Best Luka Doncic Prop Bets vs. Utah Jazz – Thursday, March 21

Dallas Mavericks guard Luka Doncic (77) dribbles against the Atlanta Hawks in the first quarter at State Farm Arena.
Image Credit: Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

For each game of the NBA season, we provide the best Luka Doncic prop bets. Doncic’s next game is Thursday, March 21 against the Utah Jazz.

Best Luka Doncic Player Props Bets vs. the Utah Jazz

As the Dallas Mavericks prepare to host the Utah Jazz, all eyes are on Luka Doncic, who has been a statistical powerhouse this season. Despite the Jazz’s struggles on the road, Doncic’s performance remains a critical factor for the Mavericks’ success. With his ability to impact the game across multiple facets, from scoring to playmaking to rebounding, Doncic’s versatility will be key in this matchup, especially with the Mavericks aiming to solidify their position in the Western Conference standings.

Luka Doncic Over 9.5 Rebounds (-120)

Luka Doncic’s rebounding prowess has been on full display in recent games, making the over on his rebound prop a compelling pick. Over the last 10 games, Doncic has averaged 10.0 rebounds, hitting the over on the 9.5 line 90% of the time. This trend is supported by his performance at home, where he averages 9.03 rebounds per game. Additionally, the Jazz’s interior defense has shown vulnerabilities, and with Doncic’s size and skill at navigating the paint, he’s well-positioned to exploit this. His ability to read the game and position himself for boards, combined with the Mavericks’ reliance on him for controlling the glass, further bolsters the likelihood of him surpassing the 9.5 rebounds threshold.

Luka Doncic Over 20.5 Rebounds & Assists (+105)

The ‘Rebounds & Assists’ prop for Luka Doncic is another area where the over seems promising. Doncic’s last 10 games have seen him average 21.1 in this combined category, indicating a strong trend that aligns with our pick. His role as the primary ball-handler and facilitator for the Mavericks ensures high assist numbers, while his aforementioned rebounding ability contributes significantly to this combined total. The Jazz’s current form and the absence of key players could lead to more opportunities for Doncic to rack up assists as he exploits their defensive gaps. Moreover, his recent performances against the Jazz and at home suggest that he is comfortable in this matchup, further supporting the potential for an over on the 20.5 line for ‘Rebounds & Assists’.

All Luka Doncic Player Prop Picks for Thursday, Mar 21

Player Name Prop Line Over Rate Over Odds Under Odds Last 10 Average Projection Our Pick
Luka Doncic Points 34.5 6/10 -115 -120 32.1 32.67 Under
Luka Doncic Rebounds 9.5 9/10 -120 -110 10.0 10.10 Over
Luka Doncic Assists 10.5 6/10 -105 -125 11.1 11.24 Over
Luka Doncic Three Pointers 4.5 3/10 +114 -145 3.7 3.78 Under
Luka Doncic Points, Rebounds & Assists 54.5 6/10 -120 -110 53.2 53.90 Under
Luka Doncic Points & Rebounds 44.5 6/10 -110 -120 42.1 42.85 Under
Luka Doncic Points & Assists 44.5 6/10 -125 -105 43.2 43.72 Under
Luka Doncic Rebounds & Assists 20.5 7/10 +105 -135 21.1 21.35 Over
Luka Doncic NaN 3.5 7/10 -160 +124 4.4 4.27 Over
Luka Doncic NaN 1.5 3/10 -140 +110 1.3 1.20 Under
Luka Doncic NaN 1.5 3/10 +124 -160 1.1 1.18 Under
Luka Doncic NaN 0.5 1/10 +150 -195 0.2 0.29 Under

Luka Doncic Stats for the 2023/24 NBA Season

  • Points Per Game
    • Season: 34.1
    • Home: 34.42
    • vs. Utah Jazz: 29.5
  • Rebounds Per Game
    • Season: 8.98
    • Home: 9.03
    • vs. Utah Jazz: 8.0
  • Assists Per Game
    • Season: 9.83
    • Home: 10.06
    • vs. Utah Jazz: 12.5

Game Info

  • Date: Thursday, Mar. 21
  • Time: 07:30 PM
  • Location: American Airlines Center – Dallas, TX
  • TV: KJZZ