Best Stephen Curry Prop Bets vs. Jazz – Thursday, Feb. 15

Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry (30) looks on during the second half of the game against the LA Clippers at Arena.
Image Credit: Jessica Alcheh-USA TODAY Sports

For each game of the NBA season, we provide the best Stephen Curry prop bets. Curry’s next game is Thursday, February 15 against the Utah Jazz.

Best Stephen Curry Player Props Bets vs. the Utah Jazz

As the Golden State Warriors prepare to face the Utah Jazz, all eyes are on Stephen Curry, who has been on a remarkable scoring run. Coming off a 41-point performance against the Clippers, Curry is expected to continue his offensive prowess. His ability to sink three-pointers has been particularly impressive, setting an NBA record with at least seven 3-pointers in four consecutive games. The Warriors are looking to bounce back from a recent loss and solidify their playoff positioning, and Curry’s contributions will be crucial in this high-stakes matchup.

Stephen Curry Over 4.5 Three Pointers (-160)

Stephen Curry’s proficiency from beyond the arc has been nothing short of extraordinary, especially in recent games. He has averaged 7.2 three-pointers over the last ten games, significantly higher than the line set at 4.5. Moreover, his performance against the Jazz specifically has been stellar, with a 100% hit rate on this prop, averaging 7.0 three-pointers in previous encounters. The statistical trends suggest that Curry is not only comfortable shooting against the Jazz but also that he’s in a rhythm that’s likely to continue. With the Warriors aiming to recover from their loss to the Clippers and Curry’s record-setting spree of three-pointers, it’s reasonable to expect him to exceed the line once again.

Stephen Curry Over 39.5 Points, Rebounds & Assists (-115)

Curry’s all-around game has been impressive, and his combined stats for points, rebounds, and assists have him averaging 44.2 over the last ten games, well above the prop line of 39.5. His recent performances have demonstrated his ability to contribute significantly in multiple facets of the game, not just scoring. Against the Jazz, he has a 100% hit rate for this prop, with an average of 41.0. The urgency of the game for the Warriors, as they seek to enter the All-Star break on a high note, will likely see Curry heavily involved in the action. Given his current form and the importance of the game, it’s expected that Curry will play a pivotal role and exceed the prop line for combined points, rebounds, and assists.

All Stephen Curry Player Prop Picks for Thursday, Feb 15

Player Name Prop Line Over Rate Over Odds Under Odds Last 10 Average Projection Our Pick
Stephen Curry Points 29.5 6/10 -140 +105 33.9 35.02 Over
Stephen Curry Rebounds 3.5 7/10 -166 +130 5.2 5.40 Over
Stephen Curry Assists 5.5 5/10 -120 -110 5.1 5.08 Under
Stephen Curry Three Pointers 4.5 7/10 -160 +124 7.2 7.31 Over
Stephen Curry Points, Rebounds & Assists 39.5 7/10 -115 -115 44.2 45.31 Over
Stephen Curry Points & Rebounds 34.5 6/10 -110 -120 39.1 40.26 Over
Stephen Curry Points & Assists 35.5 6/10 -115 -115 39.0 40.06 Over
Stephen Curry Rebounds & Assists 9.5 6/10 -120 -110 10.3 10.50 Over
Stephen Curry NaN 2.5 7/10 -175 +135 3.2 3.10 Over
Stephen Curry NaN 0.5 5/10 +160 -210 0.5 0.57 Under
Stephen Curry NaN 0.5 4/10 -238 +180 0.6 0.70 Over
Stephen Curry NaN 1.5 1/10 +100 -130 1.1 1.20 Under

Stephen Curry Stats for the 2023/24 NBA Season

  • Points Per Game
    • Season: 28.27
    • Away: 27.26
    • vs. Utah Jazz: 25.0
  • Rebounds Per Game
    • Season: 4.43
    • Away: 4.61
    • vs. Utah Jazz: 6.0
  • Assists Per Game
    • Season: 4.94
    • Away: 5.35
    • vs. Utah Jazz: 10.0

Game Info

  • Date: Thursday, Feb. 15
  • Time: 09:00 PM
  • Location: Delta Center – Salt Lake City, UT
  • TV: KJZZ