as many cashier options as some of its competitors. Most online sportsbooks offer e-Checks (ACH) and the sportsbook’s own Prepaid Play+ Card for both deposits and withdrawals, but Bet365 does not. However, Bet365 accepts credit and debit card withdrawals, which many other online sportsbooks do not.

Mobile App Performance: 7/10

The iOS app has an average user rating on the App Store of 4.7. The general consensus is that the app is both easy to use and fast. However, mixed reviews of the Android app on Google Play include many ratings of 5 but also many ratings of 1, resulting in a subpar overall rating of only 2.4. The many negative reviews clearly indicate room for improvement.

Layout: 9/10

The site is easy to navigate with the different sections clearly labeled. Despite the tremendous variety of betting markets and betting options available to you, users will not feel overwhelmed since the site is carefully laid out, aesthetically pleasing, and well organized. One suggested improvement would be to include important topics like Banking and Introduction to Sports Betting as headings at the top of the homepage since not all users would think of scrolling down to the bottom of the page.

Customer Service: 10/10

The FAQ section is very comprehensive and does a very good job of answering many questions that are likely to arise. However, no set of FAQs can anticipate every type of question or concern, Furthermore, sportsbooks are open for business 24/7, so important questions and concerns can occur at any time of the day or night. Kudos to Bet365 for offering 24/7 phone support as an alternative to not always helpful live chat and slow-to-respond email requests

Overall: 8.5/10

Like all of the NJ authorized betting sites, Bet365 excels in many areas of performance, but there are still some areas that could be improved. Availability in more states, more promotions for existing customers, and an improved app for Android devices are the three areas that Bet365 needs to focus on to be considered not just a highly recommended sportsbook but one of the top sportsbooks.

Bet365 New Jersey FAQs

Does Bet365 NJ offer a sign-up bonus?

While you do not receive a bonus just for signing up, as soon as you make an initial deposit of $10 or more and your first bet of at least $1, Bet365 will give you a very generous welcome bonus. Win or lose, you receive $200 in bonus bets to use on any sport or combination of sports you wish.

How old do I have to be to bet at Bet365 New Jersey?

The minimum age to place bets at Bet365 New Jersey is 21, the same as it is at any other New Jersey sportsbook.

Can I bet on New Jersey college teams at Bet365?

No, the NJ Division of Gaming Enforcement, which regulates all sports betting in the state, does not permit any New Jersey sportsbook to take bets on any New Jersey college team or on any college game being played in New Jersey.

Can I use Bet365 outside of New Jersey?

Bet365 currently operates in four states–New Jersey, Colorado, Ohio, and Virginia. You do not have to reside in one of those states to open an account in that state, but you do need to be physically present in the state where you have an account at the time you are betting.

Does NJ Bet365 have an online casino?

Yes, the same login and account that you use to bet on sports at Bet365 can also be used to access and play Bet365 online casino games. You can switch back and forth between the sports betting and casino gaming platforms as often as you wish.

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