Best NBA PrizePicks Today – NBA PrizePicks Cheat Sheet

May 9, 2024; Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA; Dallas Mavericks forward Derrick Jones Jr. (55) celebrates after dunking against the Oklahoma City Thunder during the second half of game two of the second round for the 2024 NBA playoffs at Paycom Center.
Image Credit: Alonzo Adams-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to your essential guide for the best NBA PrizePicks today. Throughout the NBA season, we’re committed to bringing you top-notch NBA PrizePicks cheat sheets every day.

These tools will not only present the latest PrizePicks lines but also offer insights into our daily projections. We’ll dive deep into the streaks and performances of individual players, ensuring you have all the information at your fingertips to make informed picks.

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Best NBA PrizePicks Today: Thursday, May 30

Keep in mind that the lines can move quickly on PrizePicks, so there’s a chance not all of these props are available if you are viewing the article later in the day.

Player NamePropLineProjectionL10 OverL10 UnderPick
Derrick Jones Jr.Assists0.51.6100Over
P.J. WashingtonAssists0.51.664Over
Derrick Jones Jr.Three Points Made0.51.273Over
Daniel GaffordAssists0.51.273Over
Jaden McDanielsSteals0.51.0991Over
Nickeil Alexander-WalkerSB0.51.0346Over
Kyrie IrvingBlocks0.50.0146Under
Karl-Anthony TownsBlocks0.50.0328Under
Anthony EdwardsBlocks0.50.1937Under
Karl-Anthony TownsAssists1.52.482Over
Naz ReidAssists0.50.864Over
Naz ReidBlocks0.50.864Over
Jaden McDanielsAssists0.50.864Over
Josh GreenSteals0.50.864Over
P.J. WashingtonThree Points Made1.52.491Over
Jaden McDanielsPoints7.511.7482Over
Derrick Jones Jr.Points6.59.8882Over
Kyle AndersonTurnovers0.50.7446Over
Kyrie IrvingThree Points Made3.51.8528Under
Rudy GobertSteals1.50.8428Under
Naz ReidPoints7.510.7173Over
Dereck Lively IIRebounds68.4964Over
Anthony EdwardsAssists5.57.6373Over
Kyrie IrvingSteals1.50.9428Under
Kyrie IrvingAssists3.54.882Over
Kyle AndersonPoints6.54.237Under
Karl-Anthony TownsThree Points Made2.51.6437Under
Dereck Lively IIRA7.510.0873Over
Jaden McDanielsBlocks1.5146Under
Rudy GobertRebounds13.5928Under
Luka DoncicRebounds7.59.9973Over
Derrick Jones Jr.Blocks0.50.3446Under
Anthony EdwardsThree Points Made3.52.437Under
Karl-Anthony TownsAssists3.52.428Under
Karl-Anthony TownsRebounds6.58.5273Over
Rudy GobertPoints14.510.428Under
Naz ReidPoints14.510.7128Under
Karl-Anthony TownsPoints24.518.1428Under
Mike ConleyPoints14.510.837Under
Daniel GaffordPA10.513.1564Over
Luka DoncicThree Points Made4.53.4146Under
P.J. WashingtonPAR19.524.1764Over
P.J. WashingtonPR1822.264Over
Kyrie IrvingThree Points Made1.51.8564Over
Dereck Lively IIPoints89.8364Over
Anthony EdwardsRebounds8.56.637Under
P.J. WashingtonSteals0.50.6146Under
Derrick Jones Jr.PA9.511.6273Over
Naz ReidRebounds4.53.546Under
Kyrie IrvingPoints25.520.128Under
Mike ConleyRebounds3.54.255Over
Naz ReidSB1.51.246Under
Naz ReidThree Points Made1.51.237Under
Kyrie IrvingSB1.51.237Under
Dereck Lively IISB1.51.246Under
Mike ConleyThree Points Made2.5255Under
Daniel GaffordPoints101246Over
P.J. WashingtonPA13.516.255Over
Kyle AndersonSteals0.50.655Under
Luka DoncicBlocks0.50.455Under
Anthony EdwardsRebounds5.56.655Over
Jaden McDanielsThree Points Made1.51.855Over
Daniel GaffordSB2.52.9755Over
Luka DoncicAssists10.58.5628Under
Dereck Lively IIPAR16.519.5564Over
Luka DoncicPoints34.528.2010Under
Rudy GobertRebounds11937Under
Jaden McDanielsRebounds3.52.8946Under
Mike ConleyAssists4.55.2773Over
Derrick Jones Jr.Points8.59.8864Over
Daniel GaffordPAR17.520.3373Over
Jaden McDanielsPR13.515.646Over
Mike ConleyRA8.59.8282Over
Kyrie IrvingRebounds3.52.9637Under
Kyle AndersonAssists2.52.8864Over
Jaden McDanielsPA11.513.2355Over
Kyrie IrvingPR26.522.5237Under
Kyrie IrvingPoints23.520.128Under
Dereck Lively IIPR14.516.5864Over
Daniel GaffordRA7.58.5782Over
Luka DoncicAssists7.58.5673Over
Derrick Jones Jr.Points11.59.8837Under
Daniel GaffordRebounds6.57.473Over
Rudy GobertRA12.510.7846Under
Mike ConleyPoints9.510.882Over
Anthony EdwardsPoints30.526.419Under
Rudy GobertPoints1210.446Under
Luka DoncicRebounds11.59.9937Under
Kyle AndersonAssists3.53.0537Under
Rudy GobertPAR24.521.4937Under
Rudy GobertPR2320.237Under
Anthony EdwardsRebounds7.56.646Under
Jaden McDanielsPoints10.511.7455Over
Kyrie IrvingPAR31.527.9237Under
P.J. WashingtonPoints12.513.855Over
Rudy GobertPA13.512.146Under
Karl-Anthony TownsRebounds9.58.5255Under
Karl-Anthony TownsRebounds7.58.2755Over
Anthony EdwardsAssists8.57.6337Under
Luka DoncicRebounds9.510.4673Over
Kyrie IrvingRebounds2.52.7555Over
Mike ConleyPoints1210.864Under
Daniel GaffordPR16.518.0673Over
Rudy GobertPoints9.510.464Over
Karl-Anthony TownsPoints2018.1446Under
Mike ConleyPA17.515.964Under
Anthony EdwardsAssists77.6346Under
Karl-Anthony TownsPA22.520.546Under
Anthony EdwardsPR35.532.4528Under
Derrick Jones Jr.PR1213.0264Over
Mike ConleyPAR21.519.8173Under
Anthony EdwardsPoints24.526.455Over
Luka DoncicPoints30.528.246Under
Mike ConleyAssists5.55.9155Over
Anthony EdwardsPoints28.526.428Under
Naz ReidPR15.516.6355Over
Anthony EdwardsPAR42.539.5237Under
Kyrie IrvingPA27.525.637Under
Kyrie IrvingAssists4.54.846Over
Jaden McDanielsPoints12.511.7446Under
Naz ReidSteals0.50.5355Under
Rudy GobertRebounds8.5973Over
Mike ConleyPR15.514.6182Under
Anthony EdwardsPA35.533.5728Under
Naz ReidPAR16.517.3955Over
P.J. WashingtonPoints14.513.846Under
P.J. WashingtonRebounds7.57.1646Under
Kyrie IrvingRA8.58.1255Under
Luka DoncicPR39.537.7746Under
Daniel GaffordPoints11.51246Over
Anthony EdwardsThree Points Made2.52.446Under
Daniel GaffordBlocks2.52.455Under
Kyle AndersonRebounds2.52.446Under
Luka DoncicPAR48.546.5646Under
Luka DoncicPA38.53746Under
Karl-Anthony TownsPAR30.529.3246Under
Luka DoncicRA1818.6664Over
Karl-Anthony TownsPoints17.518.1446Over
Karl-Anthony TownsRA10.510.8655Over
Luka DoncicAssists8.58.7764Over
Kyrie IrvingPoints19.520.164Over
Karl-Anthony TownsPR27.526.6846Under
Naz ReidPoints10.510.7164Over
Anthony EdwardsTurnovers3.53.5655Under
Luka DoncicThree Points Made3.53.4464Under
Daniel GaffordRebounds7.57.446Under
Naz ReidPA11.511.3955Under
Mike ConleySB1.51.5155Under
Anthony EdwardsRA14.514.5246Over
Naz ReidRebounds3.53.564Under

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How To Use This NBA PrizePicks Cheat Sheet

Our NBA PrizePicks today cheat sheet provides an analysis of each line, considering recent over/under performances and projections derived from a player’s last 10 games. Utilizing data from these games helps in assessing a player’s recent form.

However, it’s important to be aware of the complexities involved, such as how injuries and other factors can temporarily affect a player’s statistics.

For instance, if LeBron James missed 7 out of the last 10 Lakers games due to injury, Anthony Davis likely assumed a greater scoring role for Los Angeles. If James is set to return for the upcoming game, Davis might relinquish some scoring duties back to him, potentially skewing his points projection from the last 10 games.

Always make sure to review the injury report and conduct thorough research alongside our NBA PrizePicks cheat sheet, which serves as a foundational starting point for your analysis.

Tips On Placing NBA PrizePicks Today

Now, let’s dive into the how-to. With PrizePicks, you can select between 2 to 6 player stats for your entry. While choosing 2 or 3 stats is generally safer, opting for 5 or 6 can lead to significantly higher payouts.

Search and Select with Ease

Looking for a specific player? Simply type their name in the search bar. Or, if you prefer, browse our “board” of squares, neatly organized by league and stat category.

Mix And Match Different Sports

PrizePicks isn’t just about basketball. It encompasses a vast array of sports, including NFL, MLB, NHL, WNBA, College Sports, PGA, Tennis, and various esports. In some states, college basketball and college football player props are available as well. Each sport comes with its own set of stat categories.

For the NBA, these include points, rebounds, assists, combined stats (points + rebounds + assists), fantasy points, free throws, and three-pointers.

Your entry must include at least two props, but you can mix and match sports along the way. For example, you don’t have to select two NBA props for a valid entry. You can select one NBA and one NFL (or MLB, NHL, etc) — just as long as you pick higher or lower on 2-to-6 valid player props.

Flex Plays vs. Power Plays

Power plays are ideal for the confident bettor. Remember, it’s all or nothing here. Every pick must win for a payout, but the rewards are substantial, with 4-Pick Power Plays offering 10X your money.

Flex plays are more forgiving and suitable for those who prefer a safety net. Even with one or two misses in your picks, you can still earn a payout. For instance, achieving 6/6 in a 6-Pick Flex Play can pay out 25X, while 5/6 still doubles your investment.

Our NBA Prizepicks Cheat Sheets Will Refresh Daily

Stay with us throughout the NBA season for daily updates, insights, and strategies to elevate your NBA PrizePicks experience.

Whether you’re a seasoned fantasy sports player or just starting, our cheat sheets and guides are here to ensure your success in the exciting world of NBA PrizePicks.

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