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Friday, January 27th 2023

Roll Call Friday!  NFC/AFC Champion Gm Best bets  WagerWire Market Report  Ask the Book  NHL bets for tonight NBA bets for tonight Bet It Or Book It  Favorite Thing About…

Thursday, January 26th 2023

The KC move happened on Thursday. Would you change your way of living to live 5 more years? What to do with Bruins tonight vs. Tampa? Is Rodgers going to…

Wednesday January 25th 2023

it's a Wednesday of NFC and AFC title week. Matt and Dave talk a lot about betting options for this weekend and tonight's games. 

Tuesday January 24th 2023

AFC and NFC title games are set. So much going on and a ton of questions to answers from Brigade 

Monday January 23rd 2023

Lots to talk about after the Divisional Weekend but Stuckey from the Action Network is back on with a warning about what to watch out for in the sports gambling…

Friday January 20th 2023

ROLL CALL FRIDAY! Big show! Scotty Ferrall stops by to shake stuff up and a ton on the NFL games this weekend. 

Thursday, January 19th, 2023

There is a lot to talk about today. The UFC is back live in Canada. The NFL divisional round games have some cool storylines. The NHL games tonight are interesting…

Wednesday, January 18th 2023

It's Wednesday of Divisional Round weekend for the NFL. Matt and Dave go over the 4 games with prop bets in mind and then a look at the NHL slate…

Tuesday January 17th 2023

The Bucs lost to the Boys last night. Was that it for Brady? Also, the UFC has had a rough run of it lately and Yahoo! Sports' UFC expert Kevin…

Monday, January 16th 2023

It's an MLK day special show for BvB. Full recap of the playoffs and preview of Tampa vs. Dallas. 

Friday, January 13th 2023

Friday The 13th and the guys got off to a late start for the show today. Tons on the MMA betting controversy and then weekend bets 

Thursday, January 12th 2023

Lots of good stuff to talk about on the show today. AFC title game is where? The NHL 1st period scoring is still super high and the NBA has some…