Best Bam Adebayo Prop Bets vs. Philadelphia 76ers – Wednesday, April 17

Miami Heat center Bam Adebayo (13) brings the ball up court against the New York Knicks during the first quarter at Madison Square Garden.
Image Credit: Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

For each game of the NBA season, we provide the best Bam Adebayo prop bets. Adebayo’s next game is Wednesday, April 17 against the Philadelphia 76ers.

Best Bam Adebayo Player Props Bets vs. the Philadelphia 76ers

As the Miami Heat face off against the Philadelphia 76ers in a pivotal Play-In Tournament game, all eyes will be on Bam Adebayo and his ability to impact the game on both ends of the floor. Adebayo’s versatility as a defender and contributor on offense makes him a key player in this high-stakes matchup. His performance could very well tip the scales in favor of the Heat as they strive to secure a playoff spot against a formidable 76ers squad.

Bam Adebayo Over 0.5 Blocks (-166)

Bam Adebayo’s defensive prowess is well-documented, and his ability to protect the rim will be crucial in the Heat’s Play-In game against the 76ers. Statistically, Adebayo has averaged 0.93 blocks per game over the season, which is well above the prop line of 0.5. Moreover, his recent form suggests an uptick in blocking, with a 65% hit rate over the last 20 games and a 70% hit rate over the last 10 games. This indicates a strong trend towards Adebayo being an active and effective shot-blocker as the season has progressed. Additionally, the 76ers’ offensive style, which often involves driving to the basket and post plays, will likely present Adebayo with ample opportunities to add to his block tally. Given the high stakes of the game and Adebayo’s role as a defensive anchor, it’s reasonable to expect him to exceed the blocks prop.

Bam Adebayo Over 0.5 Three Pointers (+130)

While Bam Adebayo is not known for his three-point shooting, the prop line set at 0.5 threes offers an intriguing opportunity for an over pick. Adebayo’s season average for three-pointers may be low at 0.21, but his performance in the last 20 games shows a significant increase, with a mean of 0.7 and a hit rate of 55%. This improvement suggests that Adebayo has been expanding his range and taking more shots from beyond the arc, which could be a strategic adjustment by the Heat to diversify their offense. In the last 5 games, Adebayo has maintained this trend with a mean of 0.8 and a hit rate of 60%, indicating that this is not a mere fluke but a potential shift in his offensive contributions. Given the high-pressure environment of the Play-In Tournament, where defenses tighten and every point counts, Adebayo might be called upon to take and make a three-pointer to keep the defense honest and provide spacing for his teammates.

All Bam Adebayo Player Prop Picks for Wednesday, Apr 17

Player Name Prop Line Over Rate Over Odds Under Odds Last 10 Average Projection Our Pick
Bam Adebayo Points 17.5 5/10 -105 -115 16.4 16.07 Under
Bam Adebayo Rebounds 10.5 4/10 -118 -102 8.8 8.42 Under
Bam Adebayo Assists 3.5 4/10 -130 +110 3.9 3.60 Under
Bam Adebayo Three Pointers 0.5 5/10 +130 -155 0.7 0.60 Under
Bam Adebayo Points, Rebounds & Assists 32.5 4/10 -110 -110 29.1 28.20 Under
Bam Adebayo Points & Rebounds 28.5 4/10 -110 -110 25.2 24.39 Under
Bam Adebayo Points & Assists 21.5 5/10 -105 -115 20.3 19.87 Under
Bam Adebayo Rebounds & Assists 14.5 4/10 -115 -105 12.7 12.19 Under
Bam Adebayo NaN 0.5 7/10 -166 +140 0.7 0.80 Over
Bam Adebayo NaN 2.5 4/10 +124 -148 2.3 1.80 Under
Bam Adebayo NaN 1.5 4/10 +140 -166 1.2 0.97 Under
Bam Adebayo NaN 2.5 4/10 +140 -166 1.9 1.76 Under

Bam Adebayo Stats for the 2023/24 NBA Season

  • Points Per Game
    • Season: 19.25
    • Away: 20.0
    • vs. Philadelphia 76ers: 20.75
  • Rebounds Per Game
    • Season: 10.41
    • Away: 10.89
    • vs. Philadelphia 76ers: 13.0
  • Assists Per Game
    • Season: 3.92
    • Away: 3.91
    • vs. Philadelphia 76ers: 4.5

Game Info

  • Date: Wednesday, Apr. 17
  • Time: 06:00 PM
  • Location: Wells Fargo Center – Philadelphia, PA
  • TV: ESPN