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New Jersey has been one of the largest and most profitable gambling hubs in the United States for decades. Casino fans here have access to 32 different online casino apps, each of which provides its new members with unique sign-up bonuses. This guide will highlight several of the very best NJ online casino bonuses being offered in 2023.

For those unaware, sign-up bonuses are offers that online gambling platforms provide to new players. These can come in many forms, the most common of which is a first-deposit match bonus. Sign-up bonuses remain a great tool for most online casinos to attract new players, while also providing these new players with an exciting way to boost the amount of money they have in their accounts.

The staff has combed through all of the best casino bonus offers in the state of New Jersey. These can vary from NJ no-deposit bonus offers to first-deposit match bonuses. This page will highlight several of those offers, most of which are deposit match bonuses, explaining what exactly they provide to players. Readers should regularly check back on this page to find the latest NJ online casino bonus promo codes that become available.

New Jersey was one of the states largely responsible for the growth of the US online gambling industry. Most of the biggest, most successful online casino operators in the country are available here. will highlight some of these casino platforms, explaining what has helped them to stand out in such a competitive industry.

What Are The Best New Jersey Online Casinos?

  • DraftKings Casino
  • BetRivers Casino
  • BetMGM Casino
  • WynnBET Casino
  • Unibet Casino

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DraftKings Casino NJ

DraftKings Casino is one of the biggest, most popular online casino sites in the United States. It has been operating since 2018 and has a massive user base in the state of New Jersey. There is a lot to like about this casino platform, including its excellent design and world-class live dealer platform.

This live dealer platform is offering games connected to a real-life casino dealer via video stream. These are available 24/7 and include some of the most popular titles including blackjack, roulette, and craps. A huge variety of non-live dealer games are also provided here, including hundreds of the most popular online slot games.

DraftKings Casino Bonus Offer

New members of DraftKings Casino have access to many excellent bonuses. The sign-up bonus here is a 100% first-deposit match bonus of up to $2,000. This is one of the largest welcome bonuses offered by any US online casino site in 2023.

Despite being such a large bonus, this one with some standard terms and conditions. Members here need to hit a 15x rollover requirement on their bonus money in order for it to become withdrawable. The bonus funds will expire after 30 days, too.

About This Offer

First-deposit bonuses are some of the most popular forms of welcome bonuses offered by online casinos. This one from DraftKings is considered one of the most generous types of these bonuses offered in 2023. It is worth up to $2,000 and is extremely easy for all new members of this casino site to claim.

As the name suggests, this is a welcome bonus for new members only. After receiving the online casino bonus funds, players must wager 15-times the total amount received in order to make the money withdrawable.

How Do I Get The DraftKings NJ Casino Welcome Bonus?

DraftKings is known for having one of the best designs of any online casino site in 2023. This makes it extremely easy for new members to claim the available welcome bonus. Below is a step-by-step guide to earning this fantastic welcome bonus today.

  1. Click the “Claim Offer” tab on this guide page. 
  2. Create a DraftKings Casino account by providing some basic personal information. 
  3. Make a deposit of $10 or more into your DraftKings account. 
  4. Receive a 100% first-deposit match bonus of up to $2,000. 

Every new member of this online casino can take advantage of this incredible offer. After receiving the bonus funds, players can use them to play any of the hundreds of popular slot games available at DraftKings. No deposit bonus code is required for this promotion.

Why DraftKings Casino NJ?

DraftKings Casino has remained one of the best online gambling platforms in the US since 2018. It has a fantastic design and a massive selection of games to choose from. That includes slots, table games, and more.

The live dealer casino here is also fantastic. This truly gives the feeling of playing games inside a land-based casino. The excellent welcome bonus and secure banking system help to make this one of the best overall NJ online casinos in 2023.

BetRivers Casino NJ

BetRivers Casino is another world-class NJ online casino that has been operating in the state since 2016. This casino originally went by the name of the SugarHouse before being rebranded in 2022. That name change did not affect this online casino’s stellar selection of games, including popular tournaments on popular slots.

BetRivers does not have the same sleek, modern design as some competitors. It makes up for that with a huge variety of gaming options. Many beginner players actually enjoy the no-frills, easy-to-navigate aspect of this online casino.

BetRivers Casino Bonus Offer

The welcome bonus available at the BetRivers NJ online casino is not unlike the one offered at DraftKings Casino. This is a 100% first-deposit bonus worth up to $500. It is a solid bonus that allows players to instantly boost the amount of money they have in their account.

With the lower bonus amount comes more favorable terms and conditions. Players here can turn these bonus funds into withdrawable funds by hitting just a 1x rollover requirement. That makes this one of the easiest bonuses to take advantage of in 2023.

About This Offer

This is another first-deposit bonus that New Jersey casino fans can take advantage of in 2023. The key difference here is the incredibly low rollover requirement. Bettors only need to wager the same amount of funds that they receive in order to turn this money into withdrawable money.

A $500 bonus is certainly generous. This makes the BetRivers NJ online casino one of the top sites for new casino players. As expected, the bonus money earned here can be used to play any of the available casino games available through BetRivers.

How Do I Get The BetRivers Casino NJ Welcome Bonus?

Earning the welcome bonus at BetRivers is extremely easy. Members here only need to take four quick steps and enjoy this deposit bonus of up to $500. Check out those steps below.

  • Click the “Claim Offer” button on this guide page. 
  • Make an account with BetRivers Casino using an accepted banking method. 
  • Deposit at least $10 into your BetRivers Casino account. 
  • Receive a 100% first-deposit bonus of up to $500. 

After receiving these funds, players simply need to wager 1x the amount of money they have in their account in order to withdraw the money. It’s an easy, generous bonus that new members can take advantage of.

Why BetRivers Casino NJ?

BetRivers Casino is one of the biggest and best online casino brands in the country. It has remained a hugely popular casino platform in New Jersey for years, despite this being the most competitive casino market in the country.

This casino app does not have the sleekest, most modern user interface in the world. It more than makes up for that fact with a huge selection of games, including unique slot tournaments for players. Check it out today and learn why this online casino has gained such a high status in one of the country’s top casino hubs.

BetMGM Casino NJ

BetMGM is another one of the very best online casinos in New Jersey in 2023. It is owned by MGM Resorts International, one of the most powerful gaming companies in the US. BetMGM has gained a huge user base in New Jersey, due in part to its sleek, yet simple design and user interface.

Of all the NJ online casinos operating in 2023, BetMGM might have the most user-friendly design. The homepage is simple, clearly featuring all of the different tabs for games. Here, members will also find the latest live betting odds, quickly allowing players to make wagers on events as they are taking place.

BetMGM New Jersey Casino Bonus Offer

All new members of BetMGM have access to a fantastic 100% first-deposit match bonus of up to $1,000 for the app’s sportsbook. On top of this bonus, players will receive a $25 bonus to be used for the BetMGM online casino. This bonus is clearly sports betting-centered, yet also benefits those interested in playing casino games online.

Of course, this bonus is aimed primarily at online sports bettors. New members here can earn up to $1,000 in bonus funds to be used for the sportsbook. Only $25 in online casino funds can be used for the BetMGM casino app.

About This Offer

BetMGM is known mostly for its world-class online sportsbook. Members here have access to odds on nearly all major domestic and international sporting events. The welcome bonus at BetMGM offers members bonus funds of up to $1,000 to be used for this world-class sportsbook.

Casino fans can benefit from this offer, as well. BetMGM awards new players with $25 in free bonus funds for its online casino. This money can be used to play any of the available games including slots, table games, and more.

How Do I Get The BetMGM New Jersey Casino Welcome Bonus?

Earning the welcome bonus at BetMGM New Jersey is very easy. As previously mentioned, this online gambling platform is considered one of the most user-friendly ones operating in 2023. New players here can earn the welcome bonus being offered by following just a few simple steps listed below.

  1. Click the “Claim Offer” button on this guide page. 
  2. Create an account with BetMGM by providing basic personal information including your name, address, and phone number. 
  3. Make a deposit of $10 or more using an accepted banking method. 
  4. Receive a 100% first-deposit match bonus for the sportsbook and $25 for the online casino. 

BetMGM makes it easy to use these bonus funds. In order to make this money withdrawable, players must wager just 1x the amount of money earned. It’s a favorable bonus that benefits both sports betting and casino gambling fans.

Why BetMGM Casino NJ?

BetMGM is one of the sleekest and most user-friendly online gambling apps operating in 2023. This app’s casino platform is excellent, offering hundreds of games including online slots, blackjack, and roulette. Thanks to the app’s simple design, even complete newcomers will have no difficulty playing all of the online casino games being offered.

BetMGM acts as a world-class online sportsbook, too. The deposit bonus here is meant to benefit sports fans, offering up to $1,000 in bonus funds to be used for the sportsbook.

WynnBET Casino NJ

WynnBet has been operating as an online casino in New Jersey since 2020. It partnered with the Caesars Casino in Atlantic City and offers hundreds of games to members. This app offers its members many excellent features, including one of the best loyalty programs of any betting platform in 2023.

Members here have access to just about everything they could ask for in an online casino. That includes a very generous welcome bonus that can be used to play every casino game being offered. An excellent live dealer casino is being offered through WynnBet, too.

WynnBET Casino Bonus Offer

WynnBet has gained a reputation for being an extremely generous online gambling platform. The loyalty program here is a fantastic way for existing members to earn incredible perks. The welcome bonus here benefits new members, offering a 100% first-deposit match bonus worth up to $1,000.

This is a fairly standard offer. It is meant to give new members of the WynnBet Casino platform the ability to quickly and significantly boost their payroll.

About This Offer

This welcome bonus is not unlike the one offered by many competitors. It is a generous, fairly standard bonus that players can earn by following just a couple of steps. Unfortunately, this one comes with some slightly worse terms and conditions compared to similar welcome bonuses.

The WynnBet welcome bonus comes with a 10x rollover requirement. This means players must wager 10-times the amount of money they have received from this deposit bonus before they can request a payout.

How Do I Get The WynnBET Casino NJ Welcome Bonus?

WynnBet is always working to make things as easy as possible for its new and existing members. To earn this online casino’s welcome bonus, follow the steps listed below.

  1. Hit the “Claim Offer” tab on this guide page to NJ online casinos.
  2. Create an account with WynnBet by providing your contact information.
  3. Make a deposit of at least $10 using an accepted banking method.
  4. Receive a 100% first-deposit match bonus of up to $1,000.

There are many reasons why WynnBet has gained such a huge fan base among NJ online casino players. This welcome bonus is certainly a part of that. The loyalty program, the large selection of games, and the secure banking system are just a few other reasons why this online casino continues to grow more popular every year.

Why WynnBET Casino NJ?

WynnBet Casino is a modern online casino site offering every type of game a gambler could ask for. It is also very generous, providing an excellent welcome bonus and arguably the best loyalty program of any NJ online casino in 2023. All of this has turned WynnBet Casino into one of the most popular gambling platforms in the state.

There are some areas in which WynnBet could improve. Many would love to see a better desktop version of this online casino become available. Lowering the rollover requirement on the welcome bonus would also benefit players. With that being said, this remains one of the top NJ online gambling apps operating today.

Unibet Casino NJ

Unibet Casino is a European-based online casino that has been operating in the US since 2019. Its first entry into the US gambling market was in New Jersey, where it has grown to become one of the most popular gambling platforms in the state. Here, Unibet is running both an online sportsbook and an online casino.

This is one of the most experienced online gambling operators in New Jersey. Unibet has been a hugely popular gambling app in Europe since the 1990s and has used that experience to launch a world-class product in New Jersey. The Unibet NJ online casino provides a very modern design, all types of popular casino games, and a wide variety of promotions for new and existing members.

Unibet also has one of the most unique designs of any gambling platform in 2023. It has a sleek green and white theme, with a homepage that separates online casino games based on their type and developers. There are very few other casino apps that make it so easy to find the specific types of casino games you are looking to play.

Unibet Casino Bonus Offer

The welcome bonus at Unibet Casino is yet another deposit match bonus worth up to $1,000. Interestingly, this is just a 50% deposit match bonus. To fully take advantage of this bonus, players must deposit $2,000 and receive $1,000 in bonus cash.

Unibet’s welcome bonus will likely disappoint some players. This is one of the few NJ online casino apps with a deposit bonus of less than 100%. It is still a very generous bonus, though, and can significantly boost the amount of money a player has in their casino account.

About This Offer

There is nothing truly special about this deposit match bonus. It works in the same way as the other, similar bonuses featured in this guide. Players simply make a first deposit of $10 or more and receive a 50% bonus on that bonus of up to $1,000.

To make things a little worse, this welcome bonus comes with a 20x rollover requirement. Players must bet 20-times the amount of bonus money they have received within 30 days to make the funds withdrawable. That represents one of the highest rollover requirements of any NJ online casino in 2023.

How Do I Get The Unibet Casino NJ Welcome Bonus?

Unibet’s welcome bonus leaves a little to be desired. Despite its flaws, this is a very easy bonus to earn. Follow the steps below and earn this welcome bonus today.

  1. Click the “Claim Offer” button on this guide to NJ casino apps.
  2. Create a Unibet Casino account by providing some basic information.
  3. Make a deposit of $10 or more into your casino account.
  4. Receive a 50% bonus on this first deposit of up to $1,000.

Many have called for Unibet Casino to boost its welcome bonus. Interestingly, this app’s casino platform in Pennsylvania offers far more favorable terms to players. It would not be a shock to see this casino app’s welcome bonus improve within the next few years.

Why Unibet Casino NJ?

Unibet Casino has managed to stand out in New Jersey thanks to its incredible design and an amazing selection of online casino games. The homepage is very uniquely designed, effectively categorizing games to make it easy for players to find exactly what they are looking for. Members here can also enjoy a variety of promotions and a very helpful customer support system.

Unibet could improve by changing the terms and conditions that surround its welcome bonus. Most competitors offer a bonus to new members with far more generous rules attached. Making that change could make Unibet Casino one of the best NJ online gambling platforms in 2023.

NJ Online Casinos FAQ

What online casinos are legal in New Jersey?

New Jersey is home to 32 online casinos. This was one of the first states to legalize internet casino gambling. It is considered the country’s largest online casino hub, as well as one of the most profitable sports betting locations in the US.

Which New Jersey online casino has the best deposit bonus?

DraftKings is considered to have the best online casino welcome bonus in New Jersey. This is an incredible 100% deposit bonus worth up to $2,000. Claiming this bonus is very easy and the terms and conditions are favorable to players.

Can you win real money at New Jersey online casinos?

Yes. New Jersey is home to 32 real-money online casinos. These types of casinos require players to wager real money on games. Each of these legal NJ online gambling platforms is regularly audited to ensure that players can always withdraw their winnings without an issue.

What is a casino promo code?

A casino promo code is a unique code that online casinos require in order to claim certain bonuses. Not every online casino requires deposit bonus codes to receive their promotions. In some cases, simply clicking a button is enough to automatically earn a special promotion.

Is there a DraftKings Casino NJ promo code?

No. DraftKings does not require the use of a promo code to earn its welcome bonus. Readers here can instead click the “Claim Offer” button listed on our guide to DraftKings Casino NJ. This will redirect readers to the DraftKings Casino sign-up page where the app’s welcome bonus can be easily claimed.

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